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Maguy Daoud
Location: Lebanon
Gender: Female
Born: 25/09/1977
Interests: Fine arts, novels, classic music
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2013
Hello, first of all i want to thank God that he gaves me the talent of writing. It is the most talent that i want to share with all readers and writers. Second when i found this precious website " " , i couldn't stop myself to surf everyday and everynight, really i found myself in this web, and i could express all i feel about i love in this life. I am lebanese writer from the most loved mother-country " Lebanon ", the country that has war for 35 years passed, so how can words describe the miserable life that all lebanese people shared together in the past? But we are a strong people, we can rise again, we have the power to rise every time we fall , we have the ability to built ourselves and our country in a faster way than you couldn't immagine, we can built again our dreams that one day the've gone with the wind. But thhe wind that we have by grace of God is the most talented people is here in Lebanon, we have writers, we have musicians, we have famous artists, all the creative life has born here, and beleive every word i say.
Since i decided to come back my dream that i had long time ago which is writing and spreading all the words that i can say out on papers, my dream come true finally and have seen the light of life since 4 years ago. I had many problems and challenging ones tried to stop my talent to rise but i kept writing and writing until i found myself and my soul united together as an author. Maybe you will say this is a proudly women i can ever saw, yes that's right, i'm proud first to be lebanese, and i'm proud of myself because i through everything negatively in my life in a big basket of inner-destructive feelings. So i kept writing until i have now in my bookcase 26 children stories that many of my friends authors read them and giving me the feedback that i need most to rise my talent.
I hope to reach my eternal dream and i like to spread my words like a beautiful wind playing with our hairs and change our spirits to have at least a smile on our faces. Wish me luck my dears readers and writers and authors as i wish the same for all of you, and i will send big hugs and kisses from my lovely country " Lebanon ".
Better to chase your dreams rather you sleep in dreams
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Maguy Daoud: A child is born ( Christmas Story )
Once upon a time there was an emperor called Augustus Caesar, he was the ruler of the great roman emperor.
In his kingdom all was well organized, from the royal family, to the servants, to the soldiers that only ordered by his majesty. Once he decided to make a new rule in his kingdom which is a demographic population , he ordered to organize and number the people living in the land authorized by the great emperror. Every person should register his name in the city that he took the first birth. And Palestine was at that time a land in the roman emperor.
In this vast emperor, there was a small family formed from two people which are Saint Joseph the wood maker and the holy Virgin Mary who??s pregnant, they went to Bethlehem to register his family there.
During the road, holly virgin Mary turned very tired from travelling, so they went to search for a place to live in it, but unfortunately, and for the bad chance Joseph and Mary didn??t find any place because the all rooms of the hotels was plenty of people.
They??ve been searching all the night and went to ask the hotels owners until at least a very modest person proposed to them to live for temporary time in a stable established for his animals.
Even the place was very bad to sleep there, Joseph and Mary accepted modestly because there was outside very cold, and the wind was playing his music until everything turned to froze.
They settled in, and suddenly Mary felt that the birth pain started.
In the middle of this cold night Mary gave a birth to a very special child that they named him ??Emmanuel ??who means God with us ??.
Jesus the born baby was put in a crèche.
In the same time of this glorious night, an angel called ?? Gabriel ?? appears to sheep pastors that they guard their sheep while eating grass, and he told them about the birth of Jesus, giving them a mission to search for him and visited.
When the angel Gabriel finished his parole, a troop of great angels sings: Alleluiah !Glory to God and the peace on heaven, and joy to the world.
??Joy to the world the Lord has come
And the land receives her king
La la la lalla lalllalla??
La la la la.
The pastors begin their important mission, and it was searching in all Bethlehem, they searched all the night until they found a very small person lived in a crèche, they??ve kneed and told holly virgin Mary and Joseph the wood maker what have been they told from a great angel.
In the other side of this great earth, in the countries of the East, some wisdom people saw a very big yellow star that shines in the sky, and it was by that time a great evidence knowing by people that a great king is born.
So, at this night they decided to travel to that place to knee to the born baby king, and during their travelling trip, the star was their first guidance to the road until they get to Jerusalem.
First of all they went to a king that called ?? Herodes ?? asking his majesty about the new baby born that they??ve told : "King of juifs", But the king Herodes didn??t knew anything about that born baby, so he asked the wisdom men??s and told them: ?? Go and search for him and come back to tell me about his place and where he lives, I want to go and kneed for him too??.
In deep himself, the King Herodes want to kill that baby fearing that the baby born taking his thrown and being the new ruler king.
The wisdom men??s was astonished about the news that told by the king Heroldes because they already know that King Herodes was a mean person.
Even that they went for searching the born king.
The wisdom men??s continued their trip until they reach the place that the baby born was leading by the shiny great star.
They reached the place taking with them great gifts, they entered the crèche slowly and kneethed in front of God Jesus and they present their three gifts: Gold, Louban, and myrrh.
After their visit, the mages went to come back to their homes, but they didn??t tell the king Herodes about the baby place, and that good reason for not killing Jesus.
Aren??t they good? Yes they are.
In the other side of Bethlehem, holly virgin Mary looked by hope to his great son, but Joseph was so tired that cold night, so he felt asleep and begin to snoring.
In the middle of this snowy night, the angel Gabriel appears to Joseph by a dream and told him:
??Joseph! Joseph! Wake up! Wake up! You should leave here, because the King Herodes wants to kill the baby born, Hurry up and took the way to Egypt.
Poor Joseph, Jesus, and Mary, they obliged for the second time to travel in cold winter weather, and in the middle of the night that bears every whisper under the snow.
Nobody was on the road, the road was empty, darky, and scary only Joseph, Jesus under the wings of tender Mary, and on a donkey that gave it to them a modest man,this man was the same one that he gave them the crèche that silent night.
??Go! Go! Go! And save this boy, he is the honor of this world, said the modest man to Joseph and God be with you all around the journey".
Joseph thanked this modest man deeply and took his family strictly way to Egypt.
By this night, the king Herodes was very angry from the behaviors of the three wisdom men??s , first of all because they didn??t respect his powerful royal ruling throwne, and second they lied to him. For that great anger reason, he commands all his soldiers in the entire emperor to kill every boy born under 2 years old.
Poor king Herodes, he didn??t know that he made a lifetime criminal, not in the eye of the roman emperor itself, but in the eyes and justice of God.
Poor moms, they tried to hide their boys from the hands of the criminal Herodes, but unfortunately they couldn??t because of the existence of the roman soldiers that they spread like the virus in the weather everywhere.
From house to house the crying of poor ladies broke the silence of this sadly night.
In the other side of that dark night, there was three peoples hard travelling from place to place, from to road, from river to river, from valley to valley, crossing the wind and the cold, and the rain , even the snow it didn??t stop their insistence to reach the pyramids land.
At least they reached Egypt, a country of marvelous civilizations, oldest one like the pharaohs themselves. They also across the grand Nile River which is famous in the world.
??Egypt?. Here we are??, said Joseph with anxiety and taking deep breath.
He helped Mary to down from the back of this poor tired donkey and for the big help of it gaves and Joseph offered him water and some food to eat.
After taking some rest, Joseph begins for a job search, he has quietly sure on his neck a family of two persons, a women she needs good nourriture for good milk to the baby king. So, he started asking people about the job who can help his family from hunger and cold. After a lot of search, he introduced a man who works as wood maker like Joseph himself.
??Oh! What a chance, I found a job??, said Joseph to Mary who in her turn was so happy for his beloved one.
??Good honey! I??m so glad for you, said Mary with a big smile on her beautiful face.
Joseph started his new job as a wooden maker with his chief, and he was very enthusiastic person in creating a lot of beautiful wooden things.
His chief at work noticed his beautiful work, and he proposed him a living house near to his factory. Joseph by then accepted his generous offer and moved another time with his family to a new house.
Two years passed while the saint family lived in Egypt, and Jesus was growing in a loving family, prayer one, and warming.
During his growing up, Jesus was a very clever boy, he learned from his father the wooden ways, and Mary what do you think she??s doing? She's of course raised his only beloving son the good manners, the prayer, and she made a very beautiful linen t-shirts for Jesus and Joseph, plus the good food she cooked.
They lived three of them happy, sacrifiying, and a lot of prayers until that time comes to back to Jerusalem.
May 6, 2013 at 10:48AM
    Maguy Daoud: I really like this story, it will always remind me how Jesus sufferes a lot for ourselves, and it keeps remind me that we will suffer and struggle to take what we really need.
    May 6, 2013 at 11:54AM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friends on, I'm glad to inform you that i'm going to publish 2 stories soon. Hope you enjoy my writing. Please wish me luck.
    June 4, 2013 at 3:01AM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friends on fanstory, i need your likes on my page Grannie's House Editions on facebook. Your encourage means a lot to me.
    July 24, 2013 at 3:25AM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friends on fanstory, I really missing you and your writing posts, I have been absent for a while because I am working on some Arabic stories which is one of them has been published and distributed, it's name:The Girl Of The Green Forest. You can see it by checking Daoud. Hope all of you encouraging me. Missing you from the bottom of my heart.
    February 20, 2014 at 6:50AM

Maguy Daoud:
A Prayer to Santa ( Christmas Story )

Once upon a time in a faraway country which has name �?? Christmas Islands �??, in a village that the snow has wearing his white dress all around the year, there is a little girl which her name is Gloria lives with her single mother Holly in a house full of sadness and sorrows.
Gloria wasn�??t so happy in her life even when her mother holly tries her best to give her the most needs that child demands: Love, and tenderness.
Her mother Holly working all days and nights to give her child the best life ever, but none of that makes Gloria happy, she had always something in her eyes telling that she�??s not satisfied, this unsatisfaction girl made the mother Holly sad and crying every night before sleeping.
This little girl Gloria has a dad which his name is grant, but he left his family so long ago because his family needs more money to live as others.
The girl wasn�??t happy for the decision that her dad made, and she never forgives him for that.
And here the winter is coming and visiting the village and sending them his minister December coming in a royal entrance with his tuff wind and cold snow, and all the children of the village are preparing for the big night before Christmas, even the big peoples have arranged there lives to have such a wonderful time together as families, one of the kids was writing a letter to Santa demanding on it a red reindeer noise, other sending a letter to Santa demanding a little baby doll, third demanding a play station�?�
Even the big people were so enthusiast for this incredible and lovely month, some of them going to a faraway forest to take a Christmas tree, other decorated their houses with the most joyful decorations ever seen, some also had preparing a very delicious Turkey and cookies for celebrating.
All of them were happy receiving this white minister December month in their houses, only Gloria was not preparing anything for this month, even her mother Holly tried a lot to convince her to have the joy and happiness, but worthless the girl never responds to the inner wishes to her mother.
She always said: �??I hate Christmas, I hate presents, I hate decorations, I hate all things concerning Christmas, there�??s no Christmas ever, and how could you mom believe on it? �??Said the little girl to her mother crying and so frustrated.
The mother of this little girl tried to let her calm and telling her that she would believe at Christmas in her heart.
How can I believe it in my heart and that Christmas exists and dad left us from long ago, how can I believe there is a hope in Christmas, how can I believe such foulness mom ? �??said Gloria
The mother was chocked for listening the words come angrily and desperately from the mouth of his little and lonely girl.
The days passed and the mother was trying all the time to let her child convince to take some actions toward Christmas, but never happened of their hopes.
The mother was always hopeless and the child too, what shall I do to let her believe again? She was confused what to do?
One, two, three, four,�?�. The calendar running so fast, and the days also, they want to have Santa on the 24th of December, the night before Christmas, mom checked her list twice, and she was happy to do this, it�??s �?? Christmas �?? she said.
Then she took her little child in her arms and fulling her little angel face and kisses her so deeply, and told her: �??Gloria, I will tell you something my sweet heart, there is an ancient story told that there is an older man who called �??Nicholas �??, this old man was so rich and have most desirable things that many of us wants to have, but he was not happy at all.
Gloria reclaimed: �??Why such as rich man was no happy �??, Is it possible?
The mother Holly responds her and tells her that the old man was not happy because he will never donate something�??s from his heart, and especially something from his big possession, he was so egoist and selfish person.
One day, when the old man staying in his palace reading a story, something amazing was a current, a very big yellow star passed fastly through his window and splash of a magic dust in his palace, the old man never understand what happened and let it took away, he never being considerable about that.
The second day an angel showing to him many of poor children in this world needs some love and caring, and tell him : �?? Nicholas, I visited you because I know that you�??re chosen from God to help those children �??, and I�??m quietly sure that you have something in your heart is very good than all money and possessions you have �??. The old man turned to a hysterical one and began to laugh and laugh and he�??ll never believe in this angel and his talking.
He said to the angel: �??Its all foolish things that happen to me lately, am I boring or I�??m losing my mind? Also he never took any reactions about that and still in his egoism and selfishness.
The third passed also like the others two days, a little Christmas white dove passed through his way and told her: �??You will not have the peace on your mind if you still behaving like this�??, never will be accomplished by you, anything you will do it will be a lost failure, all your efforts will go, you will lose everything, the money, the possession, the palace, the fortune,�?� everything, and then the little white dove flying to the blue sky where mercy exists.
The old man was not a believer one and he passed all night where he couldn�??t sleep and turning from side to side on bed.
Than he fall sleep and have a very bad nightmare that night never let him rest, suddenly he wake up in the middle of the night and wearing his most precious red dress which has made from the velour�??s it self and took a red big bag and put all what he has in his palace from jewellries, money, gold, and everything precious to his heart.
He left his house silently and closes the door of his palace behind him, and going to the village that the star told an lead him too, and reminding what the angel said to him: �??So many children needs you ! �??, and also reminde the little dove where telling him: �??�??You will not have the peace on your mind if you still behaving like this�??.
The old man through his bad thoughts from his mind, and believed that the three visitors of him telling the truth, and told himself: �??I really find myself, my happiness should this way �??, and he marched happily on raod in a silent night.
What happens, Nicholas the old man giving what he has, daily and especially nightly when everyone are sleeping and from the bottom of his heart.
Every morning the people of the village find something in a little bag in front of the poorest doors, they will never knew whom is that person who gave them what they really need.
The years past and the old man doing what he accustomed to do, but he was really found the happiness and peace on his soul and mind.
Gloria was so happy from this story that mom tells, the tears through from their cheek on her little face and hugged her mom deeply and telling her that she will be a different one again.
The morning, when the sunshine arises and holds the land and the sky with golden rayon�??s, and the rainbow shines after a stormy night, Sacha the little girl runs fastly to her desk and write a letter telling on it:
�?? Dear Santa,
I don�??t want gifts, I don�??t want clothes, only I want and I pray to you that daddy come finally to home because we can�??t live without him, we are missing him so much�??. Please Santa wish to be true because I beleiving in you and your magical touch.
She rans very fast to the mailpost and send the letter to the �?? North P�«le �?? where Santa lives.
Sacha back to home with a very big hope that Santa let her prayer come true.
The day past, and here it is the night 24 before Christmas, she prepared the dinner with her mom and knees on her knees and pray.
Suddenly the door house is opened and whom you guess it�??s the visitor, it�??s papa the father of sacha the little girl, for the first beginning she never believe, but a moment then, she saw her father running to her and having her in his arms hugging and crying so.
The father sit with her wife and little children and telling that he�??d been happy ever alone, and he was thinking of them always, but Sacha I was so selfish and never think of that I might be the happiness of others, then I decided to come and stay with you and mom all times.
A least, this Christmas meant to Sacha a lot because she felt for the existence of dad mom the peace that she was serching so long.
And they lived happily ever after beleiving tuly that: �?? If you believe it from your heart, it will be come true�??.
May 6, 2013 at 9:56AM
    Maguy Daoud: every time when i back to read the story again i feel something magical touches my heart and let my spirit rise high again. It gives always the sacred spirit that i need to chase my dreams.
    May 6, 2013 at 11:57AM
    misscookie: Hello I have one question why have you not post theses lovely stories for other F/s members to read.
    I'm looking forward to read more of your write.
    Until next time.
    May 15, 2013 at 5:09AM
    Maguy Daoud: i didn't upgrade my self yet, i will do soon.
    Thanks for the comment and courage you gave me. See you
    May 16, 2013 at 3:40AM
    sandramitchell: You must upgrade, your writting is lovely, Maguy, we would all benefit from your lovely words. Sandra
    May 24, 2013 at 6:37AM
    Maguy Daoud: Thank you sandra, i will promise, but i should be more comprehensive for this lovely web " fanstory". When i'm ready, i'll upgrade soon, another promise. Thanks you made my day special.
    May 29, 2013 at 3:45AM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friend on,
    I'm glad to inform you that i'm going to publish 2 stories soon. Hope you enjoy my writing. Please wish me luck.
    June 4, 2013 at 3:04AM
    Selina Stambi: I wish you luck and every blessing, my dear - and God continue to be with you always. xxx :)
    July 6, 2013 at 4:14PM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friends on fanstory, i need your likes on my page Grannie's House Editions on facebook. Your encourage means a lot to me.
    July 24, 2013 at 3:26AM
    Maguy Daoud: Hello my friends on fanstory, this month I continue a year of participating all of you your writing posts and mine. I am so pleased indeed to discover this lovely web of creativity of all kinds.
    April 6, 2014 at 11:14AM


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