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A Call to Arms by Bananafish308

This work has reached the exceptional level

Bill, I rarely review these days. My time is taken up elsewhere. But I had to visit.

I am not a proficient reviewer on such short poetic styles, much less longer ones! Lol

However, this is an extremely important message. If writers are going to use the Fanstory platform in any department to peruse as a testament to their will and belief, then politics is just as fine a genre as religion.

Love it and you know this to be true of me. A six my friend. A six...

Comment Written by jlsavell on 21-May-2020

Scum or Dumb by kiwisteveh
Chapter 9 of the book Drain the Swump

This work has reached the exceptional level

What more can I say! Stay safe, Steve. You guys seem to be doing well. Too many here think Russian Roulette is a fun community game. I know this isn't a helpful review, but the poem is just brilliant.
Comment Written by jlsavell on 16-May-2020

Heidi by Richard J

This work has reached the exceptional level


You deserve no less than a ten for this exceptional beauty.

My son in law lost his Buddy, his best friend on July 7, 2015.

Your stunning work brought tears to my eyes

You forever ardent fan
Comment Written by jlsavell on 06-May-2020

To Mother, With Love by Poetic Friend

This work has reached the exceptional level

What a refreshing and delightful surprise to see your name in my message box.

An incredibly beautiful work dedicated to your Mother. As always perfected work is your signature. I hope this make POM. You deserve it.

So good to see you! I haven't posted at all this year for many reasons. Hope to return to posting my writing in the next year.

Are you still your Moms caregiver?

Comment Written by jlsavell on 03-May-2020

All Of Me by Richard J

This work has reached the exceptional level


I cannot believe I was not ever notified of this work. I though my you had disappeared.


You are definitely the king of sensual, seductive with immense class poetry.

Now I might have to put these thoughts out of my head.

Your fan always
Comment Written by jlsavell on 01-May-2020

blind denial by Bichon

This work has reached the exceptional level

Bichon, this is an exceptional quote apropos for a social, environmental and political
commentary across the globe At least this is how I would apply it.

Just to let you know, I won't be posting work for a while for I am taking advanced writing classes with a lot of assignments and if I post on here, the instructors can tag it as plagiarism though it's me. So I am careful. I posted a work from here and their search engine showed the work. They flagged me for it but my only saving grace was that it was under my real name.

Now you go take on the day.

Comment Written by jlsavell on 29-Apr-2020

This pain of loss by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Right now Dip, in my local region, there are two people on ventilators. Their age
30 and 28 .

Both seeming very healthy young adults. Do you know the statistics say that once you are on a ventilator it's a pretty dire situation and you have a 20% or less of making it.

And how do you suppose they got it. They think Mardi Gra or attending get together where one was infected.

The problem with utmost stupidity, is those who knowingly have it and go to gatherings believing this will help the immunity project. What they don't know is how that little five year old across the yard will react or even if she has an optimum working immune system.

Take care my handsome and dear friend. Make sure you and Leah stay aware.

Adore you

Oh, and on another completely different note- don't argue with idiots who play victim.
The problem that I have with a victim mentality is that one forgets to see the truth of real soul. Because of this, their spirit is poisoned instead of nourished. My advice.
Comment Written by jlsavell on 02-Apr-2020

Plying by closetpoetjester

This work has reached the exceptional level

I do not think there is one poet on here who can match not only your incredible sense of humor, but your wit and absolutely and undeniably, incredibly outrageous talent!

Perfect timing. Laughter is essential in these stressful times.

Comment Written by jlsavell on 01-Apr-2020

Return of the Unloved by Sarkems

Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

Dear Emma,

I find you one if the most sincere, knowledgeable and articulate human beings who grace the halls of Fanstory.

I rarely review anymore or even connect to those I developed a great friendship many years ago.

Life has just become very busy but also very fulfilling for me, yet, I do feel a great deal of regret for not nourishing my accrued friendships and not encouraging fantastic writers as you are.

I don't think it is as much a matter of being unloved as Fanstory has just become a social venue for many to gossip, of which I am well aware- a few about me. However, there are many upon many, who are true wordsmiths - like you- and get lost in this maddening crowd- A maddening crowd where reviews are nothing more than attempting to garner fans to scratch ones pride.

The few who are true writers and humbly accept their craft as an ever learning curve, I feel- get tired of the insincere bull which comes down the pipe.

As for contest, I don't know what the winning curve is. Certainly if you've not been considered, the winning curve isn't about talent or perseverance, especially in member created contest and site contest with a voting booth which align themselves along this ever flattened line.

I for one, enjoy who you are and you voice which is always tact and deliver. A very fine attribute in the genre of argument or persuasion. Of course I am talking of the forum. Often and without fail, I read when you post there and each time- I walk away with such a deep respect and admiration for not only your vast knowledge voiced articulate, but the earnest humbleness of your spirit

Only right before your departure of which you were greatly missed, did I become your fan. I admit, I am not one to live my life and use my time reviewing , but I felt I needed to tell you how I feel.

Continue with your voice. It is admirable, it is honest and it is talented.

Much respect always
Thank you for sharing your thoughts and your emotions.

Stay safe and never ever lose that spark which is uniquely yours.

Comment Written by jlsavell on 29-Mar-2020

After the hurt by DR DIP

This work has reached the exceptional level

Dip, hopefully the majority of us have the true north principle. As I read the forum I am appalled at a few of the posters, one which implied their generation had prayed for this a long time for the baby boomers had wrecked family values, our Mother Earth and had ushered in drugs along with other things. I suppose implying since we and the sick are most vulnerable, it was a payback from their god. I was disheartened that young souls could think that way. Perhaps I read it wrong but I do not think so. Yet two of the baby boomers agreed with both post of implying. Which tells me they did not read it thoroughly.

Each and every being on this Earth is only separated by six degrees. Millions upon million across the globe are at a very high risk from newborns to the elderly, especially the disenfranchised. These are human beings who suffer from compromising immune systems from cancer, to cystic fibrosis, to arthritis, to in stage kidney failure , sickle cell anemia- the list could go on and on. It is daunting because across this cast world of humanity, we have always lived in what I call a medical Viet Nam, a global crisis of compromised life and now this will take its sinister fingers and choke to weakest of us out. I am grieved. I can and will do my part and above to insure my family, my neighbors and my friends will get through this hardship. Thank you for sharing.

Adoration for you
Comment Written by jlsavell on 24-Mar-2020

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