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Untying One Strap

Lose your morals you could lose yourself

  3 total reviews 
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wowsers.....what more can i say girlfriend. i felt this one to the bone marrow. What a write SOMO Di xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

 Comment Written 07-Oct-2020

reply by the author on 18-Oct-2020
    AHHHH, You are too kind. So I go and get my bottom plate relined and same day get a MRI on my neck done at 1am, and by 8am my left neck under the jawbone is swollen as if I just had 3 molars pulled. Looks like I'm running on, miss fire'ing again. Spontaneous reaction but to what? And how are you?

reply by fluffnstuff on 18-Oct-2020
    Hi my sweet friend. You are really going through a lot too. Is there someone who takes care of you?? I completely understand your feelings believe me. I can?t walk far anymore. Back is getting worse. Need to know how fluid filled cyst is in my spinal cord so probably will get hold of neurosurgeon and request another mri. I?ve had two what I call miracles happen before so I?m hoping my angel takes care of it too. Don?t know if I told you about them. Doctors were dumbfounded. Nat is legally Nathaniel. Is changing a lot. You never know how people are going to react. When I told a lady who was the one with her now husband who met bob and I in Reno and witnessed our wedding when I could not fit in my dress at three months surprise pregnant has a boy and a girl. Well the girl named Christine is now jay. She changed at eighteen years old. Icouldnt believe what I was reading. Loved it. No you don?t give up on you lady. You have a great talent of writing still to do for the world and for people like me who o enjoy the real ness of your being. I?m here for you if you need to share in any way. I don?t mind and I do understand and relate. Hugs to you and keep in touch ok?? We need to exchange cellphone numbers and addresses if we leave this website we can still keep contact if you want. Love to you. Di

reply by the author on 19-Oct-2020
    Seems to be a lot of name changing going around or coming out. Almost a fad for some or for the shy who can't ask a girl out but will let same guy ask him. this is my nephew, he camnew out on facebook and floored the family. His dad was working in Florida and read about it online, he flipped and now he's not working for 1 year and went to rehab and is living on Vancouver Isl. in a half way house. no family over there. his ex sister in law is the head of her family, her wife had 2 kids and they are divorced. and the troubled times keep rolling out. "i went to a club at 18 yrs. with my boyfriends brothers wife. turns out it was a gay club, (Vancouver|) and I was getting hit on and it made me feel really intimidated but my friend jumped in to save the day. the whole bar knew I was straight then. lol that's so long ago. yes, great idea here;s number
    7789395201 and
    I know I should use message but I don't care if someone sees it.

    lulube and ditto for support for you
Comment by
Dorothy Farrell
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  Rank:  53
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Hello Lori, haunted by a past you would rather forget? The mind can be a burden. You have written a really good free line piece and the content is remarkably well expressed. Like a frightening nightmare, hard to wake up from. Very revealing lines - 'EXIT STAGE LEFT GIRL and don't look back'. This is really good Lori - an interesting, well written piece of work. Love Dorothy xx

 Comment Written 30-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 02-Oct-2020
    thxs so much Dorothy, glad you found it interesting
Comment by
Premier Author
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Roaming deep in the hidden recesses and finding a version of oneself is vividly described in this bold work. As the reader, I slipped through a sliver of an opening with you and endured the struggle. Thoroughly enjoyed.

 Comment Written 28-Sep-2020

reply by the author on 02-Oct-2020
    thxs for being there with me, and for your great comments.

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