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Location: Aurora Colorado USA
Gender: Female
Born: 11-24-1942
Interests: writing, reading, watching tv, talking to people, being on the Internet
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2007
I am primarily an inspirational writer. I love writing both spititual and romantic poetry and also self-help or "how to" articles. I'm also very much into writing about true love and soul mate relationships.

There's not a lot to say about me. I try to be an instrument of God in my own way. I believe that every man and woman) has his/her own truth.

If any of my words inspire anyone it is because God has given me the words to say. I am not that important but maybe some of the words I write will help inspire someone who needs to hear them.

I believe very strongly in the very gracious words Jesus said, "Love one another, even as I have loved you." These are words I try to live by. We are in this life together and Love is the energy we live in. We should always be there for each other. We do not necessarily have to believe the same things. We should not devide ourselves any more than we already are.

I am perhaps a unique individual in the sense that I am not exactly the conventional christian. I am definitely a believer but I believe in a personal spirituality more than any conventional religion. I do respect all religions however.

I didn't grow up in a church-going family but I learned a lot of things about Life from my parents, especially my Father.

After I got grown and was able to choose and become more involved in church and religious activities, I investigated different religions.

My adult religious background is Catholicism and then Spiritualism. I love Mysticism and therefore I truly enjoy all the mysterious things in life.
I have had some training or rather exposure to Wicca and other earth-based or Pagan religions. I believe that we should strive to be well-rounded and at least attempt to understand each other.

I think perhaps now that I have a more cosmic concept of reality.

I believe in the Universe as having other inhabited planets besides our own and although I do believe in a Cosmic Brotherhood and space travel etc. I am not a UFO nut.

I have been involved in psychic areas and the metaphysical for over thirty-five years. I create and teach my own self-development classes for those who are new to this type of environment and only now learning about more cosmic concepts.

I am a Channel and write with Spirit. I have been a writing channel for many years butI do however write by myself also.

I consider myself somewhat enlightened or at least I try to be. We are always learning. I find that in spite of everything, most us are pretty much alike in our wants and needs.

I am very passionate about writing. Every single word has its own special meaning. I believe that writing is one of the greatest art forms that is available to us and it is meant to be enjoyed to the extreme.

I have lived in Denver Colorado for the last thirty-five years or so and I just love it here. I am originally from Grangerland, Texas, which is just about forty miles or so north of Houston.

I have fifteen grown children, nine boys and six girls. I have at least twenty-nine grand-children and a few great grand-children as well. I'd have to go back and count them all. This is been quite an experience for someone who was an only child until after I was grown and married. I have to admit however that I got married at the ripe old age of fourteen and I didn't have to, either.

Then one year my Mother and I was pregnant at the same time and then suddenly I had a sister. She still lives in Texas.

Most of my children live in Colorado and have various spititual beliefs. I do have one in Wyoming, one in California, two in Texas and one in Mexico. So I guess they are a little scattered after all. We are a close family even though we all have our own lives and don't really get to see each other as much as we'd like to.

I hope you'll read and perhaps even re-read and truly enjoy some of my writings. They are meant for you personally. Some of them may be a little controversial but I definitely like to give people alternative ways to look at things.

If you are very conservative, you may not be comfortable with some of my ideas and concepts. If you are, just quit reading but please do not be discourteous. Other people may actually like what I write. As I have already said, we are all different in what we like. This is what makes us each an individual and also so unique.

God bless us all. We are all brothers and sisters in spirit. We are Family!
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