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Location: US
Gender: Female
Born: A long time ago
Interests: undetermined
Member: Eternal Premier Author
Joined: February 2009
Sasha lives in Mazatlan, Mexico and has no plans to return to the US. Her life in Mazatlan provides an endless supply of subjects for her Smurphy Rambles. My favorite writers are Ernest Hemingway, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Fan Story's own Mastery, a great writer and dear friend, Dean Kuch, Jay Squires, Dawn Munro, Margaret Snowden, emptypage, Tab-that's me, royowen and the list goes on and on.

Sasha loves to write and primarily writes non fiction. She has had a fascinating life and feels it is the perfect source for subject matter. Her first book, A Leaf on the Wind -- her autobiography-- (republished as Celebrate the Dandelions) won the FS Seal of Approval, something she is quite proud of.

Sasha enjoys living alone in her apartment near the ocean. She enjoys painting, walking, writing, and falling asleep watching old movies.

Life is too short to wear beige....
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Mrs. KT
FanStory wrote to Sasha: Congratulations! The 2018 #4 Short Works Writer of the Year!
January 1 at 9:18PM
    lyenochka: Congratulations, Sasha!!!
    January 4 at 2:48PM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: What Do I Believe finished third in the contest "Your beliefs: Why do they matter?"
October 2 at 1:10PM
    giraffmang: Woo... and indeed... hoo
    October 2 at 1:54PM
    judiverse: Congratulations, Sasha, on your achievement of finishing fourth in the Short Works category. Best of luck and fewer falls in the new year. judiverse
    January 1 at 10:11AM

Sasha: Sasha lives in Mazatlan, Mexico and has no plans to return to the US. Her life in Mazatlan provides an endless supply of subjects for her Smurphy Rambles. My favorite writers are Mastery also a dear friend, he is a talented poet and writes superb mysteries that keep you glued to the page from beginning to end, Ernest Hemingway, Fyodor Dostoevsky, Mark Twain, Dean Kuch, Jay Squires are also among my favorites. I am not a poet but I do enjoy reading it.
June 9 at 11:13AM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: Congratulations! Way More Than Anyone Wants To Know is the new Story of the Month!
May 13 at 12:13AM
    giraffmang: Woohoo, congratulations on taking the prize with this one. Great, funny piece. G
    May 13 at 1:14AM
    Ulla: Congratulations with this funny write!!!
    May 13 at 1:17AM
    michaelcahill: Congrats! Wow, 942, 000 pesos! :))
    May 13 at 2:04AM
    RGstar: Had my vote all the way on this one. My favourite rambler. Bravo.
    May 13 at 3:47AM
    Dean Kuch: Congratulations, Sasha.
    May 13 at 8:39AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Congratulations! SO well-deserved. (Excuse me; gotta go - gas.)
    May 13 at 4:11PM
    Mustang Patty: Congratulations! I enjoyed this story so much more than I should have. Your write the best vignettes of your life. We all get to share the little details!
    May 13 at 8:09PM
    Sasha: Thank you, no one was more surprised than me.
    May 16 at 9:35AM
    MissMerri: Hey! This is great news!! I?m late I know, but no less happy for your win. As you know, I love your stories! You deserve this! Hugs. MM.
    July 20 at 4:42PM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: 2017 4th Ranked Author of Short Works
January 2 at 2:06PM
    shelley kaye: congrats, sasha!! enjoy that trophy! ;-)
    January 2 at 3:29PM
    Gloria ....: Excellent work, Sasha. :))
    January 2 at 3:42PM
    Mustang Patty: Congratulations, Sasha!

    January 2 at 7:05PM
    lyenochka: Congrats, Sasha!!
    January 3 at 2:23AM
    judiverse: Congratulations to you. S. Pumpkin. Go for it again in 2018! judiverse
    January 5 at 6:36PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Thinking of you, and hoping your recovery is on track - just wanted to let you know - DON'T get on the computer. (LOL)
    January 16 at 4:55PM
    Sasha: I don't plan to aim for any trophy or recognition this year. I guess I am getting old and lack the enthusiasm. I just plan to write when I am in the mood and not push myself.
    February 2 at 10:57PM
    Margaret Snowdon: I feel the same, Sasha - just post and review when I'm up to it - sorry about late congratulations - have had a lot of health problems and haven't been on line. Hope you are keeping well, my friend. Margaret
    February 15 at 5:40AM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: Congratulations! Just Tell me Why Pt 3 is the new Story of the Month!
October 11 at 12:13AM
    michaelcahill: Ahhh .... you can make ANYTHING sound interesting, but you can make SOMETHING sound downright compelling! Congrats. Well deserved. :))
    October 11 at 12:17AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    October 11 at 12:48AM
    kiwigirl2821: Congratulations dear friend. A well deserved win! xoxo
    October 11 at 3:31AM
    Spitfire: Well, I voted for you. :-)
    Always good to discover a winner.
    October 11 at 10:50PM
    LaRosa: Congratulations Lady!
    October 12 at 12:30AM
    emptypage: Congratulations, Sasha!!!!
    October 12 at 3:42AM
    Margaret Snowdon: Just popped in and saw you've won lst place for your - Just Tell Me Why - congratulations, my friend.
    October 12 at 11:13AM
    Sasha: Sorry for my delayed reply. They don't notify you by message any more. I didn't even know I had won until today.
    October 26 at 6:23PM
    Giddy Nielsen-Sweep: Late congratulations, Sasha. A great efffort, well done.
    November 3 at 8:00PM
    Sasha: Thanks. I wish I were adventurous like you and able to write just about everything. You are not afraid to spread your wings... me, I not as comfortable jumping from non-fiction to fiction to poetry... but wish I was.
    November 3 at 8:08PM
    Sasha: Sorry I took so long to respond, I almost never check my profile page. I guess I need to start doing it more often. Thanks for the kind comments, they mean a lot to me.
    November 3 at 8:10PM
    RGstar: Well the rambles
    November 19 at 9:10AM
    emptypage: How did I miss this????? Wooooohooooo!
    November 27 at 4:36PM

Sasha: How sad when an honest review of someone's writing results in being muted. I guess, honesty is not what some writers are looking for on this site. They apparently only want positive comments. and nothing less than 5 or 6 stars, even when their writing needs improvement. Yes, this is very sad.
May 10 at 1:57PM
    giraffmang: Welcome to my world...
    May 10 at 5:15PM
    DR DIP: personally I think the star system isn't a true reflection of some works. The benchmark is set high and 5 and 6 stars has become the norm for not upsetting other poets although on saying that I don't come across many poets I have fanned whose work is not deserving Strangely I have fanned poets for their quality of work. the dollar value is not even considered when I review a work
    I haven't just fanned people for the sake of numbers. I am sure there are many more wonderful poets I have not fanned but the amount in my portfolio allows me to comment on each and everyone of them that post.

    May 10 at 5:32PM
    Dean Kuch: Welcome to my world too...
    May 12 at 1:46AM
    Sankey: Yep Sasha, I have taken reviews hard initially but then I go back and appreciate the harder reviewer for helping me improve
    May 14 at 11:21PM
    Halfree: Have long known that reviews do not reflect reality. Spent some time reading postings and the associated reviews and I conclude that most reviews are exchangs of platuteds . However, there are reviewers that undersatand how reviews work. I have reviewed some very good writers, and reading those few brings me back to why I signed on
    May 15 at 8:39AM
    Halfree: So right you are
    May 16 at 8:25AM
    JDRBAR: If I may stick my two cents in here, you are so very right about reviewing. The star system is far from being an actual indication of the quality of a person's writing. I didn't know a reviewer could be muted. Personally, I WANT a hard review of my work. The stars are meaningless.
    May 31 at 8:16AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: I won't EVEN comment - you know my stand on reviewing. I WILL ask where you are though...??? I sure hope everything is okay...
    Big hug,
    June 30 at 4:03AM
    Halfree: The star ratings do not reflect the quality of a posting or the writer,,,don't know how to fix that so I just ignore the stars.
    July 25 at 9:58PM
    kiwigirl2821: Have to say Sasha, I have muted a few less than sterling reviewers. But in saying that I prize honesty. I try to reward reviewers by giving them some bucks so they can promote their work as well. Sometimes however, I have no idea how to critique a work so I give them an opinion ... :)
    August 9 at 7:44PM
    B.B. Rose: This is especially true of the "big dogs" here. I've never encountered such a thin-skinned bunch who refuse to even acknowledge that a reviewer might have a point. It's as though they are their own audience and any other readers be damned.

    August 14 at 4:50PM
    RoDanni: I got smoked by someone who I gave 5 stars to, and told them their poem was well written, but suggested a specific change in one line of the poem and stated my reasons. Within no time they had given me my lowest rating on the one poem I had posted so far (I'm new) and bombed it with no constructive advice at all. I replied asking for any comments on the work itself since the writer was high ranking in poetry, but they just said the poem didn't say anything that hadn't already been said on Facebook. Am I just supposed to hand out free 6's and unmerited favor to higher ranking people because I need the member dollars really bad? Because I came here for an honest critique of my work and not have to pay for that by sucking up.
    September 22 at 1:24AM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: Charlie finished third in the contest "Valentines Writing Contest"
February 22 at 12:13AM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!!
    February 22 at 1:47AM
    bookishfabler: Just get better soon.
    hugs Heidi
    March 1 at 5:05AM

Sasha: I am pleased to learn Ingrid and I tied for second place in the fun first of the year FS contest for short stories. I cannot think of a better person to share this with than dear Ingrid. If you have not read her work (she writes under the name Spiritual Echo) you have no idea of what you have missed.
January 11 at 1:01PM
    giraffmang: Congratulations
    January 11 at 6:28PM
    ~Dovey: Congrats!
    January 12 at 1:12AM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: Congratulations! Short Story Writing Contest Rankings Race Winner!
January 11 at 9:48AM
    Irish Rain: congratulations!!!
    January 11 at 10:53AM
    mrsmajor: Congratulations!
    January 11 at 2:56PM
    Sasha: What made it even better was sharing it with Ingrid.
    January 11 at 6:31PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: YAY! Congratulations! Well-deserved, my friend. :)
    February 4 at 12:17PM

FanStory wrote to Sasha: I Am Sorry finished third in the contest "I'm Sorry"
December 5 at 12:13AM

Sasha: Anyone looking for a pet? I am house trained and receive a small pension...friendly but not intrusive...small towns preferred.
July 3 at 2:49PM
    I am Cat: I've always wanted a pet smurf! ❤️
    July 3 at 9:24PM
    Gypsy Blue Rose: I read your profile, congratulations on your publishing. I hope you feel better.

    Gypsy hugs
    October 22 at 5:19AM
    Mary Wakeford: Do you leave a trail of blue smurf juice whereever you go? That could be a problem.
    December 3 at 2:26PM

Sasha: I am scheduled for my surgery the last week of May or the first week of June, so I hope to be posting again within a week or two after the surgery.
May 23 at 12:54PM
    I am Cat: Great to see you Sasha and good luck with the surgery!
    May 23 at 4:46PM
    patcelaw: Sasha, I pray the surgery will go very well and you can finally heal properly. I miss your posts. Pat
    May 31 at 6:03PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: I know it's only been a week,
    but I am here to sneak a peek,
    and tell you that I wish you well,
    so you'll come back to FS hell...(LOL)

    (You're missed, you - hurry up and heal, would ya?)

    get well photo: get well debbiephillipsdecember1roses13.gif
    June 9 at 9:44PM
    Gypsy Blue Rose: I send you a prayer. Sweetie pie.
    October 22 at 5:15AM

Sasha: After breaking my ribs, I have been off site for quite some time. They have not healed properly but I think I can finally say I am back. I apologize to the many members that I was not able to review but hope to keep up and not miss any more.
February 6 at 4:14PM
    I am Cat: No worries, Sasha! I'm happy to have you back! i hope you continue to heal! ((((gentle hugs)))))
    February 7 at 12:48AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: So glad you're back! Just be good to yourself and don't over-do, right? This is supposed to be fun, not work. :))
    February 7 at 11:38PM
    justfos: I am Justine:
    Oh, Sasha! I know what that feels like, so sorry you are going through that.
    Be kind to yourself, life happens!
    February 13 at 10:39PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Thinking of are you doing? Hope all is good news! You deserve it, buddy! Murphy's law can't ALWAYS apply...(big hugs)
    sick with a cold - cat or dog photo: Cat guide Catinsurance_zps923a8d10.jpg
    April 9 at 8:09PM

Sasha: Thank you so very much. I am deeply honored to be the number one Short Work Writer of 2015, especially with so many talented writers here on FS.
January 1 at 11:39AM
    I am Cat: Congratulations Sasha!
    January 1 at 11:42AM
    January 1 at 12:04PM
    Sasha: Thank you and Congratulations to you on becoming the number one Novelist...definitely well deserved.
    January 1 at 12:36PM
    Just2Write: Congratulations, Sasha. Your short works have been a pleasure to read.
    January 1 at 1:04PM
    mrsmajor: Congratulations!...You earned the honor...
    January 1 at 1:57PM

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