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Location: Tucson AZ, Poulsbo, WA
Gender: Male
Born: May 23, 1939
Interests: sailing, golf, history, natural history, detective fiction
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2012
In my youth, age 20 or thereabouts, I wrote a bunch of poems, truly godawful. That was it until age 70, two years after retiring from a career in aging services and retirement center management. So for my own amusement, I sat down and wrote a novel, roughly on the theme of loss and healing. Naturally, a few friends who were amazed that I could write anything said it wasn't too bad and encouraged me to submit it to a publisher. Really bad advice. I submitted it to an e-publisher who had the good sense to reject it. Undeterred, and having got somewhat bit by the writing bug, I next wrote a detective novel, featuring Gus the PI and three cronies, who called themselves the old farts club. It was abominably structured, although there was some good writing in parts, so I'm told. Anyway, I submitted it to the same e-publisher, who this time didn't even grace me with a reply. Incidentally, I don't hold that against the e-publisher. So next, I decided to try my hand at short stories. I have at this point completed six, with several others in progress, all set in a not-so-fictional adult-only community of manufactured homes known as Tucson Estates. The several friends who have read them say the writing is much improved over the novels. However, this time before impetuously submitting them to a publisher, I am casting them to a wider audience for a more objective appraisal. Thus, my reason for joining Fanstory the other day when I came across the site via Google. I love my little stories. I reflect on them, calling up passages that particularly please me, or pondering those in progress, when I go to bed, between wakefulness and sleep. I write them basically for myself, but I confess to being truly pleased when my readers enjoy them as well.
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Phyllis Stewart
OldSalt: I haven't posted anything in quite a few months. Got to chapter eleven of my second, sort of novel and lost interest. If that was the case for me, any readers would really be turned off. So, instead of slogging thru it, I did what any not very serious writer would, and pursued other interests. I know, I truly deserve the righteous scorn of serious fanstory writers. But there you are. For me, writing is only a sometime hobby, that being retired and now 74, I only pursue while I'm enjoying the craft. I live in Tucson. Outside it's 104, heading for three days of 111 this weekend. I did play a round of golf this morning. The trick is to forget about the heat and drape a towel soaked in ice water around your neck between holes. Works pretty well. But the afternoons find me a captive of my air-conditioned living room, and afternoon TV is a never and a no-no, so I read the really good mystery writers like Michael Connelly and Lee Child. Which gets me to thinking, I really ought to finish chapter eleven of Joyride to Hellhole, the itch to put some words on paper. So now it's done and I'm going to post it, for better or worse. After all, still got a couple of months left on my first year trial membership in the Fanstory clan. Have met some nice people, in a virtual sense, and that has been the best part of membership.

Week later: well I posted it and received some pretty harsh critiques. Like I said, not my day job, so first just shrugged it off. Part of the game. Then I decided to rewrite it from a different character's POV. An attempt to address several of the criticisms. Maybe an improvement, maybe not.
June 26, 2013 at 4:07PM


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