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Location: Miami, Florida
Gender: Female
Born: Born to Lead, Born to Inspire
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2012
Ye are the SALT of the earth...Saucey adds flava, not only do I spice it up, I will give it punch, I love encouraging, and uplifting and bringing pizazzzz to any situation even when I am upset I blast my way out of it, I don't take no mess concerning negativity, I believe God. Faith keeps me from sipping woe is me soup. I'm confident, I know who I am. Life would be boring if everybody was exactly alike. lol. You got to appreciate differences, God created us all.

I'm transparent, I don't mind kicking my skeletons out of the closet, it keeps others from using dead bones against me or hanging it over my head. I'm forgiven.

Single Momma, I've raised three boys to men.

I did not seriously start writing until 2012 when I found this site. I self published a booklet some years ago (2001) called "Exit the Game" brief testimony of when I left the streets with pictures, God blessed the little booklet to sky rocketed all over the United States, it was duplicated to be placed in prisons, rehabs, battered shelters, schools and grandmas who wanted their grandchildren to exit.

I tend to write the way I talk, I'm fine with that, it's not like I don't know different styles or structures, creativity have no boundaries. I tend to write what I am passionate about. I love for the reader to be blessed by my gems. That would be gravy. I'm confident about my writing ability but stay open for learning, I have no issues with polishing the diamond every now and then. lol
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