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Gender: Male
Born: October, 1948
Interests: Woodworking, Remodeling, Knife Making, Target Shooting, Community Service, Cooking & Writing
Member: Standard
Joined: September 2003
Korton, aka Frank Shirley is an Oklahoma native entering his seventh decade of existence on spaceship Earth. For many years, he traveled from coast to coast following the construction trades and now resides in the central portion of his native Oklahoma.

An ardent truth-seeker, he is constantly researching multiple issues at any given time. He never shrinks from providing his opinions in whatever forum is available, whether it is the morning coffee shop, on the street, or through the written word.

He writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction depending on the mood of the day. Believing that truth is in very short supply these days, his non-conformist and rebellious nature shows through in many of his works.

Even his fictional works contain elements of truth gleaned from his research, woven into the story.

His philosophy:

When criminals and madmen are finally removed from the seat of power; those cowards who never stood on the battlefield, but loudly trumpet the glory of the war they now promote; who ignore the fallen and the injured while instilling fear and feigning patriotism; who betray not only their own nation, but all of humanity with their destructive weapons; who sacrifice not their own children, but those of their countrymen in pursuit of their own lusts; who lay waste to gallant young men and women, not to ensure survival of the nation, but for their own increase; when war ceases to be an engine for the profits of those consumed with greed and lust for power; then and only then will war be relegated to the pages of history for this primitive culture.

1. There are no sadder words from tongue or pen, than these few words, it might have been. 2. The pen is mightier than the sword, but the sword determines whose pen shall write
If you're not the lead dog, the view never changes.
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