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Akashlina Das

Yum by Shirley McLain
Chapter 63 of the book Wee Poems and Flash Fiction

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'Yum' by the anonymous poet (name of the poet not mentioned as per the rules of the contest, so that fare judgement is ensured) is no doubt a sweet piece of work, perhaps by a child poet, a beginner at poetry. It takes us back to a certain time in our life, whether it was just this morning or a certain spring morning twenty years ago when we had that craving for more of those dumplings made by our mother's own hands. The poem is relaxing and indeed makes me feel "yum".

However, when we speak in terms of a monostich poem, we cannot look away from the fact that although the poem must be completed in a single line, phrase or expression, the deeper the content of the poem, the greater does it do justice to the monostich style of poetry. Poets, as we have known have used this style of poetry as a weapon for their sarcastic expression towards the dark, gory truths about life and society. They have also been used to describe seasons and the sweeter and soothing aspects of life and nature. The poet here, talks about an indispensable moment of mouth watering that they share with their mother, but, using the word 'yum' for the title here, or the same word used at the beginning of the poem can be considered a mistake as it only gives the notion that the word has either been used in the poem as an extension of the title or the title as an extension of the poem, itself.

I have given a one-star rating for the simplicity of the poem and the good use of words. The use of the word 'Mama' instead of its formal counterpart that is 'mother' and a question from an everyday truth, thrown towards the readers in a very casual manner, gives a rather cozy feel and draws the readers closer to the poet.

I will end with a note of appreciation for the poet's hard work and great effort in writing this piece, so soothing to read and perceive.
Comment Written by Akashlina Das on 30-Mar-2019
Read and reviewed with blinders on.

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