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Location: glasgow, scotland
Gender: Male
Born: 15-5-1949
Interests: Promoting Gods Love
Member: Standard
Joined: August 2013
I am Not a Poet or a Writer . I am an Amatuer Photographer . I ask everyone of you awesome Poets , to be Patient with any of my sharings . Will wait for the Impulse to try basic poetry. WITH lOVE AND PEACE, jOE IN SCOTLAND.
Love is more powerful than Evil
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Asyraf N. Jamsari
JOE L: does anyone on the website do ghost writing ! Thanks with peace, Joe
April 25, 2014 at 7:36AM

JOE L: What , and Who Am I. I am not My Name , because i can change that .I am not my Nationality , because i can change that. I am not my job , because i can change that .I am not my Body, because I can even change my Internal Organs - through Operations . Therefore , who am I ? I know that my Soul is Eternal, so therefore i must belong to an eternal vision - not yet seen by my own earthly eyes ,.SO, therefore, i will seek some sort of union with my Eternal Soul , in the hope that this grafting will generate a BETTER ME . ...Just a thought for today . With Love and Peace, Joe in Scotland .
September 2, 2013 at 5:28AM

JOE L: Hi to everyone on this fab poets site . I am not a poet or A writer , but hope to learn - with help from all of you . In my life I promote Gods Love and Peace , in various talks etc . So this is my very first sharing. I wish all the Poets on this site - Love and Peace. For me, the words in Poetry , are like the strands of life , forming a Rich Tapestry of Expression . Regards , Joe in Scotland . God Bless you All .
August 16, 2013 at 4:50AM


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