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Location: Tumut New South Wales
Gender: Female
Born: In the land Down Under
Interests: Painting, gardening and sculpting
Member: Premier Author
Joined: October 2005
theduchessofdrumborg lives in the land Downunder.
She writes fairly straight poetry, anything from sonnets and odes to cinquains. These are a real challenge as she has to stick to the rules. Her short stories though are slightly off the wall and have a twist in the tail. She is a Gothic Duchess and not one of the minor European variety. Age is only a number and she's not telling hers to anyone. Australia is short on titled writers so she feels priviledged to be one. Sharpening a quill and spitting feathers gives her inspiration. She would be delighted to communicate with other writers, so feel free to send her a message as she's a delightful creature!

What you see is not necessarily what you get!!!

(Who said the camera never lies?)
To thine own self be true.
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Off with the witches is the way to be.

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How Did I Go Wrong?
After playing in the garden.

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I truly wish I knew.

I'll Bleat In the Heat! reached "All Time Best" status.
October 20 at 11:56PM
I'll Bleat In the Heat! reached "Recognized" status.
October 19 at 3:48PM
It Was a Terrible Time! reached "All Time Best" status.
October 7 at 11:56PM
It Was a Terrible Time! reached "Recognized" status.
October 5 at 11:48PM
Who Tangled With the Cat? reached "Recognized" status.
September 25 at 8:48AM
Light a Flare! reached "Recognized" status.
September 21 at 8:48AM
Long Red Talons reached "Recognized" status.
September 9 at 11:48PM
How Did I Go Wrong? reached "Recognized" status.
August 28 at 11:48PM

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