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Location: usa
Gender: Female
Born: pennsylvania
Interests: poetry, fashion and cooking shows
Member: Standard
Joined: February 2012
I live in small place but explore my mind which is even bigger than where I will ever be. This country is limitless yet there are boundaries to be free from some sort of corrupt place. Whether its out there or around us but never in us. Were our own prisoners to our fears and ambitions. Faith has glory and hell has faith. The two on a scale with no litigation. But most likely faith will outweigh the burdens for the cost of happiness. As a novice poet and strong believer in conviction, who are we to judge the lattitude of creativity to the darkside of longevity? Its the power of words. You decide what that will be.
things happen for a reason! its always a hidden blessing!!
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poeticme2: Hello poetic writers! I'm new to fanstory and hope to meet other poets and learn other forms of poetry. And to get inspired from innovations to shape and mold new readers of poetrey to a brick in the wall writing that just builds up false hope or tears it down with raw emotions that are universival. Or just cold stone engraved with our deepest thoughts, feelings and dreams. What's your mood for poetry? Mine is like a ripple. It has affects from the stone, but to whom threw the first one? Feeling kind of poetic...me2!
February 21, 2012 at 2:55AM


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