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Location: Shropshire
Gender: Female
Born: March 25
Interests: Reading; reading; writing; reading; walking dogs
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Joined: January 2009
This DecrepitOldBag (Kat) is pleased to inform anyone interested that 'Keri' has now been published, in two volumes and is available to buy (for an exhorbitant sum of money) from (although not yet). Originally, I was offered TWO deals - one for the books to be used for professional use only, the other through Penguin books for general publication. I ended up accepting neither of these. Penguin wanted 'all the nasty stuff' taken out of the book -- ridiculous since that's what the book is about! The professionals wanted all the 'irrelevant' bits taken out -- that is, all the nice stuff. Couldn't do that because then it wouldn't be a true account and some of the nice stuff affected me profoundly. So I published it myself. How vain! I don't expect to actually sell any, not least because since I now know I have bowel cancer I shall not be available to promote it in any way. I might not be around at all. It depends if I can force myself to face and confront my epic fear of vomiting and take the chemoradiotherapy and the major operation offered. No guarantees of survival even if I do.

My NaNoWriMo novel, 'Hero's Tale' has sold a few, but only a few. It's pretty rubbish anyway. I never did finish the sequel. I've been too ill.

DecrepitOldBag is English and presently aged 53. She's had 7 children (only 3 of whom have anything to do with her) never sees or hears from any of her 11 grandchildren and makes up for it by caring and fussing over 2 dogs and 7 cats. She lives deep in the countryside on the border of England and Wales. She was recently diagnosed with aggressive bowel cancer and is expected to face the fight for survival. Since it is going to involve a great deal of vomiting, she does not want to fight any more.
Her interests range through being an animal lover, a keen follower of sciences, particularly cosmology and physics, through rock music, wildlife, art and history ... in fact, nearly everything.
Woman to Winston Churchill Sir, you're drunk'. His reply 'Madam, you are ugly - but in the morning I shall be sober!'
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