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Beauty is by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level


I find your poetry as well written as anyone's and why? Because I have listened to and still listen to your passion and inflection when reciting it. By this, I have learned different accents or dialects say and hear syllable conversion and inflection much differently.
Hell, I'm Texan with a Texas drawl and you guys would laugh at the way we speak. I'm across between Southern belle and saloon Annie of the Wild West.

With that being said, your poetry truly gets better as more is written and sometimes your rhythms is so spot on, it's as if you've done it all your life.

I don't relish writing rhyme. It's difficult for me. I don't have a soulful rhythm in my body, just a soulful rhythmic heart. That's all I can boast.
Your philosophy on life is beautiful. I have known drop dead gorgeous men and women, but their heart was arrogant and judgemental which truly made them ugly and vice a versa.

With that being said, a beautiful character and heart gives you a special radiance among the crowd and your peers, and in spite of what ugly, hypocritical and dishonest people spread about you, it is the great character which holds ones poise and beauty in the grip of grace.

Well done.

P.S. keep posting more about trump. He may be human, but it's no excuse for his evil, arrogant, childish , dangerous, petulant behavior. I can't even stand looking at him.

Take care
Comment Written by jlsavell on 13-Feb-2020

I've changed the rules by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Comment Written by jlsavell on 12-Feb-2020

I could by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Such an incredible beautiful couple. You can tell she is a Daddy's girl. Life is beautiful but what is more beautiful is to be able to be a part of something greater than being whole. The given moments of your child's blossoming and creating more of the life you endowed them. I cannot wait to see pictures of the day you hold that first grand baby. Words are inept. They simply are.
I think we might all tire of your firing baby poems! Lol. Because I guarantee you, everyday will be an awe inspiring adventure.

Love the beauty of this one.

You fan and true friend always
Comment Written by jlsavell on 01-Feb-2020

Unimpeachable by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dip, I love it!
I would like to set a few things straight for your wonderful reviewers, Donald Trump has not done many great things for my country, but if I give him credit for anything, it is waking the complacent up and jolting reality back into those who believe all is peachy and well in our representatives. It isn't and hasn't been for sometime.

For the first time in my living history, our country has reached an all time low in supporting, believing, and holding the values which were bought with blood, sweat and tears.

He has mocked our democracy and dinglehandedly convinced others through fear and hatred, that he has the power to do anything which suits his fancy.

Do not get me started. I have read one of your reviews which has left me astounded as to how this wonderful member can believe he has done wonderful things for this country on behalf of truth, justice, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. He has raped and pillaged our democracy and set an unprecedented example of condescension and dishonesty.

I can't talk talk anymore. I'm fuming.

Comment Written by jlsavell on 30-Jan-2020

No matter what by DR DIP

Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Dip, in Trumps case, he doesn't need a good memory at all, for his loyal supporters could care less and it's quite evident.

The little man lies so much he can't even spell truth, much less speak it. He's not fit mentally, morally, or academically to be our President. For the first time in my lifetime, I am truly shamed, truly- of this President. I make no bones about it.
He is undeserved to be in office. He not only has me worried but what is most disturbing is his followers are loyal regardless and are like sheep being led to the slaughter. And it's okay with them, because they have been brainwashed into thinking he is ordained by their god or gods.

A modern day Gaius Caesar ( Caligula) . It's sickening.

Thank you for posting.
Your fan and friend always, always
Comment Written by jlsavell on 24-Jan-2020

From a distance I see your face by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dip, beautiful write. I apologize that my reviews are sparse.

Life has turned and ebbed many tides.

One of my best friends Father just passed away and my children's Aunt passed yesterday. Wow, only a year older than me. Dropped dead of a heart attack. But again she was never one to take care of her health.

Your sentiment is hauntingly familiar to me. Often, with my sincere a deep friendship, I see the face between the air and the wall. So I completely understand how our brains paint our reality with dreams. A cerebral artist.

I may conjure many images from a voice. And it is this voice I miss. I don't know if this is the case with you or anyone else, or even if you have heard the voice you speak of.

Anyway, such a beautiful and drawing write. Love it

Your fan always

Comment Written by jlsavell on 23-Jan-2020

Breakfast Is Served by Father Flaps

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dearest wonderful friend­???
How long has it been? I see we are both still ticking? How's your hips?
Kimbob, my hip replacements gave me a new lease on a great life. I am back to running, well not truly running but softly jogging.

That being said, your poetry always shines beautifully . It doesn't matter the length, your words always make an impact. Love it and best wishes in the contest!

Your fan always, always!!!
Comment Written by jlsavell on 22-Jan-2020

The pact (2) by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dip, now I can't go giving you all my sixes.

I believe each and every good soul on this earth possesses a synchronize spirit connected to another good soul. One never knows where they stumble upon the special being who has an immediate and inherent understanding of the other.,

However, indeed I do believe it's a rarity that such ones find each other.,

Even stranger is they might never meet in this physical world but they know each other more intimately than could be imagined. By intimately, I don't mean in a sexual way-that's impossible- but in such an in depth way, it's almost uncanny and telepathic.

You see I don't discount anything in this world which may seem bizarre. I believe we have yet to even begin to discover our awe inspiring abilities as a human species. I say this, because I am continually amazed at how animals have such a precise instinct and ability to see beyond what we do. Perhaps it's because they are not clouded nor inundated with the ever evolving technology world of the human species, but instead develop their senses so intricately because they are unencumbered.

With that being said, your beautiful work touches on a subject so few of us realize or even think about until we have the opportunity to experience such a gift.

Thank you for sharing. I hope this person will always be in your thoughts of caring and appreciation.

Your ardent fan


Comment Written by jlsavell on 21-Jan-2020

The oath of lies by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level


Have you noticed how he claps for himself in every situation? Is that not telling within itself? Its disturbing to say the least

Ethical leadership is about understanding that truth and honesty are the building blocks of stable and safe cultures where standards are high and fear is low. We all need and long for the kind of culture where truth is not only valued but demanded, where people will feel comfortable speaking the truth to others as we seek excellence in ourselves and others around us. Ethical leaders CHOOSE a higher loyalty to core values over their own personal gain.

As a well known author once stated- " Without a fundamental commitment to truth= especially in our institutions and those who lead them- we are lost. "

As a legal principle, if people do not tell the truth, our justice system cannot and will not function and a society based on the rule of law begins to dissolve. As a leadership principle, if leaders do not tell the truth, or refuse to hear the truth from others, they cannot make good decisions, they cannot themselves improve, and they cannot inspire trust among those who follow them.

Integrity and truth telling are powerful tools to mold and shape cultures of honesty, openness and transparency. All leaders have a grave and important responsibility before them. Ethical leaders who value truth and honesty can and will mold a culture by their words and more importantly by their actions, because they are being watched. Unethical, and dishonest leaders have to same ability to shape a culture, by showing their people dishonesty, corruption, and deception. A commitment to integrity and a higher loyalty to truth are what separate ethical powerful leaders fro those who just happen to occupy leadership roles. Its crucial each and every one of us to hold our leaders accountable and do not whatsoever ignore the difference.

Have I said enough? Well now see what your poetic voice inspires in me?
Keep writing and I will keep reading and I promise to stop overloading the review box.. I do not have twelve hours..

your fan always

Comment Written by jlsavell on 21-Jan-2020

It's not rocket science by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Hey Dip,
How are you dear friend?

All I can say is what a doozy we have here, oh wait!! I think Trump trumps the word doozy,

In all seriousness and candor, I applaud you for taking to task a testy subject across the world evidently. I feel you have every right to voice your concern and even dislike toward a facetious leader of one of the most powerful countries on Earth, After all, his and his administrations decisions and or policy making affect even you. Whether it has to do with climate change, global peace and harmony, strength of garnered allies, and global economics- we in the United States as a powerful and influential machine of governmental democracy -can rock the boat and cause a mighty ripple in the pond.

Never ever before in my lifetime, have I witnessed a leader of this country stir so much havoc and have complete and utter disregard for not only we the people's diversity, but any of his peers which confront him,call his hand, and rain on his arrogant and self absorbed grandstanding. My Grandmother Emma would say "Tell me what is important to you and I will tell you what kind of person you are,"

I could go off on a tangent, but to be totally fair with expressing my opinion, there is not one President who has not made mistakes. Many of them have proven to be questionable in character and in heart, but they are just as human as any of us- fallible and imperfect. However, never before in my lifetime have I witnessed such a being in a high powered position to cause such widespread division among the masses, among our political parties, and among our needed and developed relations with not only our allies but those who oppose us vehemently. Never have I witnessed a demonstrable bully, a true lack of emotional maturity, and a complete and irresponsible disregard for not just our established governmental departments but for Our Constitution and our established and tried laws of the land to insure justice for all, liberty for all, and the assured expectation of stability for our perseverance and growth garnered through our forefathers and our ancestors from all walks of life by their blood , their seat, their tears, and their sacrifice.

A man is only as good as his words, and his words dictate his deeds, period. A man can lie once, he can lie twice and it might be overlooked, but a man who lies around every corner and almost every hour of the day has proven he cannot and will not be trusted, A man of honor, Trump is not.

Dip, I remember watching a movie once where a high profile college football coach nixed his most prized star athlete. The athlete became incensed and arrogant, touting his magnificence and how he'd be sorry- for the team would not and could not win without him. The coach's reply was something which has stuck with me for a lifetime. "There is no man greater than the sum of all parts and that truly without his teammates he would not be the success he believed himself to be. His team was to valuable to allow one individual, no matter how great AN ATHLETE they are, to think he was above the rest in the machinery of achieving true victory."

Well, I could go n and on, but I have other reviews to do and I do not have twelve hours.. lol

Keep writing dear friend.. keep writing..

your fan always with admiration

Comment Written by jlsavell on 21-Jan-2020

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