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Virtual zombies

Did the brick and mortar church eat itself?

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Y. M. Roger
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I think social media and the cancel mob have taken their toll on the church.... the 'strong' in faith would prefer to remain out of the spotlight and, thus, it is easier to 'not really' when it comes to much. Sigh. The early Christians in those dark days after the death of Christ faced more than just 'social media' and still they gathered......
A great offering that points out the current state of affairs in many of our states...

 Comment Written 02-Sep-2020

Comment by
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Premier Reader
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  Rank:  181
This work has reached the exceptional level
I am not sure what it is you are saying but, at least, it excellently expresses some ambivalence about things like an "Apocalypse." Or, that's how I read this. I have been doing lots of reading on religious "predestination," how Calvin's was two fold, meaning something like covid 19 is a part of God's Will and plan and Luther's single fold predestination where he leaves things like covid 19 to the "Mystery." It's a mystery! Whoopee! Don't take your mask off and breathe on me Martin, at least none of that rabid anti-Semitism you been spoutin'.


 Comment Written 20-Aug-2020

Comment by
Premier Author
north carolina
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  Rank:  95 (+2)
Author Rating For Short Works
  Rank:  114
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  Rank:  67
This work has reached the exceptional level
I thought this was really interesting with a really complex twist on religious philosophy. I liked the musical and rhythmic elements of all the repetitions of 'we don't really care'. That really hammered home this sense of being oblivious to the obvious, or not so obvious; that we are being controlled in our perceptions by media and those who control that media. It makes me think that real faith believes that God will not let the virus harm us. Or at least it becomes an acceptance of God's will for us. After all, we all must die anyway, at some point. But it does seem like an empty faith in some ways to follow the science, when faith is not about following science. What is science anyway, but an interpretation of evidence? Today people think of evolution and scientific theories of creation as gospel. But what Darwin did was merely interpret evidence. He said because animals all have five digits and four appendages, they must have evolved from each other. But I could say that it is evidence of a design by a single creator. Who was there to say for sure? estory

 Comment Written 20-Aug-2020

reply by the author on 21-Aug-2020
    Hi there, estory. Thank you so much for the six and the thoughtful review. I wrote this, this morning in frustration over Christians falling for and being gullible to the most obvious agenda that is going on.
    Hey you seem to show an interest in apologetics, and evolution / creationism . I've been watching a very interesting and quite compelling scientific case for young earth creationism by a Genetic scientist Dr. Nathaniel Jeanson. (This part five of a ten part series is particularly enlightening on how evolutionary science makes assumptive leaps about human ancestry that leaves them totally misconstruing quite obvious evidence of post flood ancestry through the study of mitochondrial dna).

    Thanks again and God Bless

reply by estory on 21-Aug-2020
    sounds interesting. Where can I catch it? estory

reply by the author on 21-Aug-2020
    Hey, I left the youtube link for that episode ,or part five. It's on answers in Genesis and it's called " The new history of the human race" It's amazing the science that is being done and the truth you can learn if you don't intentionally ignore all the evidence to try to fit things into the evolution narrative. This should be the link to the whole playlist.
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