Let the Wind Whisper Without Me
... and howl, and shriek, and moan, and ...
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Location: Baldwinsville, NY
Gender: Male
Born: Syracuse NY
Interests: Fishing, Riding my ATV, and someday living in our cabin writing away the hours.
Member: Premier Author
Joined: February 2010
I've had some interesting years on this big blue dot in the solar system. Syracuse area for the past twenty years. Twelve years in Texas. Married for twenty six years. Five children and two grandchildren.

Since winning a publishing contract with Deep River Books and having cut his teeth on this site, Stan Bednarz is ready to see what happens next. But he is addicted to this site and enjoys the company of his writing pals too much to part ways.

Sometimes writing is like climbing Mt. Everest without an oxygen mask. Writing for him is an adventure.

"Writing is easy, just type until your fingers bleed." Hemingway
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