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Location: tonkawa
Gender: Female
Born: 12-25-62
Interests: writing, reading, yard work
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Joined: October 2007

babylonia has been many places and seen many things. she spent the first sixteen years of her life on a military base, living in states such as texas, louisiana, florida, and michigan. she even spent three years in germany and three months in italy. although she doesn't get to travel as much now, she likes new adventures. she has been writing since she was able to pick up a crayon and telling stories from before then. she has had many phases in life. she was once a nurse and received her bssw (bachelor of science and social work) two weeks before her 36 birthday.

babylonia usually writes in first person present tense. life is now.

more will be added to the bio as time goes by. i haven't filled out anything like this in a while.
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Insane Membrane
babylonia: dark red blood flows from the wounded soldier
her screams fill streets but no one heeds her cries
she thinks of her child and becomes bolder
her family begged "don't believe their lies"

dark red blood fills the streets, soaking the earth
how much more has to be shed in this land
her natives revere their own land of birth
far away from this place of blood and sand

BUT the dark red blood is not the only sin
that has been spilt by soldiers and traitors
mother lie above them all, "we can win"
both sides use black blood as their true baiter

war in the name of religion and oil
will only serve to make a god's blood boil

dark red blood flows from the wounded soldier
her screams fill streets but no one heeds her cries
white robes race toward her, being bolder
'fore the other soldiers can make their tries

her screams fill her lungs as tears trace her cheek
pain surges through her body and soul as fear
hard to fight back when her body is weak
her superiors said "stay in the rear"

BUT to kill or rape her isn't their goal
with deft hands, the women bandage her hole
where bullets and shrapnel search for her soul
for they know their lives depend on her role

when all work together, then people win
truth be told: freedom must come from within

September 10, 2012 at 10:03AM

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