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Location: Teton Basin
Gender: Male
Born: 11/19
Interests: Family & Writing, Military History & Geography, Horses & Trucks, Fishing & Camping
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2006
Authoroni hails from "E Da How" (Idaho){Shoshoni: "Sun coming up from the mountains"}. From behind Wyoming's Teton Mountain Range, morning sunrise arrives on the Idaho side to illuminate a singular flat-topped mesa. A unique sanctuary, some call it "Table Rock", others: "Altar Mountain". As the view from its top plunges deep in vertical descent, it abruptly comes about, rises upward - beyond its beginning, to the magnificent height of the "Grand" above and beyond. Justifying its flat-topped appearance across such a very wide, very deep chasm, it does indeed become an altar, a place of worship for the "Grand" and her fellow breasts of the earth Teton sisters towering directly above.

Authoroni left these beautiful sunrise mornings to visit the rest of the world but recently returned, a retired Army Officer. A veteran combat engineer (Vietnam's Central Highlands), and a DIA MI analyst (middle east) he completed specialist courses, advanced officer training, and Command and General Staff College. Fielded into continuing emphasis on Asian affairs, he studied Mandarin at Nanjing University.

Stateside, Authoroni acquired a Master's Degree in strategic planning, then became a civilian Technical Writer where he sowed words and watched them grow. In Washington DC, he tilled DOD contracts to provide a broad range of engineering/Intelligence/planning estimates.

Prior to military ramp-up of Middle Eastern issues, he discovered an amazing by-line. Old, stacked away with WWII records, it seemed like a plant left without water. Inside, a single sentence addressed a very important yet undisclosed political maneuver in 1949 Central Asia. Gleaning the words of that sentence, he honed them to become an important thesis reference.

From that beginning, those words grew to sustain the non-fiction theme which launched this exciting historical series. Xinjiang De Jin (Gold of the New Dominion) centers on a valley in western China's Xinjiang Province where something from ancient Turkestan lies hidden within a flat-topped mountain in the "Land of Free Men".

This historical novel is based upon a true story of racial animosity and depicts an unthinkable yet actual event from world politics in 1949. If known then it would have eliminated the `Cold War'. If enacted then it might have changed the world history in the 20th century.

After reading it over and over, Authoroni derived the very ominous consequences it would have brought to, then severly weakened worldwide Communism!

Placed into a novel format, and growing stronger each day in that new environment, hidden den'ga (Russian gold), once destined for the Emperor of China), surfaces. Note closely where a glint of sunlight bursts upon it and reflects its name ... across mind and matter. It is Xinjiang De Jin, the "GOLD OF THE NEW DOMINION," and it underlies each volume of this five-book epic,

A sucker for historical events, Authoroni sees site as a major character in a story. In seeking to emulate the history part of historical fiction, he became a devoted fan of James A. Michener. Following Michener's style, he picked a site, researched what transpired there through the ages and then addressed each notable situation as valid fodder to either determine or extend the plot. He notes: "With date, plot, situation and terrain already determined, the remaining (fictional) part of historical fiction leaps out with some indefinable, yet incessant nagging. Strangely, this nagging feature is a great defense for subjugating `Writer's Block'."
Anything, [even such a puny fish catch] that does not kill me, makes me stronger.
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Authoroni: I would like to thank all who have assisted this re-write. After 20 years - on the road, and writing at night - each night to maintain sanity, four 1/2 volumes came. Upon retirement and trying to re-invent myself I put all chapters in Fanstory, one at a time and then organized them to follow the theme of my long-ago thesis - in a historical fiction situation. Now, as I break huge chapters down into digestable portions, the feelings I tried to portray then seem, finally, comeing out. thank you all for the great help you have rendered to this gigantic effort - I am so grateful!

Book 1, Dawn, is out the door and now in galleys.
Book 2, Morning, is breaking into 3000 word segments
Book 3, Mid-Day, is ready to step up to final review next.
Book 4, Afternoon, is not yet finished but chewing on the bit.
Why did I ever wonder about re-inventing myself?
Thanks again, I could not do this without you-all!
June 3, 2010 at 9:53PM

Authoroni: Sure appreciate your using that snapshot of Ol Flat Top. I hope it contributes to your story!
February 21, 2010 at 12:48AM

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