The Lie
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Gender: Male
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Interests: Sports, Travel, Reading and Writing.
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Tawnyowl writes novels and short stories and occasionally poems.
I like humour and have described my novels as a new genre - Hokum. I would love a cult following: groupies that loved hokum. At present you can buy my novel 'The Dome' on the Wordclay website or Amazon, another in the hokum genre, and under the name of Hilary West. The novel is set in the seedy world of teenage vice clubs and underage sex and always in pursuit is the menacing Dr. Hillier. It has recently undergone some format revision, and the new, better style book is available now. Also published is another book, this time one for children called 'Warlock's Wand', also available from Amazon or Barnes & Noble. Just out is Witches' Treasure', only available from Publishamerica have just published a novel of mine 'Where the Boys are' and it is currently available on their website and also and Barnes and Noble. It is written under the pen name of Hilary West. It is a murder mystery. Just out is a book of short stories, 'The Silk Peacock', currently available from and also available from Amazon & Waterstones etc. too. These are stories of murder, mystery and imagination, some of which have been on this site.

Now available from Amazon and other online bookstores is a collection of 20 short stories, 'The Iridescent Butterfly'.

Available now from is 'Tangerine City' another collection of twenty short stories, which includes my story 'House of God's Rainbow', a tale of a present day Christ come back to earth. It is now available from Amazon and other online bookstores too!

I think one should just be happy, being who you are, and not worrying about status or fame.
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