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FanStory: Our new trophies are custom designed. That includes names and ranking information engraved by laser (right onto the trophy itself). If you won a trophy you should receive it by Monday of next week.
February 8 at 5:32PM
    Mustang Patty: My hubby just sent me a picture of mine. It is awesome!!!
    February 8 at 6:19PM
    FanStory: Good to hear. :)
    February 9 at 3:37PM
    joycetreasures: Ok, thanks for the information.
    February 13 at 9:47PM
    Trudi Perkins: That's awful sweet of you to do this. Many thanks.
    February 14 at 5:45AM
    Dorinda Palmisano: What a handsome trophy. What a wonderful token of accomplishment.
    April 11 at 1:08AM
    Angela Hayes: Thank you for the information.
    May 6 at 3:57AM
    Henry King: Thank you for the head up.
    May 8 at 4:16PM
    Timothy casarez: I hope to get one of these one day..Timothy
    June 1 at 3:38PM
    Urial: Thank you! It supports my writing!
    June 26 at 2:42PM
    Urial: Thank you for the consideration!
    August 14 at 2:41AM
    krys123: It's a beautiful trophy, metaphorically I associate this monumental achievement, as a paradox financially. It's a financially challenging achievement to acquire, but still beautiful as ever.
    August 20 at 12:07AM
    BeasPeas: Thank you for the information. Marilyn
    October 3 at 10:44PM
    misscookie: It would be grand if I earn that honor
    October 18 at 3:25PM
    HarryT: Im old but I was not around January 1900.
    December 5 at 7:31AM

FanStory: We've updated our club page! Now all clubs are shown ordered by the most recent events. The date the club event was added is also shown. Now it is easy to see which clubs have new events that you may want to enter. More active clubs are naturally listed first. View the club page. Also, check out the new Grammar Club!

Club owners if your club stops having events your club will automatically be removed from the club listing (roughly 90 days or more with no events).
January 31 at 6:23PM
    flylikeaneagle: Thanks, Tom, and fans. flylikeaneagle
    January 31 at 11:55PM
    Raul1: Would love to have trophies like that one someday. Nice.
    May 9 at 7:30PM

FanStory: We had many requests for a 5-7-5 Poetry Contest for Valentines Day. So we made one available. You can view it here.
January 28 at 1:54PM

FanStory: What was the most popular poem to write in 2017? It was the 5-7-5. It's a three line poem with a set syllable count. It's fun to write and challenging. To celebrate the new year and the new 2018 rankings we've announced new 5-7-5 poetry contests. We have a 5-7-5 poetry contest in January (deadline is next week) and one in February, March, April and one in May! We promised more contests and we have already delivered! All have cash prizes. And look for new 5-7-5's in our daily writing prompts. Good luck!
January 3 at 3:23PM


Thank you for a wonderful 2017!

We had a record number of posts and reviews!

Reviews In 2017
Reviews Written: 474,301 or 1,303 per day
Replies: 570,749
Number of reviewers: 1,751

What We Posted
Poems Written: 27,990
Everything Else: 13,337

December 30 at 5:31PM
    Gloria ....: Congratulations for a most successful year, Tom. Happy New Year to you and everyone at FanStory!!
    December 30 at 6:25PM
    CD Richards: Happy New Year, Tom - and the rest of the Fanstory family :)
    December 30 at 7:58PM
    damommy: Thank you for sponsoring this website. I love it here! And thank you for always being kind and gracious.
    December 30 at 8:13PM
    DR DIP: wow that is amazing
    December 31 at 2:22AM
    nancyjam: Happy New Year, Tom. Congratulations on a great 2017!
    I'm sure this next year will be just as
    successful. You've given us all a voice -
    an outlet for creativity and it is much appreciated.
    January 1 at 2:07PM

FanStory: To celebrate the New Year and to thank everyone for their support in 2017 we just announced a new 5-7-5 Poetry Contest with a cash prize. Deadline in less than two weeks! Good luck!
December 30 at 3:06PM

FanStory: Check out the new club called "Shout Outs to the Lord" for 5-7-5 writers. View the club listing.
November 3 at 4:13PM
    damommy: Great club and great folks.
    November 11 at 12:12PM
    claritodefrancia: "Write now, right now!" Those are just four words to remember and understand. Good luck to those who could and could not.
    November 20 at 7:17AM

FanStory: A new club is available for fiction writers. View the club listing here. Contact us if you are interested in hosting your own club.
October 11 at 10:46AM
    Brigitte Elko: I believe strongly that writers and potentially great writers become discouraged frequently. A club that promotes only positive comments and suggestions of encouragement for the craft would be a welcome addition. Would love to host...
    Respectfully submitted,
    Brgitte Elko
    October 14 at 11:41AM
    pbomar1115: Brigitte Elko, I'm with you on the positive comments and all; however, occasionally, I might receive a suggestion that does not sit comfortably with me but I've learned to shake it off, realizing that members are well-meaning.

    October 24 at 10:40PM
    Lisa Rachel Tremback: I am refusing any more reviews. Had one guy who went into my poetry to find a bad one to thwart,because I didn't write a good review on him. I am not into attacks in chat rooms, always have avoided them in the past and now is no different.
    October 28 at 2:07PM
    Lisa Rachel Tremback: You can look at my replies. He just had to get back at me for my review. He claims he didn't, but my psychologist husband believes it was an underhanded attack. I am a ptsd victim and don't want to be involved in reviewing anymore if that is what hapoeens.
    October 28 at 8:38PM
    Lisa Rachel Tremback: You can look at my replies. He just had to get back at me for my review. He claims he didn't, but my psychologist husband believes it was an underhanded attack. I am a ptsd victim and don't want to be involved in reviewing anymore if this is what happens.
    October 28 at 8:39PM
    Lisa Rachel Tremback: Not bad Lisa but you seem to be all over the place with your rhyme scheme. For a person who is quite partial to rhythm thought the set out of this poem could have been better and it was hard to get into any sort of flow with the words.
    Some of the rhyming and near rhyming words seemed forced but overall worth revisiting. I think with a bit of restructuring of the verse it could be better than a good poem


    This happened after I gave the guy this review...

    With respect Lisa it was prose not rhyming verse. Prose doesn't normally have a rhythm to it as there is no rhyme scheme in prose to create a rhythm or beat. If you are at all interested, please visit my other 3000 posting all done in rhyming verse.
    I hardly ever write prose as a matter of fact it's probably one of about 5 if lucky written in free verse.
    Please show me an example of a poem in free verse or prose that has a created rhythm.
    Thanks for the average review much appreciated. I don't think I've ever been given a three so there's always a first for everything and you are the lucky reviewer to do it.


    very underhanded, but still it was done.
    October 29 at 12:59PM

FanStory: If you haven't already, check our our new writing clubs. Want to host your own club? Contact us with your club idea.
October 9 at 12:39PM
    Linda Engel: This is a great idea and I hope it allows those of a feather to gather together. Thanks Tom.
    October 9 at 3:43PM

FanStory: Only 8 entries so far for our first screenplay writing contest. The deadline is only 6 days away. Terrific odds right now! A good chance to try something different and have a chance at the cash prize! Details.
June 9 at 12:44PM
    Hamiel: ok
    June 24 at 4:44PM
    Marvin Calloway: Thanks for the reminder. I'll check it out.
    July 1 at 9:54PM
    Ellen Evans: I am very frustrated. I spent $100.00 to post this entry for comment. How could this be expired. Please help me with this. Feedback is critical for my writing. What do I need to do to get this read?
    July 22 at 5:52PM
    pome lover: will see if I can come with one. first effort.
    July 26 at 9:29AM
    Possummagic: Do I understand correctly that you can't vote for yourself? ( I didn't by the way)
    August 2 at 5:29AM
    Possummagic: This may be a silly question but I can't find the answer on line. Can a person vote for themselves in the booth. I have not done so before but just wondered what the rules are. Thanks - Marie
    August 14 at 2:26AM
    Auto-Manic: Hi all. Never wrote a screenplay, looked up the format, WOW...that takes talent. Is there a specific format that needs to be used? If so, please advise and maybe I'll give this a shot.
    Thanks all
    August 25 at 5:50PM

FanStory: We've updated the welcome page to give you a quick look at contests that you can enter. In addition there is no longer a restriction to the number of daily writing prompts you can enter each week.
May 27 at 8:06PM
    damommy: That's nice. Thank you.
    May 27 at 11:41PM
    Hamiel: good.thank you.
    June 24 at 4:45PM
    Daphne Molson: Thank you very much for allowing me to participate in your Nonet Contest and any others. I hope you have many more contests to try to do. I paid Fan Story for two or three years of contests with my credit card sy $2.14 a month to have some fun writing poetry so please send my website all you have I can do also for free and for wins. Thanks Daphne Molson
    October 10 at 7:15AM
    zekeziemann: I tried to enter the War contest and at the end discovered that my story had been posted previously and, I guess, is not eligible. But the entry cost me over 10 member dollars. How can he member dollars be deducted when the story is not available for readers??
    December 15 at 3:21PM

FanStory: The contest page has been updated. Now it should be easier to see the contests that have deadlines rapidly approaching. View the listing.
April 24 at 4:11PM
    damommy: Thank you.
    April 24 at 8:18PM
    Lindagail Hall: I feel very honoured to have been given joint third place in the Etheree contest. Thank you.
    May 14 at 10:32AM
    red6560: Its great to come share third place. Thank you.
    May 15 at 7:11AM
    Teri7: Thanks!
    June 6 at 8:26AM
    JDRBAR: Great
    July 2 at 3:41AM

FanStory: April is National Poetry Month. So we invented a poetry type to celebrate. Enter the Napo poetry contest! A Napo is a poem with four stanzas. Each stanza has four lines. Each line has four syllables. Details.
April 3 at 5:55PM
    DR DIP: You invented 4 line, 4 verse rhyme?
    I never knew this Tom lol
    April 4 at 1:58AM
    HarryT: Have entered.
    April 5 at 10:36AM
    Bucketlist: Okay thank you for the info
    April 12 at 8:44AM

FanStory: We have a new sponsor. Please consider this offer for any publishing needs.

February 22 at 11:29AM
    DR DIP: Is that reasonably priced?I have no idea.
    That would be $19 US ? I am in Australia the dollar is not as strong and this equates to just under $25 aud
    February 23 at 7:43AM
    FanStory: Yes, if you click on the banner you can find out more and also contact bookbaby directly.
    February 23 at 8:13AM
    damommy: Very reasonably priced. Must take a look. Thanks for posting this.
    February 24 at 2:03PM
    bmethner: How do I submit a poem once I have joined Fan Story
    February 26 at 9:44AM
    webfoot: Book Baby is good. Lots of people I've met in other writing groups are using it
    March 20 at 10:53AM

FanStory: You asked for more writing contests. We've added more! Three new writing contests with cash prizes have been added to the contest listing. Two of them with deadlines just a few weeks away!

To decide what contests to add we looked at our 17 year history of hosting writing contests to find the ones created by site members that were the most popular. What were they?

The most popular were flash fiction contests. We recently added three flash fiction contests so we did not add more.

Next was a dialogue only prompt. So we are happy to announce the Dialogue Only Writing Contest.

Followed by that was romance. We have announced the Unexpected Romance Writing Contest.

Next was non-fiction. We have introduced the I Remember writing contest.

All have cash prizes. Good luck!
February 21 at 3:11PM
    giraffmang: Awesome. Thank you
    February 21 at 1:39PM
    fivecardstud1247: my address is has been forever BS = Bull Sh*t
    April 8 at 8:23PM


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