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Reviews from
Binding the merchant of souls

Thi Kingdom of God is Here and Now

  2 total reviews 
Comment by
Roberta Lawrinsky
Premier Author
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Dear djeckert,
My spiritual text reading runs more to "The Imitation of Christ" and to the Buddhist commentaries on subhudi & the practice of zen haiku--so, while interesting, your text is not only learned & admirable, it's mostly too dense for me to keep my equilibrium.
I truly enjoy the section where you give a monologue on what it's like for you when you actually get your cart in hand & go to shop at Wal Mart. This writing mindset is fresh & funny & different. Although shopping is a very common activity, do you commonly see much writing about thoughts & feelings about shopping??
Since your section about shopping is VERY accessible,
my suggestion is to spend time doing more of this kind of writing to discover whether you connect with a greater audience & give them the gift of insight & laughter.

 Comment Written 16-Jun-2020

reply by the author on 16-Jun-2020
    Hi there, thank you so much for the kind words and encouragement. I'm glad you enjoyed my " shopping at Wal Mart" , rant . But it was actually a "bait and switch" story that was really a critique of the mega church and the services it offers to us, spiritually wanton souls. If you look closely there is no mention of shopping carts , only maybe allusions to one. Lol. Blessings!
Comment by
AJ McCall
Premier Author
Premier Reader
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  Rank:  488
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  Rank:  73
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  Rank:  86 (+1)
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Wow. Definitely a shocker. This story surprised me. Very informative. I love the way it started, it flowed well. I love the bible verse on your bio. Great job!

 Comment Written 16-Jun-2020

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