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Location: Anchorage Alaska USA
Gender: Female
Born: July 7, 1961
Interests: art, games on pc's, writing and crafts.
Member: Standard
Joined: July 2005
Oh, how Shadowgirl10101 knows other's peoples pain...

For she has lived over 45 years and seen people going in and out of her's life in a blink of her eyes. In that 45 years, the last 24 years of her's life has been fought with challenges of love, giving birth to two healthy young men, two divorces, battling with Diabetes (and the complications of Diabetes such as Neuropathy also when her Blood Sugars goes up the worse her eye sight becomes), and Death.

She writes herself, as in Stories, Short Stories and in poems mostly all done in long hand (one day she will have to start getting all her work ready to be typed or printed.

She is also into making arts and crafts, from making afghans to making quilts and animal dolls and their outfits are done handmade. She also loves to draw (with pencils, charcoal, inks) and she likes painting. She does make jewelry out of natural stones to semi precious stones.

She plays the piano, flute and she last was learning to play the violin.

She lives in a very cold Northern State of America and has lived there since 1974 when her father got station there and he retired in 1980 (even living the military life was hard, every 2 years of moving was hard on her being an only child). Her 18 year old son lives with her and she loves him unconditionally.

She hopes to find Mr. Right or Mr. Kind and Loving to end her days with. This is where this part should be, before she goes blind, she would love to get know some people that could read their stories and poems to her.

If she ever gets to write on here, she can tell you her pain and how she turns a love one's passing into beautiful poem.

I don't play as many on-line games as I used to. On one game I have been a Queen and had alot of people I had to protect. Which gave me ideas to write a couple stories from that game.

Nature's most rare beauty is the circle:perfect in its continuance, with no break between death and life. Unknown
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