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Walter L. Jones
Location: Milwaukee Wisconsin USA
Gender: Male
Born: September 02
Member: Eternal Account
Joined: January 2004
I am now retired from the job that pays the bills.

In the world so much to grasp, trust, love, and soul.

Here at this site, you will find my soul; given in bits and pieces.

It is a long report. Life is but a message, left to say.

A thought for the reader; read out loud, for the sound of the word cares not how it is spelled, meaning is the mind of the perceived, at least four actions take place, as a word is read, think about it children, poetry and writing is so much more than written page, smiles and joy....

Like A thief Looking, I find words and mark the page

Maybe I'm takin' me too many chances
With no net at all
Maybe I'll teach you at least that
You've got to be free when you fall
Kris Kristopherson, Watch closely now

When I write, I first try to capture your senses, second give a simple message and finally leave something a little deeper for those who want to find it.

Walter Jones is what ever I choose to be. I have had many titles. Spent most of my life in Wisconsin, traveled the world, tasted many facets of life, father died when I was young, tour Vietnam, three grown children and a foster daughter, two still at home, married late in life, little I can not do, expect to leave this world a better place for me having been here.

More on the person, I strongly believe that the creativity of the writer is limited by the laws, rules, "norms" established by the literate, as Samuel Clemens is reported to have said, the populous buy the books, not the librarians. I strive to create images Treat a work as if it were my child, give it the freedom to grow and become something great, in spite of my guidance.

I am a lover of life and the people in it. I am an instructor, I am a child of the world. I am a reporter, I am a student, I am an engineer, technical writer, speech writer, poet, team leader, designer, good person, overloaded, but enjoying every minute of life.

Lord, help me to shoulder the "Burden of Freedom" and give me the courage to be what I can" Kris Kristopherson


Each door I have knocked at has given me some reward. Pieces of paper an extra dollar or two; imagination escapes, creativity lives for now.

Dreamers are the first to go, lovers the last to leave... ,
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MM lives on :)
Walter L. Jones: I have been writing here a long time, many forms and many tests and trials at creativity, so many great writers have come and gone, but their words remain to remind us all of the need to share the voice and eyes of the spirit in all. As you read my work, explore history, portfolio, I think you will have a fine trip..Walt
March 26, 2011 at 9:43PM
    Walter L. Jones: Use of art work: Fan Art Review. The world is filled with life, here I find the beauty through the eyes of the artist. I owe a great deal to everyone but in particulair to Mino Yause, whose art has inspired many of my poems.. Walt
    April 6, 2013 at 9:46PM
    Majormajormajormajor: Thanks, Walt. I look forward to reading more of your work.
    November 6, 2013 at 4:29PM

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