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Location: Tampa, Florida
Gender: Male
Born: 12/12/68
Interests: Guns, money, motorcycles, women, and snatching pebbles from the palms of my betters.
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Joined: July 2008
Jelly is one of many pen names. I write for me first. Thanks in advance for all feedback both positive and negative.
No matter how good she looks there's some guy somewhere who is tired of putting up with her shit.
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SiscoMolina: Hi Everybody,

My publisher went out of business and I republished with a new title, cover, and juiced the inside up a little.

"Quiet Dog Bites Hard" by Sisco Molinas --- Please check it out and find me on Google+, twitter, and facebook by searching Sisco Molinas

October 25, 2013 at 10:35AM

SiscoMolina: Hellooooo ... I'm back ... again ...

Last time I was here I started posting a story (another beginning to a novel I have not and may not finish) in which my protagonist reveals that, among other deplorable acts, he killed a child, a baby really, in the most horrible and sadistic way and in front of the child's mother. I put it out there for you all to read intending to deal with the ramifications later. I challenged myself to find a way to redeem my protagonist in the reader's mind somehow. After trying several different angles I could not redeem him in my own mind much less anybody else's. It (killing children) was (is) an unforgiveable act in any light. Several reviewers kindly commented that, while well written, it was a tough chapter to read. I have come to the conclusion that my character and his actions are irredeemable and I have abandoned the project (for now) and so I offer a humble apology to those few that might care about the story and are disappointed in the direction it took.

I have resolved that, from now on, I will only post chapters to books that I have at least already imagined a beginning, middle, and end. I am also trying to stick to one project at a time and forcing myself to grind it out until it is complete before moving onto the next. I really would like to get published (again) and maybe this time enjoy some Rowlingesque success but I would settle for even a little of John Kennedy Toole's posthumous income. The royalties from Wino are enough to buy me a nice dinner a couple times a year but my date better have a coupon.

So to my old friends and new, I thank you for reading, all the kind words, and the stars ... loooove the stars ... gotta have the freakin' stars!
December 5, 2012 at 6:33PM
    DIS-illusioned: "The royalties from Wino are enough to buy me a nice dinner a couple times a year but my date better have a coupon."

    "loooove the stars ... gotta have the freakin' stars!"
    LOL! I appreciate the honesty of this sentiment. :)

    For your original story, maybe the protagonist was possessed by demons when he committed those heinous acts? Maybe he was forced to either do them or the world would be destroyed? Maybe the child he killed was a devil-child? Maybe I should just give up here. :-p

    I think I might dig your style, Jelly. :)
    December 5, 2012 at 9:48PM
    SiscoMolina: Thanks! Stay tuned and let's find out.

    BTW - I considered several of the above options and more but it just wasn't there. I think the only way to save that book is to delete all the way back to that chapter then go in a different direction.
    December 8, 2012 at 7:54AM

SiscoMolina: I'm back! I missed everybody AND the seven bucks/month I have been paying for a long time without taking advantage of this great site. I got busy trying to make a living doing the mundane tasks that irk me yet pay better than writing.

Got stuck in the starting of a bunch of novels and not finishing any. I am going to try to force one out like a ... well you know. I am going to pick one and stick with it. I am not letting anything distract me ... ooh a butterfly!

Due in large part to the help I received here on FS on my book "The Wino" an e-publisher finally gave me the nod on it and it is now e-published which I am told is the way of the future. I personally like to dog ear the pages on a real book so I am skeptical but my art now has a price on it and I have to think that is a step in the right direction. My pen name for this genre is "Sisco Molina" (My name in Spanish) so please don't let that confuse you.
August 12, 2010 at 6:38PM


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