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Margaret Snowdon
Location: England
Gender: Female
Born: September 20th
Interests: History, Nature and Wildlife, Cooking, writing, reading, sewing, knitting, travelling.
Member: Premier Author
Joined: January 2007
Novelist of The Year Award - 2008 - 2009 - 2011 - 2012 - 2013 and 2015
Second Poet of The Year Award 2010
All my novels, plus a book of poems are available on WEBSITES of Waterstones, Amazon and Kindle, Barnes and Noble, Smiths.
_____________________________________________ A friend is someone who reaches for your hand, but touches your heart. Never look down on anybody, unless you're helping them up.

Margaret Snowdon lives in a small country village in England, with her husband. She has 3 grown-up sons & a daughter, two beautiful grand-daughters and a loveable grandson. Both she and her husband are ardent readers and love to travel. As a creative outlet she enjoys writing novels, short stories and poems.

I love to write about a wide variety of subjects within many forms of poetry, but mainly enjoy writing about nature and wild life. The odd poem and an article of mine has been published in a magazine - Countryside Tales. Also my poem "The Last Leaf of Autumn" was published in Collected Whispers (The International Library of Poetry).

Thank you to everyone for taking the time to read my work. I am looking forward to the enjoyment of reading your gems as well.
You've got to dance like there's nobody watching. Love like you'll never be hurt. Sing like there's nobody listening and live like it's heaven on earth. - William W. Purkey
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F. Wehr3
FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Deep In The Wood... finished first in the contest "Fairies "
July 7 at 12:13AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    July 7 at 12:45AM
    bichonfrisegirl: Congrats on this well deserved win, Margaret!
    July 7 at 10:49AM
    Mustangpatty1029: Congratulations, Margaret - I loved this poem!
    July 7 at 11:06AM
    Meia (MESAYERS): Well done on a beautiful poem Margaret, you deserve it, love Meia xx
    July 7 at 5:37PM
    pome lover: congratulations on your first place Fairy story.
    well done!
    July 8 at 11:21PM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: When Woods Are Hushed finished first in the contest "Free Verse"
June 5 at 2:10AM
    BeasPeas: Congratulations, Margaret. Marilyn
    June 5 at 10:42PM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Thy Love... finished third in the contest "Love Poem Poetry Contest"
May 28 at 12:13AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    May 28 at 12:35AM
    BeasPeas: Congratulations, Margaret, for your win. Marilyn
    May 28 at 7:11PM
    Hitcher: Congratulations friend : )
    May 29 at 2:57AM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Congratulations! Lovers or Just Friends? is the new Book of the Month!
May 6 at 12:13AM
    RGstar: Just a master class in writing.
    Well done
    May 6 at 6:19AM
    Ulla: Well deserved. Congratulations! :)))
    May 6 at 11:33AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much, my friend. Blessings. Margaret
    May 6 at 12:22PM
    Just2Write: Congratulations my dear friend. Your writing is superb.
    May 6 at 4:56PM
    MelB: Congratulations, Margaret! Well deserved. I was thrilled to be considered with you and Bob.
    May 8 at 11:01PM
    BeasPeas: Congratulations, Margaret.
    May 10 at 11:03AM
    Smurphgirlsasha: Congratulations! I am just thrilled that you and my favorite book got the recognition it deserves.
    May 11 at 12:13PM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: When Shadows Deepen finished third in the contest "Competition"
May 1 at 5:10AM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Congratulations! The Move is the new Book of the Month!
March 7 at 12:13AM
    Irish Rain: Wonderful!!! Congratulations!!!
    March 7 at 12:29AM
    robyn corum: YAY! HURRAH! (Though I'm not a bit surprised!) Congratulations, my friend!
    March 7 at 10:35AM
    Margaret Snowdon: thank you so much, my friends --- I have a 7 star rating for this, but I don't see it anywhere on the work - I've never even heard of a 7 star before.
    March 7 at 11:48AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Of course it is - it's WONDERFUL! Congratulations, Lady Talent! XX
    March 7 at 1:42PM
    Jay Squires: You're the real thing, Margaret! Congrats ...
    March 7 at 2:20PM
    Ulla: Congratulations, Margaret. It is so well deserved!! Ulla:)))
    March 7 at 2:36PM
    RGstar: No doubt, whatsoever. Just a talent. Well done.
    March 7 at 4:24PM
    prettybluebirds: Congratulations, Margaret. prettybluebirds
    March 7 at 4:55PM
    March 7 at 5:17PM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much for your continual support and encouragement, my friends. Blessings, Margaret
    March 8 at 8:12AM
    Dorothy Fennell: Well done Margaret - Congratulations!
    March 11 at 12:08PM
    Selina Stambi: Another ribbon, Margaret - wonderful! The seventh star is always accorded any win-of-the-month. It's a symbolic award. Smiles :) :)
    March 15 at 7:59PM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Congratulations! Novel Writing Contest Rankings Race Winner!
January 11 at 9:46AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    January 11 at 10:52AM
    mrsmajor: A big, Congratulations!
    January 11 at 2:56PM
    judiverse: Congratulations on winning the ranking race for your novel. It's going2 to be great. judi
    January 11 at 6:50PM
    Ulla: Congratulations!!! Ulla:)))
    January 12 at 10:56AM
    Chrissy710 : Hi Margaret Congratulations on you fabulous achievement
    January 19 at 6:27PM
    Selina Stambi: Congratulations, Margaret. 2017 has taken off with a bang! xx
    January 19 at 8:45PM
    Margaret Snowdon: thank you so much, my friend. Margaret
    January 21 at 10:24AM
    Meia (MESAYERS): Well done Margaret no-one is more derving than you :) x Meia x
    February 12 at 1:25PM
    barkingdog: Congratulations, Margaret. Sorry to be so late.
    February 13 at 7:29PM
    Meia (MESAYERS): I meant to write DESERVING how embarrassing, well done again Margaret ;)
    February 16 at 1:22PM
    apky: Congratulations!
    February 26 at 11:12AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much, my friends. I appreciate your encouragement and support.
    March 7 at 11:50AM

Margaret Snowdon: FOR THE LOVE OF AMBER - My Ninth novel - historical romances/mystery/suspense/deception and betrayal - all available on the websites of Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Smiths, Amazon/ And a book of poems, available as paperback only.

The Promise of Heaven
Where The Curlew Flies
The Edge of Heaven
Cockermouth Farm
The Allure of The Wild
A Tangled Past
For The Love of Amber
First Aid For The Soul: a collection of poems.
January 1 at 6:29AM

Margaret Snowdon: Hello again, my friends -- still battling with health problems, but am confident that this 3rd lot of stents I've just had inserted will surely make a world of difference.

Good health and happiness to you all.

October 9 at 6:33AM
    Cumbrianlass: Healing thoughts heading your way, Margaret! And a hug. :) xx
    October 9 at 9:02AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: What Av said, Margaret. Awaiting your return eagerly, my friend. XXOO
    October 9 at 10:42AM
    giraffmang: Sending lots of love. :)
    October 9 at 11:07AM
    gloria ...: Margaret so great to hear from you. :))
    October 9 at 11:17AM
    I am Cat: sending love!
    October 9 at 11:43AM
    nancyjam: Wishing you the best, Margaret.
    Hope to see you back soon. Miss you and your wonderful stories and poetry.
    October 10 at 12:29AM
    Linda Engel: I do hope you are feeling better. I miss your wonderful, entertaining stories. Take care, Margaret.
    October 10 at 11:08AM
    MelB: Sending love and prayers your way! You are missed, so hurry back.
    November 28 at 5:52PM

Margaret Snowdon: Hello, my friendw,
Sorry I haven't been able to review your work, but I'm attending rehab at the hospital 3 times a week - 3 hours each session, plus still editing books when I've time. Miss you all. xx
February 26 at 6:04AM
    I am Cat: (((((big hugs Margaret)))))
    February 26 at 12:08PM
    Joy Graham: Feel better soon. Miss you bunches. Sending hugs from Canada!
    February 26 at 1:53PM
    mrsmajor: Prays and Big Hugs, Margaret, We miss you too...
    February 26 at 5:19PM
    Cumbrianlass: Miss you too, Margaret. xx
    February 26 at 6:56PM
    robyn corum: Add my name to the list!! Hugs and misses from one who misses...

    February 26 at 7:42PM
    nancyjam: Miss you Margaret and hope you feel better soon.
    February 26 at 8:48PM
    rama devi: Sending healing thoughts...get well soon!
    February 27 at 12:59AM
    Annette Gulliver: I hope everything is back to normal for you soon.
    February 27 at 2:01AM
    davisr (Rhonda): Hi, just checking in on you to see how you are doing, and to let you know we miss you.
    March 29 at 9:33AM
    Joan E.: I hope your convalescent is proceeding well and you'll have the energy to share your creative work again soon. Hugs- Joan
    April 23 at 1:16PM
    nancy_e_davis: I miss you too. When are you coming back?
    Please make it soon.
    July 28 at 3:29PM
    apky: Get better soonest, Margaret. Can't afford to have you scooting off to the hospital on a 3x3 regular basis, can we now?
    February 26 at 11:08AM

Margaret Snowdon: I'm still wading through editing ---- Writing is hard, tedious work for few rewards, but it is compulsive. And those few rewards can be great indeed, seeing your novel on a bookstore shelf, and receiving messages from fans; and winning awards. There is sheer pleasure of starting with a blank page and experiencing the excitement of bringing a character to life. Of delving beneath the facts of what happened and when, and filling in all the missing bits of why, how and with whom. That is the joy of writing.
I cannot give up writing, not while I still have another story in my head to share. I have great respect and fondness for all my followers: fans, friends and readers alike. Your encouragement and enthusiasm was all the incentive I needed to make the decision to keep my characters alive and well. And in print.
For that, I thank each and every one of you.

January 30 at 12:00PM
    Linda Engel: I have missed you and your wonderful stories. Work hard and Maybe you can post some shorts for us. Take care.
    January 30 at 3:16PM
    mrsmajor: You're poems were always such a joy to read, and your stories...I hope you will have some time, to pop in once in a while...
    January 30 at 3:44PM
    I am Cat: Shoot for the moon, Margaret! ;)
    All the best to you! Writing is life!
    January 30 at 6:06PM
    MaBaker: Thank you Margaret. Regards Anne (Mabaker)
    February 2 at 12:11AM
    Ben Colder : Congratulations, Margaret on your Story of the Month winning position. You are an excellent writer and author.
    February 3 at 8:11AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much all for your kind, encouraging words.
    February 3 at 8:40AM

Margaret Snowdon: I'd like to thank all my fans and friends who have supported me throughout the year - you're all truly appreciated.

I will be taking a break from novel writing this year as I've 4 completed books to edit. However, I'll still be on line from time to time to reply to messages etc., post the odd poem and review as much as I can.

Happy New Year to you all

January 7 at 6:56AM
    mrsmajor: I certainly wish you well, in what you have to do...but you will be have been a writer to admire, through these years...beautiful poem, and stories...Thanks for the greeting, and I wish you a very Happy, healthy, and safe New Year...hear's a Big Hug for you!
    January 7 at 10:47AM
    mrsmajor: God's Blessings...always!
    January 7 at 10:48AM
    Linda Engel: I will miss your stories and look forward to the edited works. Best for a Happy New year.
    January 7 at 2:18PM
    Cumbrianlass: Have a lovely year, Margaret! x
    January 7 at 3:03PM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much, my friends - I'm touched. My surgery is over and I'm now looking forward to getting my energy back.
    January 10 at 8:51AM
    MaBaker: Thank you
    January 18 at 10:14AM
    Selina Stambi: Get well soon, Margaret. Hope you feel much better.
    January 21 at 9:24PM

FanStory wrote to Margaret Snowdon: Congratulations the 2015 Novelist of the Year!
January 1 at 12:39AM
    giraffmang: Great stuff Margaret, congratulations.
    January 1 at 1:08AM
    gloria ...: Nice job, Margaret. :))
    January 1 at 2:30AM
    barkingdog: Congratulations, Margaret. I'll miss your prose this year! :) ellen xx
    January 1 at 6:24AM
    judiverse: Congratulations, Margaret, Novelist of the Year! Best of success with your novels. judi
    January 1 at 10:18AM
    Smurphgirlsasha: Congratulations! You are and will always be my favorite writer. Enjoy you time off and good luck with the fun job of editing...something I have never mastered.
    January 1 at 11:46AM
    Just2Write: Most excellent, my talented friend. I can think of no other that deserved this recognition more than you. Rose.
    January 1 at 1:03PM
    lancellot: Super work, all year long.
    January 1 at 2:37PM
    Dean Kuch: Number ONE Novelist...
    Congratulations, Margaret, outstanding!
     photo SnapeClap1_zpsukmvu1ta.gif

    ~Dean :}
    January 2 at 2:34AM
    Jax Franklin: Congrats! Great job! (*<*)
    January 2 at 8:48AM
    Curly Girly: Congratulations, Margaret!
    January 3 at 7:50PM
    MaBaker: Great work Margaret. Regards MaBaker
    January 6 at 8:04PM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much, my friends - Margaret
    January 7 at 6:52AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much, my friends - Margaret
    January 7 at 6:52AM

Margaret Snowdon: My eight novels - historical romances/mystery/suspense - all available on the websites of Waterstones, Barnes and Noble, Smiths, and Kindle: And a book of poems, available as paperback only.

The Promise of Heaven
Where The Curlew Flies
The Edge of Heaven
Cockermouth Farm
The Allure of The Wild
A Tangled Past
First Aid For The Soul: a collection of poems.

August 5 at 11:35AM
    michaelcahill: Wow. Impressive, and you're still going strong!!
    August 5 at 1:53PM
    mrsmajor: Congratulations, I have always enjoyed your poems, you have a wonderful way of putting your pen to paper...good to know I can have copies of my will be my pleasure, to add yours to the books I love reading...Thanks for sharing this listing with us.
    August 5 at 5:11PM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you, Mike and Victoria. I have 3 awaiting editing.
    August 7 at 12:46PM
    Drew Delaney: Good to see you are still writing, Margaret. I sure have missed my friends here. I have been homesteading and basically living off the land which is great except it takes one's time and energy. I hope we can connect somehow. Drew
    November 5 at 8:44PM
    Just2Write: Congratulations on your 2nd place finish in the Horror Story contest, Margaret. I told you this one was darned scary. An excellent entry - I'm so glad it finished so well. R.
    November 27 at 2:04PM
    justafan: I purchased Alizah, Margaret. It was absolutely stunning. You took me on a wonderful adventure.
    I will miss you here this coming year, but you deserve some down time :)
    Enjoy, my sweet friend.
    December 8 at 7:05PM
    Margaret Snowdon: Gracious - I don't look into my Profile page very often - a belated "thank you", Rose - and also, Mel - I'm pleased you enjoyed "Alizah" - my favourite - that and "Manderston".
    December 23 at 10:44AM

Margaret Snowdon: Ah - thank goodness! - Classic FS is available - I found a couple of days with the new look was so straining and off putting.
December 4 at 2:09PM
    Selina Stambi: I'm back on Classic too. Phew! Just can't get used to the New And Improved! Hope you had a good Christmas, Margaret. Happy New Year!
    December 30 at 5:44PM
    GracieAnn: Amen, to that!
    February 16 at 1:42PM
    Curly Girly: CONGRATULATIONS! On your contest win: Buy This Book
    March 13 at 2:23AM
    Green Lake Girl: Congratulations on the "Butterfly" contest win. Well deserved!
    April 20 at 5:40PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Congratulations on placing in the BOM, dear Margaret - so well deserved!
    June 8 at 5:12AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Thank you so much - sorry for late reply - I don't check into my profile often enough
    July 13 at 1:51PM

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