A FaceTime Call
Chapter 41: Some connections are made.
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Location: Cronulla, Australia
Gender: Male
Born: 03-12-1954
Interests: surfing,writing and more surfing
Member: Eternal Premier Author
Joined: May 2013
writes under the pen name Dip

"Terrible, insipid and snide poems. Rhymes are okay, but are mostly forgettable shrugs of language that work for a time and then are easily forgotten." Also not helped by the curious picture you have selected for your profile shot--"a smiling middle-aged guy; fit, looking relaxed, maybe losing some hair but with a sun tan and a shirt open all the way outside his nipples". Kind of smarmy in this context.
Poems from the Heart sounds like a really common title for self-published poets who really only write things to cheer themselves up when time spent in one's real life gets overwhelming. I'm sure I'm a nice guy.
I don't take my poetry seriously at all--
I've forgotten more than you'll ever know!
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DR DIP: MUTING is a MOOT point

There's a mut(e)iny going on
On this ship of fools
Made to walk the plank
For breaking Fanstory rules

Muffled from communication
Stymied from a few
A piss weak explanation
For this personal curfew

Ask the audience or phone a friend
Or you can go fifty/fifty
Like a quiz show you'd commend
If you want to pull a swifty

The mute button's more attractive
Confrontation's just too hard
The action so reactive
An easy solution in this regard

January 28 at 9:27PM
    CD Richards: Hey Dip,

    In my experience, if I mute somebody, or they mute me, it's most likely because I think they are a git, they believe me to be one, or most likely, there is mutual lack of admiration. Should it really bother us that such a person doesn't want our opinion?

    Someone of note once said:

    "If anyone will not welcome you or listen to your words, leave that home or town and shake the dust off your feet."

    Their advice wasn't always bad ;-)
    January 28 at 9:40PM
    Debra White: Amusing poem, Dip 😀
    I never muted anyone and wouldn?t know if anyone muted me!

    CD Richards, love the word ?git?. It isn?t used often enough! 😂
    January 29 at 1:00PM

January 17 at 9:35PM
    Jannypan (Jan) : The first comment isn't funny--borders on racist--not you--your comment! Until you live in the US, you really don't get it.
    January 17 at 10:24PM
    DR DIP: fair enough Jan I was just trying to lighten up a very tense and contentious time in your current situation in your country. Yep I'll never get it, believe me the comment was never meant to have racist overtones whatsoever.
    January 18 at 4:09AM
    beatpoet: Give me a break. Duo's comment is in NO way racist. The beans are called Mexican jumping beans because the larvae inside the beans are native to Mexico. I was born and raised in the U.S., and I am not offended by this remark. Nor were any of the Mexican-American friends I knew growing up when these beans were popular. This is simply another example of how a large portion of this country's citizens love to jump on the PC wagon when it is not necessary.
    January 18 at 4:23PM
    beatpoet: Sorry, Dip. I meant Dip. It's hard to get things right when you work for a living g.
    January 18 at 4:30PM
    beatpoet: Don't apologize for what you wrote, Dip. You words were okay.
    January 18 at 7:38PM
    beatpoet: Your words were not racist.
    January 18 at 7:42PM
    Jannypan (Jan) : My exact words--"borders on racist." Maybe at one time referring to the items was ok. But in this day, attitudes have changed. It is no longer 'funny.'
    January 18 at 8:55PM
    Jesse James Doty: I agree with Jannypan (Jan). It is not funny.
    January 18 at 10:12PM
    beatpoet: It is still funny, as it's nit referring to a people, but a type of larvae. But think what you want. It's a free country. I don't think it's the least bit offensive. If it were an American larvae, and people called them American jumping beans, no one would find fault with that phrase. Its no different with Mexican jumping bean. Now, if someone is using the term in reference to Mexicans who are trying to cross the U.S. American border, than it would be used offensively. If that's what what you're alluding to than I agree with you.
    January 18 at 11:51PM
    Jannypan (Jan) : Of course, that's what is being alluded to. Those people trying to jump the wall! He isn't talking about the 'real' jumping bean.
    January 19 at 12:19AM
    Dean Kuch: He already apologized for his remarks, people.
    Get over it!
    January 19 at 12:27AM
    taurist: Whatever happened to tequila with worms.. yum yum..
    January 19 at 1:04AM
    CD Richards: The most ironic thing in this exchange is the use of the phrase "borders on racist". Borders, indeed.
    January 19 at 3:09AM
    beatpoet: Yes, "borders on racist" is a clever play on words, given given the fact that the Mexican/American border situation is so prevalent lately.
    January 19 at 6:16AM
    beatpoet: Yeah, do they still put worms in tequila bottles? They don't jump, though. Because they're wearing little, steal cement shoes that the Mexican mafia put on them. Tequilla is kind of a Hudson river.
    January 19 at 6:19AM

DR DIP: ALWAYS find the the time to read poetry aloud and several times especially rhyming poetry.
It's amazing how easier it is to establish the beat and rhythm of a poem when you can hear your own voice.(no matter how cringe worthy you think your voice sounds)
It also irons out any meter and syllabic count imperfections if read how the author wants it to be read I feel.
Rhyming purists will probably disagree.
This is purely an observation not a command lol
Enjoy 2019 and keep it fun
January 8 at 2:42PM
    Mrs. KT: I totally agree!
    In fact, I believe all poetry should be read aloud...just like all plays should be seen!
    January 8 at 4:54PM
    Tootie: I totally agree with both of you. Thank you so much for sharing this.
    January 8 at 9:59PM
    moonsunrise: I so agree with you. Thanks for sharing.
    January 10 at 12:33AM

DR DIP: Just a consensus: What is everyone's opinion of removing the forum topics of POLITICS and RELIGION completely off the site so there is no possible enticement for anyone to go to them. It just seems to provoke bad and unnecessary blood on a wonderful site.
Just my opinion but as Tom says, there is always the skip button one doesn't HAVE to visit these forum topics.
January 6 at 9:15PM
    Jannypan (Jan) : IF those 2 topics were deleted, then some would find way to still include them in other threads. I have seen threads about these 2 topics in several other main topics of discussion.
    January 6 at 9:47PM
    phill doran: Noooooooooooo. They make for great reading. Troll-feeding, keyboard meltdowning Cyber-Warriors at play in the fields of the Loud. There was an old saying that if you let 10,000 monkeys type endlessly, they would eventually produce King Lear: the FS Religion and Politics Forums have graphically disproved that theory. Comedy Gold.
    Just don't go there if it upsets you...
    January 7 at 2:24AM
    DR DIP: Doesn't upset me in the slightest Phill but some people are very sensitive.
    it was just a consensus
    January 7 at 3:17AM
    nor84: I am definitely for giving those who want to discuss either politics and religion having their own forums to do so. If they do not have those forums, then they will use the forums that are available, and that's where there are arguments and objections. Been here since 2006, so I remember when there was no religious forum.
    January 7 at 4:14PM
    taurist: Agreed and opposing Opinions inspire.. just don't be hateful.
    January 19 at 1:09AM

DR DIP: LET'S MAKE 2019 A MUTE FREE YEAR! LET'S START IT WITH A CLEAN SLATE. There is a MUTE moratorium on at the moment.... everyone hand in there loaded mutes and bullets and start 2019 afresh.
Ok it was just a thought lol
January 4 at 10:46PM

DR DIP: To all my FanStory friends and foes lol. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas from down under.
Let's make 2019 a mute free year haha
December 24 at 4:06PM
    Dean Kuch: Merry Christmas, Dipster...
     photo santa-chimney1_zpsaa5f569a.gif
     photo cooltext209009627670644_zps2cukpkbu.png
    December 26 at 12:12AM
    l.raven: I hope you and your family had a wonderful Christmas Waves...it's going to be the best year yet...love Linda xxoo
    December 26 at 11:27PM

DR DIP: "You cannot comment on this post"....oh how I love this when it comes up lol
December 19 at 2:36PM
    giraffmang: My personal favourite response recently is 'I copied and pasted my last review to not waste time.'
    December 19 at 3:49PM

DR DIP: AWH!! That green is vicious colour Tom! haha I'm sure we'll get used to it over the festive season lol
Have a great Christmas from all of us Fanstorians down under!
I know there are a few of us.
December 10 at 9:16PM
    susanjohn: ...I like the Christmas lights! :-)
    December 11 at 7:36AM
    damommy: What's wrong with the green????
    December 11 at 6:59PM
    DR DIP: its a sickly looking green Yvonne
    just my opinion
    December 11 at 11:54PM

December 1 at 11:47PM
    DR DIP: that's me tomorrow lol
    December 2 at 12:17AM

DR DIP: I read a book once called "don't sweat the small stuff' which basically says to not let those little things get to you in life.
I suppose it is a good attitude to take hey.
Yep, life is one big cliche'

November 25 at 2:21PM

DR DIP: Man, there are some wonderful wordsmiths on this site be them short story writers or poets.
Though I don't get the time to dedicate to this site to review hardly any more I still manage to call in and read some of my favourite poets.
It would be unfair to specifically name them through fear of missing one whose writes really tickle my fancy so to speak.
but they all know I have the deepest respect for their talent as writers and even though I might not comment because of time constraints, I always try to read when I visit.
"Never lose the muse"
November 17 at 2:37PM

DR DIP: I entered two blind contests the other day, one was vertical and the other Venetian, not sure when they're drawn or closed.
Blinds give you that option I suppose.
October 30 at 3:42PM
    CD Richards: You've draped yourself in glory there, Dip.
    October 30 at 8:49PM
    DR DIP: The fabric of your reply is shear genius CD
    October 30 at 10:51PM

DR DIP: I think I'm pregnant
October 29 at 11:31PM
    l.raven: LOL...what's the wife got to say??...LOL..
    what happened on that trip???...goodnight you...love my sweet friend...Linda xxoo
    October 30 at 12:51AM
    damommy: Let me be your agent. We'll be rich!!!!
    October 30 at 4:54PM
    F. Wehr3: Put down that donut, doc. You're just fat, lol.
    October 30 at 6:29PM
    flylikeaneagle: Dr. Dip, you're not pregnant. Maybe, you are getting fuller so you can hibernate for the winter. Animals store fat to keep warm. Maybe, you need another blanket. LOL! flylikeaneagle
    October 30 at 11:11PM

DR DIP: Well, If I have discovered anything in my life on this wonderful place called FanStory, it is to have a thick skin, a very insensitive ego, a sense of humour, patience and tolerance and above all the knowledge that everyone has the diversity of taste and opinion.
Always be yourself and never be backwards in saying what you think. Life is a blessing, bathe in its wonderment, embrace serendipity, be humble in praise and TRY to be accepting in critique be it ever so critical.
Like minded people tend to gravitate toward like minded people, but always keep your mind and attitude open to those so diverse or different from your own ethics,morals, ideals and beliefs.
Life is wonderful...take it in both hands and run with it and have no regrets on decisions made.

dr dip
October 4 at 11:18AM

DR DIP: Oops! We have pompous arsehole in our midst ....beware the smiling assassin.
Everyone put on your thick skin and scoop up your grain of salt.
Just an observation.
September 18 at 5:06PM
    GinnieD: I am brand new to this site and I do not know any members yet. However, I feel this comment is very inappropriate and it is offensive to me. Perhaps I made a mistake in joining what several people had told me was a pleasant community of writers to become associated with. I have never been on a writing site before and looked forward to sharing my writing with others. I was also looking for an enjoyable opportunity. But, if this is the way the members of this site are, and treat one another with this kind of disrespect, I am not sure I made the right decision in joining this site. Now, I am having serious second thoughts.
    September 18 at 10:26PM
    damommy: Ginny, this is a good place to be. The majority of members are very helpful, supportive, and respectful. As in any area of life, there are a few who like to vent their spleen on other's work. Don't let this discourage you. Hang around a while and you'll see what I mean about how nice FS is.
    September 18 at 10:59PM
    DR DIP: ginnie I do apologize. I have been coming to this wonderful site for over 5 years now and have met many wonderful wordsmiths and friends. As Yvonne has said the majority if not all the members who comment and review are always very helpful and supportive.
    Yep please don't let my little venting discourage you my comment in no way reflects me as a person please give this wonderful place a chance to meet some wonderful poets and writers you will not be disappointed in joining

    respectfully dip
    September 19 at 1:04AM
    GinnieD: Dr. Dip, in my opinion the one you should be apologizing to isn't me. It's the one you publicly disparaged with your comment. In my way of thinking, that would truly show you as a person.

    Yvonne, your remark is more inline with what I had heard about this site. Those positive comments were one of the biggest reasons I joined.
    September 19 at 6:27AM
    Brett Matthew West: Ginny, I well may be the one Dr. Dip is referring to as I am in the process of finalizing a book I have been writing for the last two years in which one of the characters is an assassin. If that be the case, I do believe I would not waste my time or breath expecting an apology from him. I would be rather sure one is not forthcoming. In any case, you appear to have a lot to offer FanStory. At least, you come across in that manner. As far as whether you stay or leave this site goes, that is of course your decision. However, as damommy said, this site does have more positive members than negative ones and I would encourage you to remain a member.
    September 19 at 6:45AM
    CD Richards: What I find interesting is that someone who, according to their own admission, hasn't been on the site long enough to know anyone, nevertheless feels confident to take someone to task over their comments. I presume you must know the backstory, or what events might have transpired to provoke Dip's comment. I don't know for certain what it was, but if it is more of what I saw recently from one particular member, I can't say I am surprised.
    September 19 at 6:46AM
    GinnieD: CD Richards, of course I do not know the backstory, nor do I care if there is one or is not. That is not my affair. And yes, I am rather confident to take someone to task when I see something I do not like. As you appear to want to take me to simply because I was brazen enough as a brand new member to speak my mind. I did not like Dr. Dip's comment and said so. I have learned in life that usually, in a situation like this, it always takes two to tango. However, I did not come on this site to get into any altercations with anyone. I have said my piece and made my decision as to whether I will remain a member or not. This kind of in-biting is not what I came on this site for.
    September 19 at 7:06AM
    GinnieD: Furthermore, didn't I read somewhere on this site that personal attacks on another member are not permitted? If Dr. Dip's comment was not a personal attack, perhaps CD Richards, you can explain to me what defines a personal attack according to the rules of this site? That information would be very much appreciated.
    September 19 at 7:15AM
    CD Richards: Perhaps a better idea would be if, before you took Dip to task, you asked him what prompted the comment. You might be surprised. Personally, i don't see that you had any cause to be "offended" by Dip's remark. However, i doubt Dip will appreciate an all-in brawl on his profile, so I'm out.
    September 19 at 7:26AM
    GinnieD: CD Richards, there will be no brawl. But, to set the record straight, what offended me was Dr. Dip referring to any member as a "pompous arsehole" regardless of the situation. Should that comment had been made about you, although I do not know you, I would still have spoken up. What is right is right. If I was the member in question you can bet I would report Dr. Dip for this comment.
    September 19 at 7:44AM
    DR DIP: With the greatest respect Brett, my comment which had no name mentioned whatsoever was certainly not directed or referring to you by any stretch of the imagination any misunderstanding we have ever had has well and truly gone.

    To be honest my comment was written rather tongue in cheek but as an observation I have seen and experienced first hand. I was going in to bat for a few actually.
    Ginny, I totally respect and understand your dislike of my comment and I dearly hope this profile thought has not deterred you from enjoying this wonderful site and the talented wordsmiths you will certainly come across.
    Let's just get on with life now I've said my observation I certainly don't want this to fester.
    It's just not worth losing fanstory friends over.
    I will ask Tom to completely remove this post and if I have any gripes I will in address them cordially and personally in future.
    We obviously haven't got off to a good start sadly.

    CD, I certainly appreciate your understanding and support.

    I have stepped away from Fanstory over recent months due to time constraints to dedicate to this site as much as I would like to.
    Not much more I can say on the matter other than apologize again to you ginny
    And hope you won't judge me on this profile thought

    respectfully dip
    September 19 at 7:45AM
    Brett Matthew West: Dr. Dip, at one time we had a fairly good relationship on FanStory. I do not know if we could ever repair that bridge or not, or if we even want to try to. Because of that, I am confidant your comment was directed at me and CD Richards remarks seemed to affirm that. The unfortunate truth is it would not have been the first one. I agree, in the best interest of peace, we should allow whatever bygones occurred between us to be forgotten. I also appreciate GinnieD for her honest comments even if she is a new member. Have to say she has spunk. I hope she will remain a member. Overall, FanStory does have a lot to offer even if we all do get aggravated with what transpires here sometimes.
    September 19 at 7:59AM
    CD Richards: Well, Dip specifically said his comment was not direct at you, Brett Matthew West, and mine certainly wasn't. Yet you choose to believe they were.

    GinnyD wasn't the target of Dip's comments, yet she chose to be offended by them.

    It is a sign of Dip's reasonableness that he is so quick to apologise, when he has no particular reason to. He was the victim of particularly nasty, unprovoked personal attacks by one other new member, his response was mild.

    It seems to me that for someone who is so desperately keen to avoid confrontation and conflict, someone sure jumped quickly into the fray. There, I know that's an extra comment, but I assume it will be disappearing soon anyway.
    September 19 at 8:15AM
    Mrs. KT: Bottom line:

    Writers, Unite!
    "Arseholes" take flight!

    September 19 at 8:51AM
    DR DIP: now THAT mrs K, is how I should have written it!...in rhyme of course! let's all laugh out loud now and enjoy the site again
    September 19 at 10:28AM
    Dean Kuch: I myself am a badge carrying member of the Pompous Arseholes of America and quite proud of it, heh-heh.
    C'mon, y'all...
    We've got writing to do!

    September 19 at 11:50AM
    susanjohn: Deano that baby video is too funny! Dip dip dip... you need a hug. Ginny, we are quite a unique writing community with lots of personalities! That's ok. :-) Some people you will agree with, others you wont. The majority here treat one another with kindness and respect. :-) Let's all get back to writing as Dean suggests. ( Dean you start with a love poem ;-)
    September 19 at 1:27PM
    Dean Kuch: Okay, Susan.
    The gauntlet has been thrown and I am up for the challenge.
    Or am I?
    A love poem, you say?
    Jumpin' jeezus on a painted palomino pony. Here goes nothin'...

    ~ Because I Love You So ~

     photo 546ff57bb3d96c6889b8b126960984ae1_zpsperh2xun.gif

    Feel my touch upon your cheek,
    find the true love that you seek,
    be strong now instead of weak?
    just know I love you so.

    All through life I?ve loved you so.
    Now, my sweet, it?s time to go.
    I?ll return one day, you know?
    because I love you so.

    Never waste one single day
    shedding tears for me, I pray.
    Live your life, but come what may--
    just know I love you so.

    Do whatever you must do
    to find a love that?s warm and true.
    I?ll be right there next to you--
    because I love you so.
    September 20 at 2:32AM
    susanjohn: Ahhhh Dean!
    May the words you whisper, reach the heart that hears.
    You get a hug for writing this little heart-tugging piece! It is such a honor to read your work! Thanks Dean :-)
    September 20 at 11:20AM

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