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Classic Fairy Tale Poetry Contest
Choose a character or characters from a favorite classic fairy tale or movie and write a poem based on the character(s). All forms of poetry accepted. How would you change the original story or movie scene? The choice is yours. It can be humorous or serious. Have fun with it!
5.00 member dollars  Poetry  Not Displayed  General  12 of 18 30.00 member dollars Monica L. Moraca
Take a classic fairy tale (it doesn't have to be well known), and write a story based on the plot. It does not have to strictly adhere to the original plot.
1.00 member dollars  Not Specific  Not Displayed  Fantasy  16 of 18 2.00 member dollars Xia Thornwood
TV Sitcom
Write a story of any length using TV sitcom characters. It can be "Brady Bunch", "The Partridge Family", "Friends" or any other TV show that you choose.
5.00 member dollars  Fiction  Not Displayed  General  17 of 18 5.00 member dollars Contests
Soulbound contrary to what people think can either mean a love for an item or soul bound for your love, write a story real or fiction about two people falling in love and an epic tellanovella romance.
1.00 member dollars  Fiction  Not Displayed  Fantasy  12 of 18 6.00 member dollars Mia Connolly
Back Seat Driver
The topic for this writing contest is: Back Seat Driver
5.00 member dollars  Fiction  Not Displayed  Humor  15 of 18 15.00 member dollars Contests
The Dark
Write a story where your character is stuck in complete darkness.
5.00 member dollars  Fiction  Not Displayed  General  13 of 18 25.00 member dollars Contests
Spooks have a sense of humor too!
Write a story (No word limit), choose one of these classic TV show -- The Munsters, the Adams Family or Bewitched. The issue is there have been some strange things happening at the kid's school. Such as items disappearing, children levitating to name just a couple of things.
You are there on behalf of the school to find out what's going on, and if the kids of the family your visiting is involved.
4.00 member dollars  Fiction  Not Displayed  Humor  16 of 18 8.00 member dollars Bar62
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