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Diane Griffith
Location: Paphos Cyprus
Gender: Female
Born: 19-10-41
Interests: writting, painting, cooking, shopping, playing with my dog and rescuing abandoned dogs here in Cyprus
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2005
Diane Griffith is the author of, "Chasing Dreams in Lefkas". This is a true story about some amazing adventures and experiences in an old VW camper on the Greek island of Lefkas in 1991. It might help people who are going through some difficult times today. It shows how you can turn a negative situation into a possitive one and from losing all material things you can actually gain so much more... It is a way to opt out and have fun, without suffering the hardships.

I want to make a difference to people who are suffering during this recession. I think my book will help to give people a pleasant read and some encouragement to do something that they might never have done.We live in a pre-planne society and so rare opportunities are often missed. It is only when we look back we wonder why we never saw them at the time. Maybe it is the fear of failure, or we decide to play safe, so we lose our spirit of adventure. But undoubtably we all look back at some time and wonder why didn't we listen to our instincs. Why did we hestitate? Why did we lose our dreams?

Maybe in the great sceme of things there is a reason for everything. Maybe this terrible blow to our circumstances, and losing our comfortable life-style when Tony lost his job and his redundancy pay, just before his 50th birthday was a chance for us to find our dream and follow it. We found a certain happiness that we had never felt before. We had never had so much fun in our new mercedes car as we had in our 1974 VW camper, living rough on the Greek island of Lefkas. The memories that we made is what I want to share, so that people can 'opt out' with us and enjoy all our varied experiences without suffering the hardships. When you have lost all material things, you have nothing left to lose. Then if you are determined, you can overcome all obstacles. But you have to have a dream!

The holiday videos that we made and sold adding personal moments for people in the sweltering heat would bring back happy memories for people in homes all over the world. And the idea of doing this came to me after hearing that a little autistic boy spoke for the first time after seeing a video of his holiday that I had sent to his parents. So, I realized that people would like a proffessional video of their holiday capturing the atmosphere that you don't get on photographs. In 1991 holiday videos were very popular, before DVD's, but usually they were out of fucus and boreing. So our idea of adding music to views and local places, and people, caused a sensation wherever we showed the videos from a portable TV placed in the open doorway of our camper. Children never tired of watching it and sang along drawing such great attention which helped us to sell... We were welcomed by Greek people and became 'part of it all.'

This is what I want to portray, in a light hearted way, to give readers a 'glimpse' of this lesser known island and the quirkiness of it's people that makes them so endearing.

Did we find the secret of true happiness, or were we merely chasing dreams?

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"Chasing Dreams in Lefkas"

If you can make one heap of all your winnings, and risk them at one game of pitch and toss, yours is the world and everything that's in it, and what is more, you'll be a man, my son.
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Blue Danube
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Gert sherwood
Diane Griffith: I have been 'out of action' since November 2009 with a badly broken ankle. But I have just had my book for young children released: Granny's Magic Garden. Now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble. I want to thank all my friends at Fanstory for all the help they gave me to achieve this.
My romantic fiction has also just gone to print called It Mattered Yesterday. It will be out in July, again thanks to all my Fanstory friends, for their advice and encouragement. Diane
March 28, 2010 at 11:57AM
    Blue Danube: Diane:
    Many congratulations on the publication of "Granny's Magic Garden." I wish you much and continued success. Thanks for letting us know so I can go check it out at the bookstore.
    May 12, 2010 at 9:30AM
    Diane Griffith: Hi, Blue Danube. Thanks for kind words. My books will only be on Amazon. It is cheaper to order from there than from a book store. Hope you and the children enjoy it. Diane
    May 22, 2010 at 10:10AM


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