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Location: Animas NM US
Gender: Female
Born: April 15, 1944
Interests: Reading, Writing, Quilting
Member: Standard
Joined: November 2007
Nedrajean has been married to the same guy for 46 years. She isn't sure which one of them should have their head examined but will wait before deciding!! She has two living children and four grandchildren and one very precious great-grandson. She lost her 43 year old son to colon cancer in February 2007 and knows the loss will never be replaced.

The first 37 years of her life were spent moving from place to place, first with her nomad family then with the military. Her travels have given her a broad canvass to draw from in regards to characters and locals and now that she is retired she plans to devote time to her love of writing and reading.

Jean likes to write poetry and has had poems published in several anthologies as well as purchased for publication. She also has a couple of children's book ideas which have been written over the years. She has just completed her first novel (85,000 plus words)which she has classified as suspense. It is available on line (or direct from the author). She is now working on a sequel to her first novel as well as another book which involves time travel.

She enjoys the insight members of this site have given for her work and looks forward to many more pleasurable hours enjoying other's work.

Do Unto Others As You Would Have Them Do Unto You
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