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Location: New Haven CT US
Gender: Male
Born: Up for debate
Interests: Teaching my Child to Curse.
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2008
Trevor is a man with delusions of grandeur, healthy narcissism, and mild bi-polar tendencies, and is a chronic underachiever. Its through the filter of these attributes that he observes, and catalogs the world. While combination of traits isnt uncommon, the problem is that he can write. The quality control auditor who signed off on the paperwork authorizing his creation overlooked a subordinates earmark inclusion of an extreme talent for the written word. This talent was supposed to be allocated to a prominent mind conceived that same year thatd undoubtedly used the talent to enhance the other phenomenal qualities with which we imbued her. Mistakes do happen.

The confusion that allowed the oversight was reported to have been caused by the scramble to meet the quota for that year of a large batch of human mediocrity meant to fill in the gaps between the insanely intelligent, the insanely moronic, and the just plain insane. The Manufacturers contend that, by the time anyone realized theyd given Trevor someone elses gift, he was already on his way down the birth canal. As recalls were much more taboo than they are today, they opted to let him go, hoping his can-do-but-will-always-put-off-doing attitude would succeed in preventing anyone from realizing their error.

No one counted on him marrying up. This was a highly implausible possibility due to the astronomical odds against it happening. He was outfitted with horrible teeth, bad breath, no cheekbones, and a penchant for eighties hair-band music. Inspired by his wife and a beautiful son, he found his voice, desire, and will-power, albeit by matrimonial proxy, to perpetuate the realization of this unearned gift. The literary world is now stuck with him

Weve got him stored in West Haven Connecticut working for a corporation in which hes managed to eke out an acceptable career. Hes a loving father, a devoted husband, and wears a womens clothing whenever he can.
I used to Dream and I used to Vow; I wouldn't dream of it now.
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