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"FanStory sponsored a contest to write a novel in two months. I completed it February 29 of this year.

Last night I signed a contract with a publisher.

Thanks so much to the people who read "Melinda Heads West" and helped me by reviewing and sending tips my way. I'm over the moon! I've said this before, I'm saying it again.... I LOVE FANSTORY! Thanks for all you do!"

Robyn Corum

"I heartily nominate FanStory as the most helpful website I have ever come across that truly delivers what it promises. Not only is it a forum in which your poetry, stories and essays are reviewed by other aspiring writers (I had 110 reviews of my latest poem!), but I've been able to develop my critical skills by reviewing other members' works, as well. There are contests galore to enter, daily, with generous payouts ... and ... well, I see no reason to go anywhere else!"

Jay Squires

"Without FanStory I simply would not be a writer at all. The feedback and friendships I have made here have changed my entire life.

Honest feedback helped prepare me for the real world. The contests have also helped me, and continue to help me. Writing to a topic, and writing to a deadline, is key. There isn't a more valuable skill than to sit down and write about a subject by a specific date. That's the real world."

Jen Horton, columnist.
Winner of five individual journalism awards, including two best-in-state. Humor Column and education rewards. Two awards for feature writing and in-depth reporting.