Fiery Love
Dedicated to Commando~aka~~Bill Bishop~~
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Location: Costa Mesa, California
Gender: Female
Born: December 13, 1938
Interests: Life and its joys and mystery
Member: Premier Author
Joined: July 2012
I was born...

in Toronto, Canada and have lived in Southern California since the age of 14, my goodness, 64 plus years.

I attended the University Of Southern California, as well as other seats of learning, my life a continuing thirst for knowledge. As a perennial student, I include FanStory among my most prized learning experiences to date.

I am not retired nor do I ever plan to be. I continue to seek employment opportunities, where I can work at home and wear tees and leggings the entire day!
You would think I would have the time to write at last, and I do, with recurring distractions.
My life has always been and is a constant source of both major and minor upheavals...

So-o-o, here I am, a reclusive relic of past glories, working on a collection, a poetry collection, of that I am certain,
but nothing else, yet...
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FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Heed finished third in the contest "1-6-1 poetry"
November 12 at 4:10PM
    evesayshi: Thank you so much for your congratulations, Michele - I am delighted...Eve
    Thank you, FanStory, for your award and member dollars...Eve
    November 15 at 3:45PM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Welcome Spring finished third in the contest "Spring"
November 9 at 2:10AM
    evesayshi: Thank you FanStory members for your much appreciated votes and FanStory, for your member dollar award. I am both honored and delighted...Eve
    November 9 at 4:42PM

evesayshi: Thank you so much, FanStory Members, for your votes with this poem - very special to me, because it is my dream to one day write for children exclusively...Eve
Thank you, FanStory, for my first "entire" prize pool member dollar award. I promise to use these dollars wisely...Eve
November 7 at 2:29PM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Puppy's Short Adventure finished first in the contest "Children's Rhyming Poem"
November 7 at 5:10AM
    Mrs. KT: Congratulations, Eve!
    What a sweet children's poem!
    November 7 at 8:21AM
    evesayshi: Thank you so much, Diane - I appreciate your congrats so much and appreciate your opinion of my poem...Eve
    November 7 at 2:26PM
    RGstar: Forgot to congratulate you on this. Well done Eve. Best wishes
    November 11 at 1:35PM
    evesayshi: Thank you so much for your congratulations and Best Wishes, Roy. I am honored...Eve
    November 13 at 4:13AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: A Day Of Wonder finished third in the contest "Uplifting Poetry!"
October 22 at 5:10AM
    evesayshi: Thank you for your votes, FanStorians - I am honored...Eve
    Thank you for your member dollar award, FanStory, much appreciated...Eve
    October 22 at 3:59PM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Song Of The Nightingale finished third in the contest "Nightingale"
October 16 at 11:10PM
    evesayshi: Thank you for your votes one and all, and thank you, FanStory for the welcome member dollars...eve
    November 5 at 3:14PM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Rhyme Or Ruin II finished third in the contest "5-7-5 SEQUEL POETRY CONTEST"
October 14 at 12:10AM
    evesayshi: Thank you all for your votes...Eve
    Thank you, FanStory, for the member dollars I hope to put to good use...Eve
    October 14 at 4:01AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Sea To See finished second in the contest "Bodies of Water and Stuff"
October 13 at 7:10PM
    evesayshi: Thank you, one and all, for your votes with this one. I am honored and delighted...Eve
    Thank you, FanStory, for your member dollar award. I will of course use them in another inviting contest entry...Eve
    October 14 at 4:06AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Oh, No! finished third in the contest "Just for Fun (5-7-5)"
October 9 at 5:10AM
    Tina Crute: Congratulations!
    October 11 at 11:05AM
    evesayshi: Thank you, FanStorians, for your votes. I am honored...Eve
    Thank you, Fan/Story, for your member dollar award, to be used wisely...Eve
    Thank you so much for your personal "Congratulations," Tina. I am delighted by your response...Eve
    October 14 at 4:18AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Night To Knight finished third in the contest "Personification of Light (5-7-5)"
October 7 at 5:10PM
    evesayshi: Thank you to the voters and FanStory for votes and member dollars...Eve
    October 14 at 4:19AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: To Write, Or Not To Write finished second in the contest "Write a Senryu"
October 6 at 5:10AM
    evesayshi: Thank you, one and all - I am honored by your votes and recognition. This poem is intended for us all. I appreciate you, everyone, and your remarkable creativity so much...Eve
    Thank you, FanStory, for your member dollars, that keep me in funds for these helpful and practical opportunities...eve
    October 6 at 5:44AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: As Seasons Change finished first in the contest "Write a Nature 5-7-5"
October 5 at 2:10AM
    evesayshi: Thank you so much, FanStorian voters, for your much appreciated votes. I am honored and delighted.
    Thank you for your recognition, FanStory, and member dollar award, to be used effectively, or so I hope...Eve
    October 5 at 7:39AM

FanStory wrote to evesayshi: Sea And Sky finished second in the contest "Collab:The Sea and the Sky"
October 2 at 2:10PM
    evesayshi: Thank you, one and all, for your votes. I appreciate you all and your acknowledgement so much...Eve
    Thank you, FanStory, for my member dollar award - to be used effectively, or so I plan to...Eve
    October 2 at 2:27PM

evesayshi: To damommy - Forgive my delay in replying, but somehow I inadvertently deleted your comment and wouldn't want to be accused of deliberately excluding you, especially with your reference to "hateful" reviews. I am shocked you would suggest such a thing, in your comments, and I demand an apology, Yvonne, in this public forum. I am including the reviews I wrote regarding your poetry...Eve

In my opinion, an outstanding ABC poem, in perfect compliance with the prompt. I found it charming in its disconcerting reflection, which would, of course, completely obliterate a favored phrase - this is an excellent read. I wish you best of luck in the contest...

That'll Do
In my opinion, a clever and charming write - though I do not read poetry with the form in mind, only how I feel as I read, and its rhythm, rhyme or free verse, which with this write, is almost flawless. I am certain the form complies with the writer's intent, but to dwell upon it would remove the pleasure of the read for me, so I rely exclusively upon the tale and sound, which as I already mentioned, is almost perfect...

Fear in a Cave
In my opinion, a stunning write in every way, regardless of its form - the beauty is in the write for me, and I appreciate the smooth flow in its rhyming rhythm and the tentative outcome of its story. I was totally absorbed by the tale, and formed my own conclusion, as recommended by the writer of this outstanding work...

I Remember
In my opinion - just beautiful - an absolutely lovely poem, with a verse to which I can personally relate. I care little about the form in the read - the beauty for me is the thought presented so warmly in perfect rhyming rhythm. Thank you for sharing...
October 1 at 6:48AM
    michaelcahill: Hi, Eve

    I know Yvonne really well. She was only commenting on reviewing in general as was everyone else. I'm positive she wasn't directing her comments to you. I'm surprised ANYONE has a problem with your reviewing which is always lovely. I'm sure it's just a misunderstanding with damommy, she's a sweetheart. mike
    October 1 at 1:35PM
    damommy: Thank you, Michael. I appreciate your support. And you're right. It was a general comment. I said no more than anyone said, and I don't believe I need to apologize.
    October 1 at 1:56PM
    evesayshi: Thank you for your response, Michael - I don't know Yvonne at all and in that context, she does not know me. She may be a sweetheart to you and select FanStorians, but that attitude apparently does not include me, for whatever reason. None of the comments, including hers, were "general" in nature. The comments from the other respondents were in direct response to an open message I placed. She jumped on a delusive bandwagon without regard for MY feelings, when she commented on MY Profile page, naming and addressing those who commented, voicing her agreement. I regret I inadvertently deleted her comments. Sorry, Michael, but I take great exception to "clique," or shall I say, "mob" mentality...Eve
    October 1 at 3:58PM
    evesayshi: damommy, yes, it is nice to have supporters when they are unaware of the scope of your hurtful commentary. Your admission confirms the fact that you said "no more than anyone said," in the framework of a "mob" mentality. Shame on you, Yvonne. Obviously the frailties of society have taught you nothing. I included my reviews of your works on this page as a reminder. They were in no way "hateful" as your comment implied. The apology, though extremely appropriate, will not assuage the offense rendered, but I will endure, regardless. This is strictly a matter of conscience, good or none...Eve
    October 1 at 4:23PM

evesayshi: First, I would like to express my innermost regard for all the writers here, one and all. This message specifically addresses those who continue to harbor resentment or actual hostility against other writers, in this instance, me, regarding reviews. This statement is long overdue. My objective in writing reviews is to state my perspective clearly, without malice, and with the intent to be helpful and encouraging. In stating my personal opinion, I can offend, but it isn't intentional, nor with harmful intent, albeit too blunt at times. I readily forgive this when it occurs to me, and it does, and I am extremely surprised when I am not afforded the same courtesy or consideration - especially from those who express spirituality in their writing, or are practicing and writing Christians. That is confusing to me. As a "Born Again" Christian, I know Our Savior and Mentor, Jesus, practiced and taught forgiveness liberally; therefore, It is absolutely incredible to me that these practicing spiritualists continue their enmity. It is not Christian....Eve
September 29 at 3:49PM
    mrsmajor: I've not had any of your reviews nor have I read any of your work, but as I read your post, I though if you would pay a bit more attention, as a Christian, and not offend, then I think writers would surely respond the same way..."I can offend" you say well try not to offend...
    September 29 at 4:17PM
    evesayshi: As a Christian, I also attempt to be honest and not deliberately lie, simply to pacify someone - that too is important. Unfortunately, I am not in a position to afford member dollars without reviewing. It is an essential part of the program here. Therefore, sorry, I do not stand corrected.
    You are certainly entitled to your opinion, Victoria, as I am to mine. I stand firm in my stated message. I am not requesting attention, only the release of apparent hostility, which must be viewed as completely inappropriate, again as stated, and in this venue of intelligence and spiritual bent...Eve

    Interestingly, the fact that I mentioned "I can offend" was merely my failed attempt at diplomacy. I will state the fact clearly, so there can be no further misunderstanding. If others cannot accept a "real" review, expressed sincerely to help and encourage, then the fault lies with THEM, not me, and I am guilty of NOTHING...Eve
    September 29 at 4:51PM
    nor84: When you review, try using the sandwich approach. Tell the writer something you liked about piece, then tell writer what you believe could be an improvement, and finish up something else that is a compliment. Another tip would be to avoid the pronoun YOU, which can sound accusatory.

    Nor84, site recognized reviewer
    September 29 at 6:47PM
    giraffmang: It's not dishonest to practice and employ the art of tact...
    September 30 at 12:35AM
    evesayshi: Apparently, nor84, you have not reviewed any of my works, nor have I reviewed yours - otherwise, you would be aware of how I do so. I believe people who give advice should be knowledgeable about the matter at hand and the person involved - you are neither, therefore, your comments in an advisory capacity lack credibility. Sorry.

    And, as a reminder,
    nor84:"If you don?t accept critique or offer honest critiques when asked, you become stuck in a rut of a lower quality of writing; you don?t reach your potential; or you keep others from reaching theirs. Critiques should be constructive though. No critique should be cruel." Quote From: A Fiction Writer?s Guide to Plot Holes, by Ann Snizek
    October 1 at 4:55AM
    evesayshi: Sorry, giraffmang, I don't recall reviewing any of your works, but I believe you have reviewed one or two of mine, and I found your reviews both diplomatic and encouraging. I agree with your comment, and we certainly have no cause for concern between us...Eve

    And, just for the record, I practice tact and diplomacy naturally - it is my upbringing...Eve
    October 1 at 5:06AM
    Tina Crute: I stopped by to congratulate you on a winning entry and started reading the messages here. Wow. Just wow.
    Evesayshi...I want nothing but honesty from your review of any work I do, and I appreciate that you are willing to do that:) I am here to learn, so, at least with me, you will not be judged for your reviews.
    October 11 at 11:19AM
    evesayshi: Hello Tina, thank you for your response that I just discovered. Sorry for the delay in answering.

    In defining my position regarding reviewing, I do not knowingly hurt a writer's feelings. I choose to be favorable in my reviews, with comments intended to serve an encouraging and motivating purpose. If I read a poem I cannot review in this manner, I "skip it" entirely; therefore, I was incensed by the comments I received in response to my open memo. My irritation even prompted me to include the total reviews I wrote regarding damommy's (Yvonne) poetry. Interestingly, I have no reservations whatsoever about accepting responsibility for my actions, good or bad, but if bad, they must be proven in order to be valid. None of the comments were true, therefore not provable, and must be viewed as deliberate and unjustified hostility. While I do believe in honesty, I also believe it must be tempered with intelligence and good will. It is my fervent belief I demonstrate these qualities in my reviews as part of my ingrained nature.

    Thank you again, Tina, for electing to voice your opinion regarding this issue, and I hope
    you shall never have cause to regret your words of support...Eve
    October 14 at 4:21PM

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In Faith reached "All Time Best" status.
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November 12 at 4:10PM
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November 9 at 2:10AM
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November 7 at 5:10AM
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October 22 at 5:10AM
Song Of The Nightingale finished third in the contest "Nightingale"
October 16 at 11:10PM
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October 14 at 12:10AM

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