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corona fever by jake cosmos aller

This work has reached the exceptional level

this is absolutely fantastic, deep, and seems to be almost a cautionary tale but for that it's also largely currently true, something to notice, and mostly avoid, somehow, for the dreaded c is simply doin' it's thing, like we're doin' ours, or so they say, who really knows, after all, but it's a major situation that this poem puts into perspective and this poems speaks to many of the social problems surrounding it, as if a call to action, a mandate to care, a friend trying to help. A Wake up call amid many other distant and nearby alarms going off. if folks care enough, better care of folks will be taken, even though arguably all folks'll 'die' regardless eventually somehow. quality of life matters. it's a worldwide problem discussed in a world class poem by a world traveler who refuses to go silently into that good night...experienced by a grateful reader, who plans to read it to others. thanks for posting it.
Comment Written by Xylok on 27-Jul-2020

You'll Know by MissMerri

This work has reached the exceptional level

awesome poem, love it, super romantic too. poetry like this fights against nastiness like a whore deserves love regardless! you have a beautiful heart and it's beyond epic that you share it with us and nowhere near enough people tell you so, or with enough emphasis, even though you receive lots and lots of truthful deserved high praise. will this poem outlast poe's the raven, who knows, most would prolly say no is my guess, but should it, well, as far as i'm concerned, that's HEAVILY debatable! keep em coming for millennia ongoing, figure out how to extend your life, rage against the dyin' of the light, don't let em or you tell you you CAN'T POSSIBLY be still pumpin' out poetry like a wonka machine bustin out everlasting gobstoppers when you're over a centillion epochs young!
Comment Written by Xylok on 19-May-2020

What a Beautiful Day by MissMerri

This work has reached the exceptional level

WHO prolly would prefer I didn't all caps
and writes of sweet notions and sentiments freed
from a heart so in LOVE with the sky and the seed,
with space, with NATURE, with Emily, peace,
truth, Truth, GOD, that she'll release
poem after poem in the name of it all,
and those, like me, tip a rose, holler and call
her name to the masses, so all aliens
and angels and monarchs amid diadems
wherever they are, whatever dimensions,
will notice her, WORTHY, of LOVE without end...

SIX STARS, not for rhyme, though I LOVE rhyme, nor
for how your meter and cadence were so
'A' quality according to professors who take
the time to note rhythm and music CAN QUAKE,
exclusively anyhoo, but also since this
poem is the gist of TRUE LOVE'S kiss
applied to whoever it may land upon,
me, and the others who'll feel it spawn,
and also because you released it to me
and all else who'll be glad they found it FREELY,
and also for reasons I'll leave in the rough
for some other time, when we're hugging and stuff!‚?• :)

I'm in love with the green and admire the trees
and the things unseen, like the wisp of a breeze,
and also with poets who dare to soul squeeze!
Comment Written by Xylok on 20-Mar-2020

Oak Song by Marjon van Bruggen

This work has reached the exceptional level

rad! a nostalgic trip, a pleasant place, a break from cornavirus concerns, a respite amid 'swirlin', notions of friendship and peace and gratitude, cooperation, reciprocal determination, brethrenism, ecosystemology, nature blowin' kisses throughout the cosmos, and more, and in three lines at that.
Comment Written by Xylok on 17-Mar-2020

Wondering Heights by MissMerri

This work has reached the exceptional level

freaking awesome! i love how it takes me so many more words to explain how come your short poem way shorter than this comment ROCKS and how i still don't even barely but beyond begin doing so much less accomplish the FEAT...
Comment Written by Xylok on 14-Mar-2020

It Could Happen by rama devi

This work has reached the exceptional level

so intense...volumes of emotions and thoughts from many many successive generations trumpeted in six words or less...a call to action to protect the planet and those living things on and in if in a picture or a bumper sticker...made from neon lights...were i to review it in one word i'd write...'necessary'.
Comment Written by Xylok on 25-Apr-2018

Christmas Things by I am Cat

This work has reached the exceptional level

well that was sheer delight to read! how utterly entertaining throughout. fun to orate or to sing, dripping with nostalgia and priceless feelings. the kind of a poem that billions would enjoy were only they to access it, such is life. those who do happen upon it are fortunate, at least as far as that goes anyway, for who knows, maybe someone reads it and then tumbles down the stairs shortly thereafter, and instantly dies, cracked back, but here's to hoping THAT doesn't happen, and that rather whoever reads it gets as much enjoyment out of it as I did. by the way; LOVE your description regarding rules. "The individual IS the empire." - Thoreau
Comment Written by Xylok on 03-Jan-2017

The Affluence of Incahol by djsaxon

This work has reached the exceptional level

very interesting deep creative poem...philosophically and form-wise...could easily double as a song...what do you mean strange content I know...more like strange content, you're welcome! enjoy! powerful comes in normal and not so normal packages after all. so does entertaining...just ask the millions who are enthralled watching dow jones numbers flash by, and the millions who think Jim Carrey and Da Vinci are worthy of their respective iconic statuses. far be it from anyone to tell anyone what to write but were I to stand in front of your face an inch away with a suped-up megaphone and microphone and scream writing advice into it it would be, "WRITE WHAT YOU FEEL LIKE WRITING, write what you want to write, for there is no true sense in fighting the might of your soul's inner light!" ie...keep 'em coming!
Comment Written by Xylok on 03-Jan-2017

Moving Right Along by djsaxon

Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

and yet you've never left said heart, despite the interim,
for fondness has no limits, and delights in requiem,
as poems as lovely as the smell the sea to sailors sends
leak from you across the cosmos to your distant friend
for though bold sunshine overpowers all it faces in battle
the war is often by the shadow.
Comment Written by Xylok on 10-Sep-2016

Last Wish by MissMerri

Not yet exceptional. When the exceptional rating is reached this is highlighted

lol good one, didn't see that coming! nice rhymes and form as well. john sort of got what he wanted in the end, unless heaven or hell or wherever he went is crowded, of course. upgrade the phrase cold hard to something less cliché is my only change advice. more lively, rare, better words that somehow convey something poignant about the story or plot or person buried beneath the tomb, which is already preunderstood to be cold and hard, as in that part is already implied, what else can you tell us about it and or the plot or the person buried there in two single syllable different words than cold and hard, or in a two syllable word? anyway, made me laugh and think about the afterlife and has me thinking about my grandparents.
Comment Written by Xylok on 14-Jan-2016

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