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Fear, the only way out is through.

  11 total reviews 
Comment by
Mary Kay Bonfante
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Thank you, my friend, for this common-sense commentary on this painful pandemic, and especially for the shout-out to your American friends. I find it very encouraging.
I was a little puzzled by "hargey-barge," so I looked it up on the internet, and came up with this: "Hargey bargey is a British term for 'horses not respecting your space.'" I should have known that there would be an equine connection :-) As usual, you're horsing around, lol.
I also read that the "Hargey" may be pronounced "Argy," having to do with arguments.
You're correct, our streets are so much quieter. Normally our area of Queens, NYC, namely Jackson Heights, has a very active, and sometimes seedy night life, and it's not unusual to hear wild screams, alcohol-fueled song or a drunken man loudly pleading for his woman to let him in.
Not anymore! Not these days. Not that I miss these sounds, but I do miss being able to hug a friend.
Your poem is touching, and the last stanza is especially so.
Beautiful photo of the day lily in your garden -- I've heard of them, but you actually have some! Wow! That's awesome. God bless you, Kay.
Btw I haven't forgotten to write, I have just been busy, and I hope you've been feeling better.
- Mary Kay xoxo

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 Comment Written 12-May-2020

reply by the author on 13-May-2020
    G'day Mate! Shove and push (hargey-bargey) I was talking to an ex pat Aussie (now in Italy) what sights he has seen. There are two kinds of people, pigs in a trough, and patient oldies. It will pass. Too soon doors are being opened. Even our pools are being opened. I won't be going swimming yet! My quote for today - chaos reigns supreme in a world without a dream" the Bible tells us "peace be still." Love, Kay XXXX

reply by Mary Kay Bonfante on 14-May-2020
    G'day Kay, Aussie Princess! I love your quote of the day, "chaos reigns supreme in a world without a dream." It reminds me of a Bible verse somewhere, about how people need a vision to sustain them. Many people are losing control, because they don't have enough hope.
    Would your ex-pat friend in Italy happen to be the same Tony, who I am also friends with?
    Two kinds of people, that's true! I don't blame you for staying out of the pool, for now. We mustn't be too hasty with the beast that has been unleashed on the world. Easy does it.
    May God fill your world with many blessings and keep you well, my friend. Love, Mary Kay xoxo

reply by the author on 14-May-2020
    Tony used to live in Tasmania and moved to Italy; probably the same person. Site name IFawcus I think. Across the world people are chafing at the bit, they want normal lives = more deaths. Much love Pizza girl XXK.

reply by Mary Kay Bonfante on 14-May-2020
    Haha Pizza Girl! I do love it.
    Maybe not the same Tony? He goes by Alchera on FanStory.
    Yes, there are also people in the U.S. who are chomping at the bit, as we sat, for their "freedom" -- freedom, I think, to get sick and infect others, God forbid! Just a little more patience, right? You have the right idea. - Mary Kay xoxo

reply by the author on 16-May-2020
    Yes, I got my wires crossed. I have been friends with Alchera for years. Oz is abiding by the strict laws and leading the world actually. Today, ten people were allowed at pubs, clubs and restaurants. Parks and beaches also. You have a huge amount of people, our is easier to control and we don't have guns like the US. I saw the rebels with AK47 guns singing out "we want our freedom." Free to die and or infect others? I hope you can get to Church by now? Love, Kay & Toby XX
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Don't Let Your Dreams
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