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Location: Bucharest Romania
Gender: Female
Born: Bucharest
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2010
This is my real name. I was thrilled to discover the exciting people and their writings on fanstory. English is not my native language. I am a Romanian published author: 1991 my first book of poems "Quatrains of the Desert" Steady Promotion Publishing house, 2001 "Father John" short stories, Dacia Publishing House launched at Bookfest Bucharest International Bookfair, 2007 "Peter and Paul - Between two Worlds" novel, Gaudeamus bookfair. The novel does not have a religious subject, it presents a fresco of the Romanian society, the lives of artists and intellectuals during communism, before and after the events of 1989. Peter and Paul are just two friends, a theater director and a painter. Peter chose to stay in Romania while Paul fled the country to become a famous artist abroad. Their friendship resists borders and even death. There are also women characters and love affairs and exciting biographies revealed through a puzzle-type technique alternating the present with the past. However Peter and Paul "the two Apostles of Art" are the main characters in search of artistic inspiration during their shattered lives with different destinies. I have translated the novel in English myself but I understand we do not post here already published works (or do we if they are a translated version?). On 9 May 2009 I was awarded the prose prize of the "Lucian Blaga International Festival". Lucian Blaga was a Romanian poet and philosopher. This award triggered the re-editing of my novel in June 2009 with a different cover illustrated by well known artist Dalia Bialcovski. My latest accomplishment is my 4 essays contribution to the book "The 4 dimensions of Romanian Feminity" Prize for proze of the International Festival Lucian Blaga, First prize for the best volume of poetry "Townfolks and Levantines", first prize LiterNautica for the short story "Aunt Zelma", First prize Itaca Organization for the short story "La vie" (a puns upon words between the French word for life and the romanian word for vineyard), 2017 the latest volume of poetry "Summer's dark circles". I am a member of the Romanian Society of Haiku and editor LiterNautica. I wish you all every success in your writings

Myths describe breakthroughs of the sacred or the supernatural into the World. Mircea Eliade
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