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Location: Chennai----India
Gender: Female
Born: 30/June/1949
Interests: Creative writing
Member: Standard
Joined: May 2011
I hail from INDIA, basically a
creative writer with almost three
decades of teaching as a professor of English in a college. PLEASE
visit my blog
More things are wrought by Prayer than this world dreams of
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Benny Beeharry
Doshi123: Please view my bio note.

Here is a brief biodata of me as well on my writing skills
Dr.Mrs.S.Radhamani was born in Madras in the year 1949, specialised on the plays of W.H.Auden for my doctoral thesis, working as a professor of English with thirty years of teaching experience in a post-graduate and research institution, published four books of poems and one book of short story, widely published and anthologised, at present guiding M.phil research scholars and Ph.D candidates. Also a reviewer and critic.
Poetry publications
1 Times Ahead Are Propitious {self publication}
2 Thistle and transformation {Writer‚??s forum, Ranchi}
3 Tidings of Transition { do }
4 Obsession and Transitional Exuberance do }
5Garbage and Candelabra a book of short stories published by writers, workshop, Calcutta
As for my writing skills my writing career started some fifteen years ago, it all began with my scribbling in a note pad In the early stage of my creativity I used to meticulously write down as inspiration and ideas flow; wherever I was, be it dining table or moving bus. Later on the thought process and writing process had a turn: if it were to be poetry or Picturisation or a particular idea or theme I would register in my mind and later on convert them into a shape.
With the passage of years, time constraint and I should candidly admit that lack of patience had an impinging effect on my modus operandi.As for as the prose writing and My short stories are concerned I would frame a topography of the descriptions and characters in my mind and start with the computers ‚??a sort of impromptu that is how my Stories have been given shape. Happily married to a husband who is also an academician
And blessed with three sons, she lives in Chennai

please view my blog
email id

with warm regards,
yours sincerely

May 17, 2011 at 11:12AM
    rama devi: Namaste Radhamani-ji. What an impressive bio! Warm welcome to FS. Blessings, rama devi
    July 22, 2011 at 12:24PM
    rashi kumar: Namaste! Welcome to the site.
    Hope to learn from your poems,
    keep sharing!
    Take care
    February 2, 2012 at 11:07AM


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