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Location: Texas
Gender: Female
Born: 01/03/??
Member: Premier Author
Joined: August 2008
Mrs. Wilkey's first novel, Two Tattered Hearts, was published by G and J Publishers and can be found at Amazon.com. It's a novel about how Anna, an abused spouse escapes, with her son, the man-made hell she lives in and finds love.

My boys:
Number one is in an army uniform
Number two as a chef is adorned
Number three an engineer, you see
Number four is in college, at home with me
Husband and I aging more each day
Getting older in every way
Three cats let their wishes known
One small Dachshund sings his own song

Success is hanging on after others have let go.
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Thomas Bowling
FanStory wrote to barbara.wilkey: 5th Ranked Novelist of 2017!
January 2 at 2:03PM
    Gloria ....: Congratulations, Barbara. :)
    January 2 at 3:48PM
    judiverse: Congratulations, Barbara. Slow and steady always gets you there! judiverse
    January 5 at 12:00PM
    Linda Engel: Hi Barbara. I just bought your book "Secrets of my Confederate Soldier" and I'm looking forward to reading it. I'll go to Amazon and leave a review when I'm finished. Congratulations.
    March 13 at 6:33PM

FanStory wrote to barbara.wilkey: Congratulations! #2 Ranked Novelist of 2016!
January 1 at 12:00AM
    Phyllis Stewart: Well done, Barbara. Congratulations on your trophy. :)
    January 1 at 3:55AM
    judiverse: Congratulations on you standing as #2 ranked novelist of 2016. Much success to you in the new year. I love your new novel! judiverse
    January 1 at 7:52AM
    Ulla: Congrats, Barbara. So well deserved. Ulla xxx
    January 1 at 7:10PM
    MelB: Congratulations!
    January 2 at 8:30PM
    bookishfabler: I've not seen that before. Congratulations!
    June 25 at 3:14PM
    c_lucas: Way to go, Barbara. Charlie
    July 31 at 3:45PM

barbara.wilkey: I hardly ever check my profile page. I now realize I should Thank you all so much!!!!!!!
May 10 at 12:00PM
    I am Cat: You never know what you'll find :)
    May 11 at 4:26PM
    Delahay: I rarely do either, but I sometimes do write things there. I'm always surprise when someone comments on what I write because I wonder who checks people's profiles pages that often.
    December 2 at 3:39PM

FanStory wrote to barbara.wilkey: Congratulations The February 2015 Recognized Writer
February 10 at 3:08PM
    adewpearl: congratulations, my friend :-) I'm thrilled!
    February 10 at 7:51AM
    rama devi: Congrats! :-)))
    February 10 at 9:00AM
    judiverse: Congratulations, Barbara, Recognized writer for February. Well deserved! judi
    February 10 at 9:19AM
    gypsycaravan: Congratulations. So happy for you.
    February 10 at 9:27AM
    mrsmajor: Congratulations!
    February 10 at 10:03AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Congratulations on well-deserved recognition, Barbara! Big hugs!
    February 10 at 10:16AM
    Adri7enne: Congratulations, barb. Well deserved, indeed.
    February 10 at 10:19AM
    IndianaIrish: Congratulations on this wonderful honor!
    February 10 at 10:47AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Congratulations, Barbara- so well deserved, my friend.
    February 10 at 11:57AM
    giraffmang: Congratulations on this award and honour
    February 10 at 12:07PM
    kiwisteveh: Congrats, Barbara!
    February 10 at 12:28PM
    Phyllis Stewart: Congratulations! Very well deserved honor. :)
    February 10 at 2:15PM
    MissMerri: Yay! A great honor and richly deserved. Congratulations Barbara!!
    February 10 at 2:17PM
    Dean Kuch: Congratulations, Barbara.
    February 10 at 3:24PM
    Ben Colder : Well done Barbara. Rightly deserved. My blessings to you.
    February 10 at 3:45PM
    Tonulak: Wow! I'm totally behind this this recognition! You are very talented and always interesting to read. Pop the champagne ( I always have a few vintage bottles on ice for company!). Totally well-earned--Ted:)
    February 10 at 7:44PM
    Lynar: My sincere congratulations Babara, very well deserved, Recognized Writer.
    February 10 at 9:14PM
    mbagby23: Well done. Keep up the excellent work ♥
    February 10 at 10:24PM
    maggieadams: Congratulations...well-deserved.
    February 10 at 11:23PM
    Jay Squires: Congratulations, my dear. Well deserved. Such a writer!
    February 11 at 1:49AM
    Patrick G Cox: Well done Barbara - well deserved.
    February 11 at 2:57AM
    boxergirl: Whoo Hoo! Congrats and well-deserved! 8-)
    February 11 at 1:54PM
    Drew Delaney: Good for you! A lovely recognition. Congratulations, my writing friend.
    February 11 at 1:55PM
    N.K. Wagner: congratulations, Barbara!
    February 12 at 5:00AM
    mumsyone: Congratulations, Barbara!
    February 12 at 7:21AM
    lancellot: Way to go!
    February 12 at 9:16AM
    Father Flaps: Congratulations, Barbara!
    February 12 at 4:58PM
    donaldww: Congratulations!
    February 12 at 6:22PM
    barbara.wilkey: Thank you all so much. I appreciate your congratulations. I am surprised myself. I was beginning to think FS didn't like my writing.
    February 14 at 9:15PM
    seaglass: Congratulations...well deserved
    February 15 at 1:51PM
    Donovan: I think if they are going to recognized you...they should at least do it in American.
    February 16 at 11:53AM

FanStory wrote to barbara.wilkey: Congratulations the 2014 #4 Ranked Novelist!
January 1 at 12:08AM
    Jacqueline M Franklin: Congrats and whoohoo for winning a trophy of the year!! (*>*)
    January 1 at 9:18AM
    seaglass: Congratulations, an award well deserved. Good luck with the writing in the coming year.
    January 1 at 6:00PM
    c_lucas: Congrats, Barbara, See what happens when you let AJ and Harley eidit for you. [cat and dog] Yeah, Mom. You're always complaining when we are trying to help.
    February 12 at 6:18AM
    kiwijenny: Congrats you deserve it God bless
    February 15 at 10:28AM

barbara.wilkey: Courage isn't always a lion's roar. It is sometimes the heart at the end of the day saying......"I will try again tomorrow."

October 29 at 9:36AM
    barbara.wilkey: Thank you so much. This is really sweet.
    January 3 at 8:49PM
    ulster3: People are often unreasonable, illogical and self-centered; Forgive them anyway.
    If you are kind, people may accuse you of selfish, ulterior motives; Be kind anyway.
    If you are successful, you will win some false friends and some true enemies; Succeed anyway.
    If you are honest and frank, people may cheat you; Be honest and frank anyway.
    What you spend years building, someone could destroy overnight; Build anyway.
    If you find serenity and happiness, they may be jealous; Be happy anyway.
    The good you do today, people will often forget tomorrow; Do good anyway.
    Give the world the best you have, and it may never be enough; Give the world the best you've got anyway.

    From The Paradoxical Commandments, by Dr. Kent M. Keith. Mother Teresa quoted this often.
    March 27 at 12:27PM
    barbara.wilkey: These are great words to live by. Thank you for sharing.
    April 1 at 10:52AM
    poetstar: Hi Barb, I am visiting your site today. I really like it a lot. Poet Star
    April 19 at 2:31AM
    tonya123: very inspirational!
    May 18 at 10:30PM
    pickthorn: True words from a great philosopher and brilliant mind.
    August 19 at 4:22PM
    bookishfabler: Sorry to hear about your son. I hope the swelling goes down and the surgery is a success. Hope to see you again soon.
    Hugs Heidi
    March 10 at 12:02PM
    abbasjoy: So sorry to hear about your son, but I pray that all will go well and the swelling will go down to allow the doctors to do what they need to.
    March 10 at 3:11PM
    A.Y Winchester: Thank you for such a wonderful writing...Please keep it on
    April 8 at 2:36AM
    Cliff Ashpaugh: Hi Barbara, well said. I'm back after two years in school and getting a novel published. Looking forward to getting back to reading and writing on Fanstory. Missed you.
    August 11 at 5:36PM
    patcelaw: Barbara, your birthday 1-3 is the day of my youngest grandsons birthday.
    November 25 at 1:39PM

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