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I am soulbound to you Molly

This work has reached the exceptional level

Bravo, bravo, bravo! I know you care not for such bravado, but this is exceptional, deep, moving, emotive. I am truly without words.

I am giving you a six and content and exceptional emotional writing. There are a few punctuational issues but it should never cost you for the incredible talent and soul you have.


Comment Written by jlsavell on 19-Feb-2021
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

Bipolar can be fun... by Possummagic

This work has reached the exceptional level


I applaud you for your courage in writing about your struggles.

With honesty and integrity, you empower this piece to come alive and allow others to walk in your shoes.

I have written many pieces on depression and the black dog which is part and parcel of your bi polar.

Please keep sharing.
I have other works Id like to share with you- pm me- if you'd like to read and tell me if there are others you'd like me to read.
Comment Written by jlsavell on 16-Feb-2021

Gone! by kiwisteveh

This work has reached the exceptional level

Plus **************. What more can I say?
Well, I do believe you are a master of free verse regardless of topic.

Exceptionally cohesive, insightful, inventive without straying from subject matter. Flowed beautifully.

Bravo. I am probably more happy than you are!

Comment Written by jlsavell on 21-Jan-2021

Aussie Christmas by Aussie

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dearest Kace,

Here I am again!

I love your work and your incredible enthusiasm, plus your wisdom. You are one of the kindest, most incredible and talented souls I know.

Life is beginning to return to normal here, after two catastrophic hurricanes back to back. It has been endless days of rebuilding and cleaning and there is still much work to be done.

Life has been a struggle for many here. First COVID, job loss, then hurricane Laura which destroyed even more business, then Delta. It was crazy! People are truly suffering.

But enough is enough. Your poem is light and whimsical. A much need break from the astronomically politically crazy climate today. But I am very emotionally calm now that the election is past and dignity will be restored back to our democracy and the White House.

Keep writing dear friend, keep writing.

Your fan

Comment Written by jlsavell on 13-Nov-2020

The Long Nightmare by MissMerri

This work has reached the exceptional level

Adonna, your poem was a delightful read even though we have complete differences in opinion regarding the President.

I've never known you to succumb to political except in private conversations, where you no doubt know where I stand.

After I voted, I went to my daughter in Dallas. My daughter and her two daughters were filled with anxiety. These are two young beautiful women who will be the future. They share my same ideologies. One was old enough to vote and she was so very proud. Both can hold their own in any debate.

I have never been more affected in emotions and convictions, then I have with this election and the present administration, whom I am extremely ashamed of and very relieved his term is up.

I know you wanted a different outcome, and that is perfectly fine with me. Politics and religion should never ever come between friends. Emotional maturity allows diverse opinions without causing division. I can honestly say, you and I have had many conversations over the years regarding this a President.,

With all this being said- you have such an incredible talent as a word artist. You execute perfection each and every time. You are incredibly attentive to detail in all areas of poetic devices. I have learned much from you. This was a long wonderful tale-( I believe another first from you in length). Truly, I thoroughly enjoyed, even to the end. Truly.

I was a bit puzzled as to why a Halloween poem now. Why didn't you post it in the Halloween contest, but my question was answered at the end.

Hope you are doing well. We will talk soon. Adore your work. Perfect as always.

Comment Written by jlsavell on 13-Nov-2020

Steam by YNWA

This work has reached the exceptional level


Well, well, I'm awestruck. Free verse to me is a phenomenal way of writing such a seductive, emotional, and truly human experience. Incredible.
You've got me beat. I truly have to bookcase this. Wow! Too many exquisite and eloquent original lines to list. Your poetic skills are admired.

Your fan
Comment Written by jlsavell on 05-Oct-2020

The Dogs of War by Aussie

This work has reached the exceptional level

Good morning sweet Kace,

As one of the United States closest allies, or at least was at one time, your nation has lost so much courageously and selflessly having our backs. I ask you- how many people recognize this.

Your poem is a stark and grave reminder of what we as a nation are sowing here in the United States. I have recommended and even urged people to read An Illustrated a History of the Gestapo. It is chilling and foreboding and the scene Hitler set is very nearly parallel to the scene Trump is setting. Of course, the Gestapo or storm troopers were well established before he came into power. Shall we not also forget Mussolini and Stalin.

If he is re- elected, as he was dishonestly elected in 2016- read Targeted- I'm afraid our democracy will be completely destroyed and it will be to the delight of Putin, Kim, and Xi, along with Iran.

Still, there are those who will sink their teeth and their flesh into anyone who dares to criticize their savior( Trump). There are many here on Fanstory as was noted in the political forum. Don't be fooled by fake friends- that is my motto anyway.

Contrary to what many so called pseudo Christians believe, the God of Christianity did not put this demon in office anymore than he put Hitler or Stalin, or Mussolini, or Kim or Putin in office. He allowed them to reign, simply because man in all his pride and arrogance across the world did not want to be ruled by the righteousness and firmness of the biblical God. They wanted to rule themselves, so he allowed them. For in time it will prove mankind's folly and downfall.

Anyone who supports this man is not only a blind fool but to me.

In my opinion, there are only three, possibly four kinds of people who support this imbecile.

1. The gathered masses who have deep seated and deeply rooted feelings of superiority toward other races.
2. Those who identify with staunch Republican values regardless of whether he truly represents those values or whether the GOP does- these people just identify with the name.
3. All those who are easily swayed and thrive on conspiracy theories.
4. Those who truly, truly, are not educated enough, nor do they want to be, to see and understand our democracy is at stake, they just think he's some down to earth guy who has their well being at heart. True ignorance.

And then we have

Also, far right wing evangelicals who are so indoctrinated which creates highly toxic and unwavering judgements of condemnation of social issues their God deems as a sin.

The great partisan divide in our country is killing us. It will be the greatest falter in our demise.

So called Republicans and Democrats alike are so engrossed in turf wars and staunch ideologies, they have lost track and a sense of who they represent and why. I could go on and on.

Thank you for posting, though I'm not sure if you were alluding to the United States.

You see in our country, we are so inundated with our national news and headlines, we as a compendium of people fail to realize there are other democracies out in the small world who operate with the same or many concerns we have. Also, since we are one of the most powerful nations in the world, our decisions and our issues affect the world inna most profound and life altering way. We are that huge mammoth elephant who can roll over the smaller creatures instead of protecting them with our might.

Thank you for sharing. A wonderful verse with a strong message. This the six. I don't critique on form. I'm not expert enough to do so, but I am an expert of what I believe.

Your friend, distant and often preoccupied

Comment Written by jlsavell on 01-Oct-2020

My Endless Thoughts by MissMerri

This work has reached the exceptional level


I will never know what inspires you to write such eloquence which touches every human heart on the most complex but simple level.

I cannot critique on form. I'm far from any expert on anything poetic or prose, but when the essence of a poem captures the true essence of what it is to journey through life in all its facets, the poet demonstrates the height, depth, and breath of an empath.

Your friend always

Comment Written by jlsavell on 25-Sep-2020

2020? I've had Plenty! by kiwisteveh

This work has reached the exceptional level

Hi Steve, how are you?

Well hopefully here in the USA come November 3rd, we will flush the turd. Lol, I saw that on his twitter feed. Hysterical.

I just finished Woodard's Book ' Rage'
I finished Crimes and Misdemeanors- The Trump Administration.

Next on to Bolton's Book- Behind Closed Doors.

Everyone should read Rage- Democrat- Republican and in between.

Perhaps you are not referring to the USA, but it hits home.

Have a great day!
Comment Written by jlsavell on 25-Sep-2020

To Be Your Man (sweet pursuit) by Richard J

This work has reached the exceptional level

Well, well sultry handsome man,
what woman could not fall into the arms of someone who not only writes with such sublime passion, but expresses such transparency and vulnerability to his lover( hopefully).
Incredibly sensuous, delicate, an ethereal poetic expression of life and love.

You must win this contest because I am sure you have won the heart of your woman. She'd be a fool to not savor this.

Thank you for sharing you with us.,

Your forever fan
Comment Written by jlsavell on 30-Jun-2020

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