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Location: Colorado
Gender: Female
Born: november 6,1948
Interests: many
Member: Standard
Joined: March 2013
like to read and paint
no matter where you go....there you are.
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budhabee: I have seen a lot of life so far. I count myself as extremely lucky at 65 not to have kicked the bucket yet. I have a lot of best friends. They are all near my age. I adore them. I Oil Paint. I don't know where that is taking me but I sure have a lot of finished canvas's. There is an Art community here and have visited it. Once.
I was raised on a farm in Durango, Colorado up the Animas Valley. When I was 13 my family moved to the town of Shiprock, New Mexico on the Navajo Indian Reservation. I graduated there in 1967. We were a white family there but there were many others. Nurses, Teachers. My father was working for a Uranium Mill at that time. I made a lot of friends there almost all of them were Indian. I only had about 2 white girl friends. I have worked various jobs but am retired now. Looking for something to do I guess. Maybe this is the place to have some fun here.
March 11, 2013 at 8:24PM
    Barb Hensongispsaca: Welcome aboard. there are so many wonderful people here and many ready to help. don't be afraid to ask. I have been here since Dec. and have learned new styles.
    April 23, 2013 at 10:55AM


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