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Location: Stornoway
Gender: Male
Born: Stornoway
Member: Eternal Account
Joined: September 2011
I do not always have the mind to concentrate for as much as I would like so I tend to read in spates. I like to write and discuss theology with my friends and I suppose this is the influence for the spiritual dimension to my own poetry.

I like the experience of having written a piece and then having it reviewed as I tend not to be such a good judge of my own work.
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Bicpen: Equinox ...

There's no money no SAS no Police nothing but a pile of deluded insane shit that you've created isn't there Gail and Leanne ... Just think Gail working on a pay scale of 64.63 an hour for 27 years plus two for time spent recovering you get 3,500,000.00. Thats not a bad payload for a forty seven year old enough to retire on I would have thought ... but without the hard cash turning up its just deluded shit to think you've even earned it ... its nice to dream about ... what's you're wallet look like after all your own years of service Gail ! Just think that would be a pay off of a tenth to the continuing of a total sum of 350,000.00 that would be nice to say goodbye to them would you like to pay that for me Gail !

April 7, 2021 at 10:25AM

Bicpen: Topic ...

Since the crash of 2008 - 2009 we have never seen such a colossal and catastrophic collapse of society and the economy in the civilised world until our Pandemic of coronavirus covid - 19. It is on the premise of Judgement and God's judgement that I make these remarks. It has been a full year since all this began and about that time two cases involved with Equinox real white papers were being investigated. The information contained involved two of the most outstanding murder mysteries this century. It was through Police interference and authority of the powers that be that these two papers in particular were leaked. It was in the eyes of justice that we were torn from our private discoveries and told in no uncertain terms that this information was to be Police information even though a price had been set as it was freelance mercenary work. We had been refused our asking price and an unadulterated investigation into our sources was made to reveal our secret ability of knowledge. The authorities in command of this breach of confidentiality were warned of the information curse attached to these papers. They simply did not believe. Initially I personally thought the pandemic was something to do with the spiritual nature of the Brexit movement and result but however it soon became apparent what the cause was when two arrests were made using our information. The Equinox enterprise of mi's is a private investigation team also a search and rescue team amongst other things and the divulging into our private papers was the main catalyst and cause of such a wide spread curse direct and sent from our God. The authorities knew fine well what they were doing by prying into and revealing our information it was basically a theft of a criminal degree. This is just my initial thoughts and until my own team reveal the secrets of the authority involved and the theft of our knowledge it will only remain a theory but once confirmed it will be a fact.

April 5, 2021 at 8:42AM

Bicpen: Topic ...

Money ... money ... money ? That is the big question. The idea of being able to have the information you need is a great concept however it seems that for someone who is capable of delivering such a commodity and then asking for a payment in return does not seem so reprehensible. It is in the common exchange of knowledge that money is often made lost and regained ... take a young child they study hard and have a financial cost for their education in their chosen field to reward them for their fruits of labour it comes with a financial reward. The artist though maybe poor during the duration of commission is once finished their master piece rewarded normally financially, even the biblical understanding of hire and payment is made clear ... the labourer is worthy of their hire. The reason for non payment of any of the Equinox information can only be an addition into the abuse of power in the authority to whom they work with. It is in the offence of a criminal scale that payment has been withheld for a known commodity to which such powers claim are rightfully theirs. The question for us at Equinox is this ... do you wish to labour and not receive or do you wish to continue and try for gain ? It is not easy on your own these powers have many means at their disposal from doctors to medication to cells to warrants and section orders. It is more accessible for some in these powers to silence you and disregard your calling by forced detention however that may take its form rather than allow you your true rightful gain. They are at best criminal and what is known as bent in their position of power. The balance of their scale is tilted with a false weight of deceit so please take great care. My true example for this is one Sir Orr a Police Governor who withheld a payment for my own services. The matter he must have thought would never be challenged and no real comeback would ever befall him however in the year of 2008 - 2009 the year of our first real financial crash my God sent him a message and it was that his economy would fall and so it did. It brought everything to a halt and just as I said my goodbyes he was left with this message ... as with many who would hear it Im sure he scoffed at first but it did not soften his heart nor change his mind and from this man comes the resentment of any payment to anyone at Equinox to this day. He is a tyrant and like Pharaoh with Moses his heart was only hardened so you now know where your problem stems from and if you wish to continue in your Equinox endeavours then please try to use the rightful means of law to gain keep and retain your reward I will continue to pray that God will continue to Judge and chasten the ill unwise deceivers such as Gail and Sir Orr who detest anything they cannot control.
The trouble with men and woman like these is they are normally freemasons who are part of the powers that be and like in Christ's time of the cross they are described as the bulls of Bashan that surround their God is Money and to them they will do whatever it takes to gain take hold or suppress the use of it. The powers that be are not to be feared in their ultimate decision making as our God who is the true King can and will step in to override deride and stupefy those who oppress his servants. If one thing has been learnt from that great crash and the message delivered God knows how to halt their advance and when he is willing he is able and it serves as a sharp reminder to everyone who really is in control. These men and women are subservient to our true King and though powerful in the world God uses them for his witness normally for something just like our crash ... my good name and witness has already been destroyed and torn to shreds in a public display of animosity from the powers that be and as such I live in the knowledge that to these people I am nothing more than a paranoid schizophrenic ... however in my God's eyes I am something different!

April 4, 2021 at 3:45PM

Bicpen: Equinox ...

Concerning the Police servants crowd who are asked to work along side the police for no payment but a letter of recommendation for employment. These people happen to be teenagers who have no real knowledge of the down right disregard for financial services to which they are being recruited to carry out. They are in fact just being used for a greater purpose to which when things go wrong no one is accountable even informers are on a form of payroll and this idea of using children for observations and scouting is basically slave labour.
The trouble with this idea is it helps build a totalitarian state giving powers to the over stretched and under paid work of the Police to which even communist regimes would be proud of. The true sense that Big Brother is watching is a real state of affairs and I also have been at the receiving end of this systematic erosion of community trust which in my case resulted in lies being spread and deformation and character assassination taking place. This I believe is down to the injustice of a power to which systematic abuse is already a prevalent problem. When these issues are not addressed and the power grows larger it is like the drop of ink in the jar of crystal clear water it soon becomes consumed and darkened by the little blot. In a state controlled by mass observation it becomes a control to which people will begin to resent but having an already perverse abuse of liberty at its heart the system of power becomes more aggressive to try and defeat the resistance. This builds on the enmity of hatred towards them and will end in a crisis point to which no one will be accountable as the power that be thinks it owes no public responsibility whilst doing its so called work.
In the true system of communism the top tier of believers are not supposed to be the only guardians of the countries wealth but the idea was that the wealth was to be spread through the belief system even to the lower prolaterate so that everyone could benefit, however even this system has become perverse with money just for the few. The idea that a power of Big Brother can use and recruit for its own purpose from the multitudes without any real payment is a notion of loyalist presumption to which it only works if those volunteering are satisfied to what it is they are doing this however does not stop nor dissuade the systematic rot of official abuse but only enforces the understanding in irresponsible employment. These people do not have to prove themselves to the authorities and become part of the problem as well as part of the solution. It seems to me that the power of authority is claiming the right to encourage spying for a place of employment which really is a desperate and dirty tactic used for an otherwise respectable occupation.

What exactly is this systemic rot ?

Well basically it is a mind set to which a person has or is given over to which believes that everyone is guilty and that no one is to be presumed innocent. It can be a fatal failing in standards Police training or even long years in a job where the most undesirable of persons are always at the forefront of their own minds. The mind set as an example is basically a flawed understanding into the concepts and ideas of good and evil. In most people their is a self preservation normally at whatever cost it takes to be presumed innocent even if they are guilty. This is not a human error of judgement we are talking about but a biblical understanding of the soul. The soul is sin and will always be perverse in its moral action however it does have a common grace to counter act the evil to which it may befall. The problem starts whenever an individual gets it in their head to determine that they themselves are right or better suited to make a judgement in some cases not built on substantial evidence and it is a self righteous attitude. This is where the systemic rot begins. It begins with the self righteous attitude and leads into other avenues of abuse.
The systemic rot is also a power game ... it is the assertion of what I can do to you ... It basically comes from the ego of a self righteous mind stating that in the authority I am the God. It is what Satan deceived Adam and Eve with ... and you shall become as God's to know both good and evil. It is this power for dominance and a will for the laurel of the race to which the truth of a matter can sometimes become a victim and trodden under an institutionalised mentality of self importance and power crazed mentalities. In this power game the mind becomes the throne and the victim the stool. It is with a great care and understanding that all men need to be treated fairly and when doubt is cast through evidence and a solution is found then the law can be applied, however in the power game this is not the case as it is quite the opposite.

April 2, 2021 at 9:14AM

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