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Reviews from
What Cannot Yet Come To be

Until I drift past the stars

  8 total reviews 
Comment by
Ric Myworld
Premier Author
Poet Rating
Author Rating For Short Works
Author Rating For Novels
Review Stars
  Rank:  85
This work has reached the exceptional level
Wow, this one (from my comprehension) gave me goosebumps, a huge smile, and a little tickle in my tummy. Then as quickly as the smile blossomed, a slight catch in my throat brought a tear to my eye. And I'm not the emotional type. LOL. Great job, and thanks for sharing.

 Comment Written 07-Jul-2020

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2020
    Hi dear Ric,
    Wow, such a uniquely expressive stream of effects and sensations
    of your most uplifting and most appreciative thoughts and
    compliments shared here! I am truly touched and pleased. ( It is
    still quite tremulous to me even still due to the event this poem
    relates to. I had been diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor
    and was attempting to word it as comfortingly as possible to my
    then Fiance'. Turned out to be wrong diagnosis 1-1/2 yrs later.
    End of a nightmare and romance. Fiance' since happily married
    thank goodness. That best outcome and I am fine too.)
    Again, a most touching and provocative review I shall treasure
    all the more from your awesome insights and comprehensions.
    Thanks also for the very generous extra star.
    Gratefully with best wishes. Ronni

reply by Ric Myworld on 10-Jul-2020
    It's almost strange how I had no idea what you were referring to, yet my smile turned to tears and I couldn't get this piece out of my mind. I knew something had gone dreadfully wrong, but never dreamed anything so terrifying as an inoperable brain tumor. Now my smile has returned and I'm so glad your diagnosis was wrong! I hope this finds you healthy and happy. As for the fiance, sometimes the most shocking and even heartbreaking things in our lives happen for the better, as ridiculous as that may sound. Wishing you all the best! Ric

reply by the author on 10-Jul-2020
    Hi Ric,
    Strange indeed, and how instantly your comments mirrored the tragedy and
    event as it occurred affected
    me in reading your awesome review! Intuition or a subtle
    psychic clue...which ever, you
    were right on about mystery
    and concerned pause. That
    struck me instantly as I read on in your piercing review!
    I'm glad your smile is back and indeed am fine. We never
    know if fate will be doom
    or a wiser discretion from
    Him above and better for all
    involved. So I agree fully
    with your comment about
    happening for the better.
    Thanks for your kind wishes
    and follow up reply. Sincerely
    Have a fantastic weekend!
    Gratefully, with best wishes!

reply by Ric Myworld on 11-Jul-2020
    It's nice to know all is well with you. That in itself will make for a nice weekend. As foolish as that might sound coming from a perfect stranger. Well, a not-so-perfect stranger would be more truthful. LOL. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

reply by the author on 11-Jul-2020
    Hi Ric,
    So glad it all made for a nice
    weekend for you! I am quite
    curious, how out of all the
    better known and popular
    poets and writers on here,
    how you happened to note those 3 poems out of my
    portfolio to review, and so
    awesomely at that! when
    neither you or I write in the
    same genre or general interest area? And pray tell,
    what do you mean by the reference "well, not so perfect
    stranger would be more truthful? LOL)
    Hope not too imposing to
    wonder or inquire about these 'mysteries', but also
    not find it so strange that
    I would be so curious nor
    ignore it. Would like to
    know, if so inclined to do so.
    Thanks again, and have a
    cool toast on me...cheers!
    Best always, Ronni

reply by the author on 11-Jul-2020

reply by Ric Myworld on 11-Jul-2020
    Hello, Ronni,
    Let's see . . . where do I start to satisfy your curiosity . . .. After two-years away from this site and noticing the absence of names regularly in contests and on listing boards, I began looking around to find them. Sadly, many of those I once read on a daily basis had passed on in such a short span of time. As I often do, I began to flip through reading different people. Especially, those I had never seen before. I'm not locked into any particular genre or style. I'm a firm believer in that "When in Rome . . ." experience whatever excites or pulls at your heartstrings. Somewhere on that path, after reading a couple comments you had made to people I knew, I hit the link to your profile. As a lifetime owner, breeder, and trainer of thoroughbred horses, your Derby hat caught my attention, making me wonder if you would even be familiar with horse racing, the Kentucky Derby, or Breeder's Cup LTD. After reading your profile-page comments, I decided against reading any of your posts. Then, a few days later, your name popped up again on another person's profile or following page. I still never gave a second thought about reading any of your posts. Sorry, but if I'm going to tell the story, why not the whole story? About a week later, just reading all the poetry on "Writing up for review," I remembered your big hat. Derby hat to me. Thinking back, I tried to remember why I decided against even reading a single poem or two of your list. Nothing came to mind right off. Then, always wanting to think of myself as open minded and non-judgemental, I clicked on your link to read. I can't say why I chose one poem over another or if maybe I just went down the list. I don't think of myself as limited to anything, genre, or general interests. I've always been able to rub elbows with the Prince or the pauper and manage to fit in inconspicuously. When and if I choose, of course. My reference to not-so-perfect stranger came to mind when I referred to myself as a perfect stranger. Like all of whom I've ever met, no one is perfect, including me. Although, most of my life I would have debated the issue. But now, older and hopefully some degree smarter and humbled by life, the things that once ruled my every move no longer seem important. Surprised by the impact your poems made on me, I kept reading. I went from smiling to choked up, knowing there was something really deep and trying, making me just want to know more. And I don't find your curiosity strange. I would have been much more disappointed had you ignored it. I still feel strange myself that I had such unavoidable and unexplainable connection to what your words said. Remember, you asked for an explanation. So it's all your fault I have rambled on forever. I hope I have answered all our questions.

    Cheers, to you my dear, and a wonderful rest of your weekend!

reply by the author on 11-Jul-2020
    Hi again Ric,
    Indeed, you answered all my questions as candidly and
    honestly as to how and why
    of reviews of my poetry, most
    admirably and appreciably.
    I expected no more or less,
    and you kept true to your
    integrity and discretions, most objectively. Likewise
    most admirably noted.
    As to my is not a
    true "Derby" hat per se but
    rather a simple, basic time of the season fashion hat, meant to compliment attire
    and event or travel, and also
    a choice to combat those ever
    nasty Santa Anna winds while
    living in So. Ca. and safe face
    for a 'bad hair day' too we ladies are often prone to. (Sorry about disappointment about it not being a typical
    Derby hat.)
    I do however love horses
    and horse stories, and like
    watching the horse races on
    TV, like some of the major
    horse race competitions set
    up every year or so. To me,
    horses are some of the most
    beautiful and amazing breed
    on this planet. Have ridden
    a few at friends ranch, every
    now and then. Always love it.
    As to unavoidable connection and premonition
    you had on reading "What Cannot Yet Come To Be" and your lingering curiosities, and
    my astounded surprise and
    mystery as to how and why
    perhaps happened for a reason, for which neither you
    or know or explain. Maybe
    doesn't need any, just noted
    as it did and let it be at that.
    Maybe at some unknown time
    we may have a clue or guess,
    one never can assess or analyze feelings and emotions suddenly sparked.
    Now, I have rambled on
    'forever'...thanks for reply
    and such spirted good wishes! Same to you and
    take a bow for being a writer
    on here I came to read and
    appreciated 'chatting' with
    in between our replies and
    reviews, and will indeed be
    reading more of. Pleasure to have met you here indeed.
    You too enjoy your weekend
    too and have a blast and
    keep writing more and more!
    Gratefully, with best wishes
    always, Ronni

reply by Ric Myworld on 12-Jul-2020
    Good morning, Ronni,

    It's an early morning for you, 6:20 and, I hope this finds you fast asleep or in the middle of a sweet dream.

    I had more figured your hat as a millinery accent or fascinator as called in parts of the world, rather than a Derby hat. I had, actually, figured you from outside the states, maybe England. Anyway, I like it. Then, the mention of the Santa Ana winds caused me to realize you were from here (a pleasant surprise), even before reading Southern Cali girl. Originally named Santana Winds (Spanish winds), I've been in LA when ash sat two-inches thick on my car from fires pushed by the winds. I had to stay three-extra days once when all the airports were closed from San Diego to above Santa Barbara because of smoke.

    Your reference of "Spark" pretty much describes the sensation best. Some little magic spark, from out of nowhere. Electrified. I just had to know more. Now, here I am, someone who hates to type or text, rambling on forever, pages upon pages, to communicate what could be said in person within minutes. Seemingly desperate for more information, resembling a frenzied squirrel gathering acorns. Highly exaggerated. Well, maybe not highly. LOL.

    Drive slow and drink plenty of ice water! Ric

reply by the author on 12-Jul-2020
    Hello again Ric,
    Ca. was an 'experience' strange
    and most perplexing, coming
    from E. Europe Balkan Roots
    and schooled in Midwest, Iowa, with major work and
    career years in. So. Ca. and
    currently in NE Ok, while phasing out hectic pace and
    mad traffic, to take advantage
    of teaching elective course in
    The Humanities at local college, something I always
    wanted to do, but turned to
    Business Communications for
    the better $$$ and challenges. Switch and relocation was quite a hassle and another cultural trial time. But I love my position
    and the great students I have and much slower pace. I miss most is the Beaches in
    So. Ca. Most favorite places!
    I beg to differ with you on
    talk being better or preferred
    than type or text. While talk is more immediate and most
    tempting, my world and orientation is best and
    better in text exchange like
    in EM or mail communication.
    I hate text when it is so stupid to cramp text when voice or EM offers much more
    communication without instant voice talk, which I agree is more expedient and
    tempting, but my least favorite choice except when
    a choice is made for it for
    certain compelling reasons,
    circumstances depending on
    the person involved. May
    seem strange to you, but
    works best for me.
    I gathered from your explanation how you came to find interest in me and works
    in portfolio, you were less
    than impressed with info in
    in my authors Bio, more or
    less casually breezed through
    it, which is ok and not offensive critical either way.
    But if you had read through it all the way to the end of it,
    my EMail is listed there. If
    you so wish to exchange on
    EM our FS mutual writer interests or subjects thereof,
    you are most welcome to
    do so anytime. Not your
    preferred type of contact, so choice is entirely up to you.
    No judgement or offense if
    you do not choose to.
    I did sleep well, thank you,
    and was again a delightful
    surprise to see another reply
    from you this morning.
    Hope you have a fun and
    great day what you love doing
    best and just have blast!
    Thanks again for the "chat"
    Best wishes always, Ronni


Comment by
Y. M. Roger
Poet Rating
  Rank:  20
Author Rating For Short Works
Author Rating For Novels
Script Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  21
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Aaaah, my dearest Ronni... I read your words and felt your words, for that is the depth to which they reach...beautifully heart-aching and yet fully devoted from beginning to end.
But you know, as I now glance up at the words and phrases you've so eloquently strung together, I wonder just how many (or, perhaps, how few) of our graduating seniors this year could even find a hint of the human passion that is so deeply woven throughout... why? Because of the 'new language' and focus on 'modern communication'... so many words and expressions 'would not compute' with them. The thought is neither here nor there, just a bit of spurious thoughts and wistfulness, I suppose. Sigh.
Thoroughly enjoyed and found myself entranced at some choices...

no earthly possession or glory equal to its measure or worth

Now THAT is love that lasts a lifetime. :) ;) Thank you, my lady, and may you have a joyful rest of the week! :) Hope your sister's recovery continues on its forward path! ;) Blessings from Dixie!! ;) Yvette

to alter fates decree --> to alter fate's decree

 Comment Written 20-May-2020

reply by the author on 27-May-2020
    Hello dear Yvette,
    You aced it so perfectly, in essence and empathies, and your
    own affinities and nostalgia even more astutely and appreciably.
    Right you are too, this generation of seniors will likely not have
    those intermittent nostalgic moments or wafting memories of
    a time, place, a moment when the earth shifted beneath them,
    a song or smile that just suddenly, achingly or sweetly just
    sails through the senses like delicate spring breeze. Nor will
    they know when sometimes saying goodbye is more futuristic
    and blessed than can ever be perceived at the time. So pleased
    you enjoyed and rallied through it so illustriously and intriguingly.
    Sister recovery is going well, just had to help doing the paperwork
    and financials for her, yes even in a tech age, still so much damn
    paperwork and other odds and ends. So once again, I can try
    and get back to my schedule and more time on here read and post.

    Thanks for all you lovely thoughts and thoughtfulness, no less
    so for your kind patience. You too take time for you too, and
    sipping and toasting those virtual tea visits to you too dear!
    Love blessings always!!! Ronni (;) (:)

Comment by
Premier Author
Premier Reader
Poet Rating
Author Rating For Novels
Review Stars
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
Beautiful picture to start with. All the words you wrote so elegantly put in ways that makes one's soul feel the depth of such deep love. Your first verse says a lot in just those words alone and your last verse seems to be so fitting for tying it all together. Great Job Ronni!

 Comment Written 19-May-2020

Comment by
Irish Rain
Level 4 Pro
Poet Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  135
This work has reached the exceptional level
Isn't this just beautiful Miss Ronni!
It reminds me of the old-fashioned-hero-heroine
romances that we all miss in life.
Such beauty is seldom lived, but for the lucky few.
Astounding picture also,
It would make even the most jaded...want to believe!
Loved this,

 Comment Written 19-May-2020

reply by the author on 27-May-2020
    Hello dear Irish Rain,
    Thank you for your perceptive and perfectly reflective
    thoughts and comments dear, glad you enjoyed it so!
    Ahh indeed, were it not for our dreams or fantasies yet to be,
    or the hopes and dreams never dare or brave enough to be,
    there lies in between that even more illusive and mysterious
    eternity...Amen. Thanks so much for extra star too!!!
    Apologies for late reply, delay due to Sister's illness in Ca.
    and keeping conferences with her & her Doctor's and medical care
    needed and relocation to special clinic and treatments.
    Hope all is well with you and yours!
    Love, blessings always, Ronni

reply by Irish Rain on 27-May-2020
    I hope your sister is ok! You are most welcome Miss Ronni...stay safe!

reply by the author on 27-May-2020
    Thanks dear,
    Sister's recovery will be a slow
    and gradual process, but manageable thankfully. Mine
    a continually watchful one. Only Sis I have so that is normal and endearingly
    obliging one.
    Thanks for your caring thoughts. Love, blessings,

reply by Irish Rain on 28-May-2020
    Prayers for both of you Miss Ronni, I'll be thinking of you.

reply by the author on 28-May-2020
    Thank you dear one!
    Sincerely appreciated by both dear one! Stay blest, loved safe and well!
    Love, Ronni

reply by Irish Rain on 28-May-2020
    You too!
Comment by
Premier Author
Premier Reader
Poet Rating
  Rank:  117
Author Rating For Short Works
Author Rating For Novels
  Rank:  15
Script Rating
Review Stars
  Rank:  396
This work has reached the exceptional level
My love I await our faith and someday together above will have our date.
I seek not I am not I no longer can again be....
For I loved you so this you now need to know?
And I watch over you among the clouds above I think of our pastimes in our incredible love!
It's always been you and it always will be for now I am drowning below in the deep blue sea....
"What Cannot Yet Come To be"
Was well-written rich and theme and imagery.
It read well and flwed well with No Grammar Issues.
Complete Synopsis:
The Adjective and Objective Contents were both Excellent and Exceptional while Descriptive Measures Alinged perfectly.
Thanks Ronnie and I hope you enjoyed my One minute addition?
Doctor Ricky 1024
"Still Preaching the Choir here at Fanstory"

 Comment Written 19-May-2020

reply by the author on 28-May-2020
    Thank you for a most conscientious and comprehensive range of
    thoughts and comments, and so pleased you rallied through it
    so appreciably. Sincerely appreciate it. Yes indeed enjoy your
    one minute addition, how could I not? Also, thanks ever so much
    for the extra star, most grateful! Have a fantastic weekend!
    Best wishes always, Ronni
Comment by
Joan E.
Premier Author
Poet Rating
Author Rating For Short Works
Author Rating For Novels
Review Stars
 Rank:  120
This work has reached the exceptional level
I relished your evocative love poem in this free verse. The hyperbole of the initial stanzas is well contrasted by your "aching regret" that fate controls the future. This is balanced by your final stanza's gratitude. Well done- Joan

 Comment Written 19-May-2020

Comment by
Premier Author
Premier Reader
Poet Rating
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  12
Review Stars
  Rank:  166
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
I enjoyed reading your poem Z it flows well and has a nice feel to it. I particularly enjoyed the imagery you used. Thanks for sharing this and have a really great day

 Comment Written 18-May-2020

reply by the author on 27-May-2020
    Thank you for your very kind and thoughtful thoughts and
    comments on this, so pleased you enjoyed and shared so
    appreciably. Hope you too have a great day, and glad to have
    shared a write that you enjoyed.
    Apologies for such long delay, due to my Sister in Ca. critical
    illness, and having to keep in closer contact and check with
    her and her doctors.
    Thanks again, God bless you too.
    Gratefully, Ronni
Comment by
Sally Law
Premier Author
Poet Rating
  Rank:  41
Author Rating For Short Works
Author Rating For Novels
Review Stars
  Rank:  16
Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted
I love ya till the day I die never sounded so poetically sweet. You have the gift, dear Ronni. This is just sumptuous. A delight to read of your purple passion never parted untill death. That's my kind of love.
Sending you my best today as always,
Sal xoxo

 Comment Written 18-May-2020

reply by the author on 27-May-2020
    Thanks dearest Sally, So pleased you enjoyed it so.
    Sorry for long delay, due to my Sister in Ca. critical illness,
    (only sis I got) and keeping in close contact and conference
    with her and her Doctors and medical treatments.
    Hope all is well with you and yours, God Bless!
    Love, blessings, Ronni
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