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Dave Larson
Location: Seattle
Gender: Male
Born: June 28, 1934
Interests: Walking, writing, digital photography, web research, TV
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2004
I have been searching for something to do to satisfy my creative side and feels I may have finally found it. I have worked as an aircraft mechanic, police officer, flight instructor, statistician, engineer, demographer, and procedure writer. Then in 2002, I wrote an article about my experiences in Alaska while serving in the Air Force in the mid 1950s. It was published that year in the July issue of FLIGHTLINE magazine. Since then, many of my own flying experiences and aviation historical articles have been published in LOGBOOK magazine.

My published books are available at amazon.com amd Kindle, barnesandnoble.con and nook. They include the folowing.

- THE BEAR HUNTERS: The lives of three men intersect in the Alaskan wilderness. Johnny D'Angelo, a prize fighter, had earned a shot at the Middle Weight Boxing Championship. He didn't know his handlers were in league with organized crime bosses, forcing him to throw the title bout. The aftermath would lead him on a path of evil and to an appointed time and place. Trent Owen, had success and happiness. A tragic accident caused him to lose interest in everything, including his will to live. Eventually, he would start life over again as an Alaskan bush pilot, and find danger and adventure. Ron Evans, learned to fly as a teenager while working at an airport. After serving in the Air Force, he struggled to make a living as an Alaskan bush pilot. Then one day an opportunity came that he should have passed up.

- IT'S ABOUT TIME: A U.S. Physicist a downtrodden Air Force officer go on a journey beyond the reach of life and back in time. They find themselves at the beginning of World War II, where they witness the fall of Dunkirk. They join the Battle of Britain and gamble their souls to save England from German invasion.

- THE CAMPUS DETECTIVE: A member of the University of Washington Police Department, George Wesson, becomes an ace detective. Along with his partner, Danny Smith, he has earned a reputation for solving crimes without calling in the Seattle Police Department. But his skills and resolve are tested when he starts investigating a series of brutal murders committed on campus.

- TO TOUCH THE FACE OF GOD: This is about general aviation in the 1950s, an anthology of stand-alone stories of when I was 17 and 18 years of age, in that twilight zone of no longer a boy, and not quite a man. It's about working with and around men who became models of my adult life.

My wife and I are members of a Presbyterian church and we are active in ministry to internationals. We have three grown sons, two granddaughters and three grandsons. Over the past fifteen years we have had over eighty international students live with us in our home. We keep in contact with many of them through e-mail.
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