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Location: Stornoway
Gender: Male
Born: Stornoway
Member: Eternal Account
Joined: September 2011
I do not always have the mind to concentrate for as much as I would like so I tend to read in spates. I like to write and discuss theology with my friends and I suppose this is the influence for the spiritual dimension to my own poetry.

I like the experience of having written a piece and then having it reviewed as I tend not to be such a good judge of my own work.
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If as TOM says we are not to defend our work then in replies why not try to grasp a reviewers thoughts as to what they really thought the poem was about use the interpretation from feedback to enlarge the replies that way reviewers really will get a better poets interpretation if everyone is willing to read ... this is a place of much fun and interpretation is a dialogue of the writer and poet to understand the depth or boundary their piece can take someone to ... it is just a natural thought progression to which we are allowed to discuss as for defending a piece leave that in your own eyes and let the reviewer tell you something about it especially what it is subjectively to them ... perhaps they may get a pleasant surprise ... as for the biblical teaching that states do unto others as they do unto you I tend to feel that with some it is better not to suffer a witch to live such is the feeling with some reviews ...

February 22, 2020 at 4:33PM


6 STARS: EXCEPTIONAL this to me is for those poetry pieces that really do stand out from the crowd and are more than just an excellent or good quality piece. I will award one a day or possibly two ...

5 STARS: EXCELLENT this is for a poetic piece that has adhered to its format with no corrections and is without fault and is also subjectively a piece which has a real value in what it has to say to me.

4 STARS: GOOD this is for a piece which is at its best as presented a poetic piece which has creativity and a sense of flair with no major issues concerning format or construction

3 STARS: ITS AVERAGE this is for the poetic piece that I deem in need of adjustment to suit what it is that it is trying to say to me and for its subjective appraisal as well as its form and construction.

2 STARS: BELOW AVERAGE this is for the poetic piece which states it is supposed to be something and falls very short of its final declaration also if it is subjectively poor in my understanding of its voice no matter what it may be about as far as subject matter.

1 STAR: POOR this is for the poetic piece that really has no understanding of its definition and quite clearly has no moral structure or fibre to its construction or any real relevance in its subjectivity.

... Just because someone gets a three star does not necessarily mean it is a bad poem ... it just means that in my eyes it was not what I expected of it ... as for people telling me I should just skip this piece of work I disagree the eyes are enlightened when you discover the real difference between a five a six and a three star piece and this can only come from viewing and reading a wide spectrum of choice. Feel free to deliberate with me if you desire on your star choice but please remember the star will not be changed as it is a first impression of the piece as it is presented before me.

February 22, 2020 at 2:59PM

Bicpen: mmm ... much puzzlement quite simply being muted for asking someone to explain their poem format from some one their following will not do ... so I had a little excursion on the internet the best I can understand is that TAKNA'S is to do with some sort of engineering firm in SINGAPORE ...I'm sure its a much celebrated form of poetry when it s delivered.

So Here's to Ya ROY Right Out there ... Yo !!!



February 18, 2020 at 7:58PM

Bicpen: I've got a new way of working for myself reviewing that works well ... KEEP THE STARS FOR REAL ... and three lines a piece of review material which gives you a fly by then delve into some of the pages back end and do the same taking a page at thirty poems a piece delivers a good selection of discovery ... there really is a great selection from the one star through to the six star material ... review your reviewing when your finished and choose the ones you like preferably the five star ratings and build up your following giving these poets and writers a more in depth and more personalised review then once your happy start again and build up your following again ... limit to what you can manage and once you got enough five material keep an eye on some of your fours and threes to see how they improve ... classic stuff simple see !

Please remember people we all rely on people reviewing to get our infamous recognition and all time best'ests

Here's the routine thirty to forty maybe fifty private reviews done over three days also front page thirty, plus one back page thirty, all to be complete in three days. Enough membership dollars for at least two new promotions plus two old promotions a week, this way people get to gauge your work old and new. It should work out between 40-50 membership dollars which is enough for a few extra pumps to reward for reading.

Please remember if you like someones work dont be afraid to fan them if they go off the boil with your taste buds you can always remove them. Remember we all need reviews and dont forget your review nominations something I have not really been doing but i'm going to be paying a bit more attention ... so big shout out to those who care !

Time plan : 40 poems (5 star) 5 poems (4 star) 5 poems (3 star) Total: 50 poems.
50/3 days = 15-17.
30 poems (front page) 30 poems (back pages) Total:60 poems.
60/3 days = 20.
TOTAL = 35 per day for three days.
EQUIVALENT = 1 page of listed poetry for three days.

It takes me about 2 hours to read and review about 30 poems (given my current condition)

That to me seems reasonable for the amount of effort we put into some of our own work, I have some poems that took me 8 hours to complete from scratch to finish then all they needed was a few reviews to check ... The Barbers Refrain was one of them. (per section)

Thank you


P.S. Remember new promotions could be entered in competitions and also there's club pieces for good prompting ... these all still get to hang in the listings and get their reviews just the same as a new piece on its own ... and you can always pay to top up for any short falls ...

... thats how I see it folks ! (ENJOY)

P.P.S. A little advice for voting reviewers of the month my own idea is this one for subjectivity one for SPAG one for formats one all rounder that leaves me two for anyone of note. Thanks again much appreciated ... watch out for those free member cent pumps they seem to appear then disappear ... lol.

P.P.P.S. DISCIPLINE :The poet discipline will be awarded for a three star and less ... they will after deliberating a short while in a pm to make any misunderstanding clear and for more enlightenment on a disagreement be asked to address a poem by leaving a small review on it ... please remember this is in a portfolio unless released for the purpose of discipline. lol.

There is one for a lack of creativity, incorrect SPAG corrections, a three star rating and also below a three star rating ... have fun!

Oh Aye ! Try as a fixture only using one six star a day. That can be accomplished by opening all your daily reviewing writes and glancing through them to give a rough estimate of there calibre, then when you review you can be more selective.

See Ya !!!

February 14, 2020 at 1:39AM
    Diana L Crawford: You are so right! We need to support each other?s work and enjoy while doing so! I appreciate everyone who takes time to stop and leave me feedback! It really helps to know what others enjoy and maybe not enjoy so much so I can see how work might be changed or made better for my next offering! xoxo
    February 15, 2020 at 7:41PM

Bicpen: Did you ever wonder why a poet has such a hard lot in life ... well its because everyone wants to make money out of him or her ...

The poet should never really be asked to pay anything to be published or even displayed ... as a matter of fact those wishing to display their work should actually be paying them. The failing of the poet in succumbing to payment for publishing is a frustration at not being heard and a desperation ... as poets they have to have a voice or at least have a strong voice to speak to the world at large ... think of it ... what does your poem shout about ???

February 9, 2020 at 2:45AM
    patcelaw: I know that the things I write are words that have been given to me my the God of my salvation. When I first began to write I was keenly aware that the words were not mine, but that they were being to me by God. I promised God at that point that I would never use my poetry to do anything other than to encourage others. I have no desire to publish my poetry. If other see anything of value in what I write, I am glad.
    February 9, 2020 at 9:54AM
    Bicpen: well thats good ... because you've learned the first lesson of being a poet ... what you write is your voice and so long as you are happy with it what else matters its your accomplishment at the end of the day and in that sense its the voice you wish to portray!
    February 10, 2020 at 7:42AM

Bicpen: If anyone thinks I'm trying to be malicious come to my profile page select replies and look up reviews written ... glance at the star ratings and read some of the poems ... you will then get a feel for how I GAUGE poetry and the difference between a three (average) a four (good) a five (excellent) a six (exceptional)

The six has not been given because I am out of them and not been refilled yet but I may say there were two or three that I thought actually deserved it.

There will be no more virtual sixes ...

February 8, 2020 at 10:17PM
    patcelaw: Each week, I seldom use the 6 allotted six stars.
    February 9, 2020 at 10:25AM

Bicpen: I think with the new understanding of how the stars system should operate it is a good idea to evaluate your fan list writers writes and gauge the value of them

... say so and so is normally a five so and so is normally a four so when something is released you know more effectively where that particular writer is standing in your estimation.

This makes for a less complicated review so you can be more effective on your replies.

February 8, 2020 at 11:14AM

Bicpen: The only poetry without a set form or format is the ever blessed FREE-VERSE. It manipulates the line and relies on the art of expression and can take many layers of understanding to delve into its wonder of enticing scribbles.

With the form of instruction I take from it I like to try and use the metaphor with a furthering in imagery and expression deliberate an understanding with an eventual conclusion that summarises in the protruding question or infamous exclamation.

January 31, 2020 at 8:35PM

Bicpen: when a poem is not in a form or format it is just A POEM. If it follows no construction procedure nor entertains a correct form or format it just becomes a POEM. It does not even have to be good but recommended that it employs some of the tools used to execute and develop the imagery and motion of the piece's intent.

Please excuse me if i first try to discover the form or format when review as it is not because of my own ignorance but I would like to be clear as to what it is I am looking at.

The idea that someone can introduce a glorious stag to a land owner when in fact it is a skunk would be called slightly mad if not erring on foolish and certainly not a man or woman to be trusted with the landowners constitution.

Please forgive I just like to no where people stand in their own ability of craftsmanship so I can assess a proper understanding of their own poetic knowledge.

Much obliged.

January 30, 2020 at 4:15AM

Bicpen: Id like to ask a very simple question ... WHY ... is it that no one seems to be allowed writing a fair review which detracts from the authors ego into the stark reality that might possibly be their poem.

It seems to me there is a false environment circulating which has always been prevalent ... when someone reviews from a critical point of view it is not to ask how lovely the flowers are that you picked today but more importantly and respectfully it is to do with their perspective of how another authors poem has been reflected on them.

The trouble with trying to safeguard peoples ego instead of healthy criticism to help some sort of improvement is damaging to a poets writing health and detracts from the emphasis of what a learning curve is all about ...

... I do understand we get our enjoyment and pleasures from what we write but if a poem is meant to be something in its creation and construction and it fails, would it not be better to simply point it all out and be on our way ... just a thought !

January 30, 2020 at 3:15AM


... worse than lame
bow your head in shame ...


April 19, 2019 at 10:27AM


... if it's lame
it gets the blame ...


April 19, 2019 at 6:12AM

April 17, 2019 at 6:59AM
    Colin Lowley : This is so good its wants more than just a quick write.
    Its just brilliant. Thanks for sharing.
    April 22, 2019 at 4:27PM

April 17, 2019 at 6:58AM

April 17, 2019 at 6:56AM

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