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RICH01: Neither the conservatives or the liberals have really addressed one of the greatest issues that we face as a nation. The election of Trump will stir the pot a bit and changes, some good and some bad, will occur. If Clinton had been elected other changes would have taken place.
But both addressed only the short term. Neither addressed the real future that we face which in twenty or thirty years will reduce the need for human labor in the production of goods and services exponentially.
What will happen when:

Self driving Trucks replace the truck driving persons now engaged in all interstate transportation of goods?

What will happen when trains become full automatic with no on on board running them?

And the same question for international shipping?
Again, the same question for the airlines, buses and light rail?

What will happen when "Uber" cars are all self driving.

What will happen when artificial intelligence, i.e. computers that not only can manufacture according to specifications programed into them but when they become fully intelligent and can correct mistakes and reprogram themselves?

What will happen when artificial intelligence can deliver the precise amount of water to each and every plant in our agricultural system?

We can not blame these changes on China or or Corporations sending jobs over seas.

We will still need human workers in service industries but there will be a revolution in the need for labor and
few persons, and especially both sides of the political spectrum,seem to be concerned with the massive amount of workers that will no longer be needed.

President Nixon proposed a guaranteed annual income years ago.Regardless of one's views of President Nixon, he saw the future in that regard.

Is it, therefore, time to begin thinking seriously about a universal income to everyone paid for out of the tremendous increase in productivity that the future will bring?

November 27, 2016 at 11:15PM
    RICH01: I think you are absolutely correct.
    July 4, 2019 at 11:03PM

RICH01: I write mostly on serious topics in poetry form. I write few short poems and therefore find it frustrating to find possible publication. I find it quite difficult to just sit down and say now I am going to write a poem. My poems usually come from a word, a sound or a phrase that strikes me from nowhere and I have to stop and write before it escapes. I have writtem whole poems that way, although they may go through many word editings thereafter. I grew up in New England (New Hampshire) and I write about snow,rivers,life,death, love, and childhood,directly or by metaphor.
November 28, 2010 at 11:50PM


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