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Location: Colorado
Gender: Female
Born: August 7, 1971
Interests: Writing, Reading, Teaching, My kids, Cooking, and Word Racer on Yahoo!
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Leann4solutions: Leann's Coffee and Philosophy
What One Can Do, Another Can Do!!

The absolute hardest part of success is BELIEVING you can and will have it.
The absolute hardest part about dieting is BELIEVING the work you did today will
ever give you that body you desire.
The absolute hardest part about giving anything of the belief that it really
will make a difference, that your efforts will produce your desired result. It usually does not...why???
Because we don't really we stop or......"fail".

If we believe, deep down inside or right on the surface, that what we do will make no
difference for us anyway...we are so much less likely to ever do it more than a day, maybe...
maybe a week. Failure where there really was no failure...just lack of belief. But it sure looks like failure
to us, to our husband or wives,, or whoever comments on and effects us.

So we add up these 'fake' failures and decide we 'can't really ever do it, not for real'
But deep down we know it is poopy doodle...because we are human...and what one can
do, another can do. What one man can believe another can believe...period.

My 8th grade neighbor just started algebra. People have told, doctors, etc. that
she was not that good in math. She believes that. Now she is crying today....working on these
adding negatives...for 2 hours. I showed her a way to trick her brain into thinking she was good in math, she figured it out and was SURPRISED!!!!!!!!!
She did not believe she could do it, so she couldn't. Just that simple!

We must believe that what one man can do, another can do. We must understand why this is true....
Some are big, some are short, some are brilliant, some are learning impaired, some are beaten down...some failed math and reading every year! what? Everyone, every beautifully
equipped with the ability to believe. That is why what one man can do, another can do....we can all
believe. Our brains work solely on what we believe. If you believe your spouse is cheating....everything
you see proves it to you, everything he says proves it to you.................because that is what you believe.
He probably is not doing anything. lololol. We can convince ourselves of anything....just like every other
person. What one man can do, another can do!

Loves....remember to pay attention to what you allow yourself to believe, it will determine your future...personal, and business.

Remember today: Tell yourself all day, every day...that you deserve to build the life you desire. Tell yourself the work you do today is creating that..even if you don't see it just know, or believe. Positive self talk is simply forcing ourselves to believe what we want our life to be...not what we have already been programed to believe or expect.

October 8, 2010 at 7:00PM


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