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Location: Private
Gender: Male
Born: A LONG, LONG, LONG, time ago!
Interests: Outdoors,Photography, Writing
Member: Premier Author
Joined: December 2005
Trailblazer101 is the online ID for Sean Mark Trail (He uses a pseudonym for fiction), a Canadian author of e-books, fictional print novels (real books), and outdoor print media.
The first novels were developed on Fanstory with hundreds of helpers and the finished, edited print or electronic versions are available by simply doing a search for Sean Mark Trail. All eight of his novels released to date are available on Kindle for a fraction of the print book price.

Under his real name, two other Print books (non-fiction) on lake fly fishing were best-sellers and he lectures ( on occasion now) on the subject of lake fly fishing throughout North America.

As a photographer, he specializes in wildlife and nature. As a 3D artist, he illustrates his E-Book novels with depictions of scenes from the fictional series or the occasional fishing article in magazines. He shares his photos and 3D creations under the same username -trailblazer101 - on FanArtReview, whenever time permits and his account is active - probably isn't at the moment in spite of Tom's bequests.

First chapters are slow chapters-- but important chapters!
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trailblazer101: Written on Fanstory as an E-Book, published in print and now demanded as an e-book again.

How the world of writing has changed ... !
I'm a newbie!
September 16, 2015 at 1:31PM

trailblazer101: The author isn't as active on Fanstory as formerly since most of the books originally posted and vetted by Fanstorian friends passed on as print books and/or e-Books on Amazon's Kindle. Some are in bookstores or available from other online sources. They are much different than the original work on Fanstory but the site was helpful in the extreme. The author had his ego pricked and was put into line on many occasions by some of the old-timers still hanging around on the site. Here's to them. You know who you are
Later this winter when things die down a bit the author will post more but in the meantime is limited by the rules only to those items never published.
Fanstory is a great idea. It doesn't pay well as we all dream but it's a great place to learn, even from those who come on only for pennies and points. We owe a lot to our fellow nitpickers.
January 7, 2014 at 5:01PM

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