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Location: Stornoway
Gender: Male
Born: Stornoway
Member: Eternal Premier Author
Joined: September 2011
I do not always have the mind to concentrate for as much as I would like so I tend to read in spates. I like to write and discuss theology with my friends and I suppose this is the influence for the spiritual dimension to my own poetry.

I like the experience of having written a piece and then having it reviewed as I tend not to be such a good judge of my own work.
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Bicpen: Well here's to it its 2020 and if your in the de ja vou club its 2020 again Happy New Year everyone at fanstory poets and writers.

Now the big question is was it LIBEL or NOT LIBEL ... the answer still remains a mystery as no one has ever contacted me about it ... lonely up here on this Island aint it ...

January 26, 2020 at 7:32PM

Bicpen: Here's the last working example ... (believe it or not)
We as an Equinox team were working and preparing our paper on some private work involving the Highlands greatest endearing mystery that of the disappearance of one Rene Mac Rae. The paper had been finished and the information or at least some of it was stolen by Police Scotland Authority once again. It led to their latest discovery and confirmed information that they had no real knowledge or link to. This paper on its own could have and would have been up for a private sale for a considerable sum but as the Police Scotland Authority like to think they own everything that any one ever knows about anything to do with some of these crimes and mysteries ... how much you may ask ... 250000 upwards and what was it .... stolen by an authority that is supposed to uphold the law go FUCK YOURSELVES AND YOUR FUCKED UP WASTERS OF CHIEF CONSTABLES AND THAT GOES FOR YOUR FUCKING THIEVING LIEING FUCK OF A SIR ORR.
December 18, 2019 at 3:11PM

Bicpen: Here's one working example ... !(believe it or not)

We had no calling or any real concern about a local suicide case up here in stornoway several months ago but after one of the Equinox team was approached for information disclosing the whereabouts of a body of a missing person inquires began. The Equinox team already informed the police that a payment would be expected and required to which they agreed ... the sum had not been finalised at this point but to all concerned an agreement had been made. The Equinox made their divine inquiries and located the remains and a revelation of the causes and last moments were disclosed. When it came to a payment of around 40000 pounds between three Equinox mi's payment was refused even though without their discovery the remains may never have been found until it was just decayed. I have information from one of my team members that this was an actual occurrence as she was the one that disclosed our information. Now this is the sort of thing I have been ranting and discussing in my profile. The Police Scotland Authority think they can use anyone of us and withhold a proper payment of agreement this is why we are and will be no longer having any communication with them and as far as them searching our computers and destroying our credibility the FUCKERS CAN GO FUCK THEMSELVES.

December 18, 2019 at 2:45PM

Bicpen: Well guess what its almost been twelve years being here on this island and all this psychological bullshit from Gail is still happening. Its been eleven years and you would have thought if they wanted to get me on a double jeopardy law they would have done it by now. Its been almost eleven years of this pathetic shit started by Gail and her colleagues and has led into a distressing shit of a life guided by her psychiatrists and police friends which has made for a very uneventful depressing piece of shit in my mind that really is going to damn her and all her silly little bastards she calls her little pathetic army. Well heres to ya Gail I have just had my 46 Th birthday and my body is fucking wrecked with this shit they call medication but so long as it keeps me quiet and I dont go tell any made up story which they class as delusions like what really happened at dunblane or working for the inverness sac team or even being mistreated and abused by her and her fucking arseholes it doesn't matter cause hes going to be a nice boy and play along and do as we tell him to do and everything will be fine and no one will be damned and we can continue to abuse his life and cover it all up with lies because we have the power and authority to do that .... so like you say Gail dont bite the hand that feeds you or was it the hand that could not give a shit about you .... just a thought.

November 17, 2019 at 12:04PM


The equinox papers are a highly prized part of our initial work which consist of private work involving the discovery of some of our greatest mysteries including murders finding remains and even famous horses. The equinox papers were written in private and were classed as our private work as a group of mercenaries known as mi's.

These papers have been removed from there original private enclosures and are now in the hands of a several police investigation team members. They have what I call been forcibly removed from our possesion and have been assertained through threats of police procedures.

These papers were highly prized and were to be sold to private investigation teams or authorities willing to offer us our asking price. The minimum price of one of these papers was to be 250,000 with a maximum value of 750,000 to 1,000,000. They are to be considered stolen.

This is a message to those in charge of the authorities namely Police Scotland who now have them in their possession, you were never meant to set the prices for our information and from now on unless our price is met for each one who's confidentiality has been breached I pray our good Lord will bring nothing but a curse on them and those involved with the false procurement of them.

You had the audacity to basically steal these papers and have failed to even contact me personally to negotiate a settlement.



One of these papers has already been used and disclosed and had success ... thats 250,000 right there. The matter of draining the right area uncovered the remains you sought and the story given on the case gave you enough evidence to convict a man who was also the original suspect. The trouble was you never had the evidence or the real story of what happened but with and equinox paper you were able to get both and bring a safe conviction.

Now that this one has been proved and tried why not use the rest and gain all you fame and glory while we eat our own feacies and scrape the bottom of our bins to feed our-selves.

Fuck you police Scotland you actually think that a pitiful 12 000 is suppose to make a difference for what you got out of it all ... go fuck yourself and give yourselves a big pat on the back and we'll tell everyone the real story of how it all came to light ... oh aye and the one your really interested in for a 1,000,000 the killer really did come from Belgium.

October 10, 2019 at 8:29PM

Bicpen: May I just state from my understanding the whole of the town of stornoway is on a PHASE TWO as the PHASE ONE was carried out last night the 9th 10 2019. Please remember when the lights go out we will be there ... Godspeed and fuck the police.

October 10, 2019 at 2:15PM


May I just say the authorities already know what the black crow is all about and we have nothing to fear from using it in the public arena. The only saddening thought that I have about the phase two and phase three with the use of the black crow surrender techniques is that due to no failing of our own but due to the authorities rejection of our project and movements planning and consent is the rejection of compliance and informing with the authorities involved with its use. Therefore the sentencing in a court of law will possibly not be so lenient so please remember the phase two and phase three of our operation is not for the faint hearted but is to be pursed vigorously and resolutely once your own mind has been determined to be involved with any of these two phases. Also a sad fact of their rejection also has an implication for denial of involvement especially in these two phases. No one is under any agreement to hand themselves over for prosecution or even required to inform of such involvement in any of these actions. So by the authorities rejection of our plan and consent they have actually forced this whole movement to be underground and non conforming. Its a bit like their own practices ... so ... in a strange sense ... what goes around comes around.

Just remember ... if you are involved in the use of the black crow just give them Hell like its meant to be!!!

October 10, 2019 at 1:41PM


It seems after about a year of investigation and deliberation our war and peace movement plans have been rejected. The idea of this movement is all based on people power. The ethos of the movement is to create a safer environment for our communities whereby hidden sexual predators who have been already convicted and released are to be discovered and public ally named and shamed.

In the first instance the idea was to provide a safe environment in the community to have them taught about the error of their ways and hopefully the aim was to aid in their rehabilitation. The requirements for this process was not complicated and mainly revolved around a true christian understanding of their grounding before God. This part of the operation was to be under the auspices and control of the T.H.O.R. teams who would have been dedicated to the instruction and overseeing of the individuals well being. Whilst involved with this gospel house these serious sexual deviants would be under their protection and left to integrate within the wider community.

However the idea that had been devised for their aid in rehabilitation had been seriously tampered with and even disgraced by the projects investigators and the idea of having unprofessional members of the community in any way involved in their aid of rehabilitation seemed to be to these government officials a step to far and the safety of our communities would rather be left in the operation currently now standing.

The trouble with these professionals who take a dim view of people even questioning their authority is that the sometime dangerous sexual predators are hidden with possible identity changes which makes for difficult safe recognition. These professionals in their wisdom have refused the good wishes of our communities to share their homes in the aid of a more prosperous and peaceable outcome.

From hence forth the war and peace movement will only be awakened to the police and authorities in charge for the phase one of proceedings. The phase two and three of our operations will remain hidden until public ally disclosed.

I cannot state strongly enough at the disappointment of these authority figure to deny our communities the safety and security to which the gospel house could and would have made in the context of a safer environment for everyone.

The Phase one is a public proceeding and all are welcome to be involved however because of the authorities denial of our communities wishes and happiness the phase two and three of the war and peace movement will remain secret from public view until necessary. As for the gospel house of T.H.O.R. helping and leading the way in aiding to rehabilitation it is to be completely set aside as its authority and mode of operation has been denied by those in authority who have decided in their own wisdom of deliberation that we are not fit or capable for determining such important decisions.


The major problem with the whole psychiatric fraternity involved with the operation of rehabilitation of sex offenders is flawed. The reason I state this is due to the completely different mindset and view of the human condition from a Christian perspective. The psychiatric fraternity tend to agree that sexual deviance from the normal is not so much a perversion caused by sin in the soul to which an individual is given over to but more a trouble of the condition of the mind resulting in them agreeing that sexual deviancy is a condition of mental illness that can only be cured by appropriate medication and counselling. The whole idea is also a world belief system which discredits the notion that there is a God and though the word psychology has its root meaning in the study of the soul may I just iterate that it knows nothing of the sort. To the psychiatric fraternity we as human are considered as lesser individuals as we do not understand the internal working of the mind which allows us to function. They in their own minds in my experience of twenty five years dealing with them from grassroots support assistants to consultants and professors have a delusion which tends to be shared in their occupation by many and not just the few it is a condition of megalomania which allows them to operate in a God like way without any interference or distraction from their deluded understanding of the human condition. In their case it could be said of them what was once said of the Apostle Paul when he was preaching to King Agrippa ... MUCH LEARNING HAS MADE THEE MAD !!!

October 10, 2019 at 12:08PM

October 3, 2019 at 8:55PM

Bicpen: All my life as far as I can remember concerning my adult years I have been mentally interfered with. It stemmed from this case of abuse which was the result of this interference in my private life. Mainly it has been people connected with the mental health fraternity and also a major interference from the Police. It resulted in a case of abuse which I have constituted as a rape as someone other than myself was involved in forcing my to have unlawful sex against my own personal will.

For years now the mental abuse has been carried out on me and as far as those involved in and with it they just wish to ignore what they've been carrying out and just call it a mental illness. This makes for an easy excuse if they get to carried away with what they intend to do and basically have me medicated and drugged to save any incrimination or embarrassment for themselves.

Below I have given you a brief glimpse into what it has been like and how it all works and how it affects myself personally. This is a real story as are all the others on here and the sad case of the matter is they did not even check any of my information that had been given to them to justify myself from my own perspective.

September 25, 2019 at 11:30AM


September 25, 2019 at 10:55AM

July 27, 2019 at 11:28AM

July 27, 2019 at 11:26AM

July 27, 2019 at 11:26AM


... worse than lame
bow your head in shame ...


April 19, 2019 at 10:27AM

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