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velvetElvis: my current listen: The Best of Joe Ely


Well I gave all my money
to the banker this month
now I got no more money to spend
She smiled when she saw me
comin' through that door
when I left she said "come back again"
I watched them lonesome
box car wheels
turnin' down the tracks out of town
and it's on that lonesome
railroad track
I'm going to lay my burden down

I was raised on a farm
the first years of my life
and life was pretty good they say
and I'll probably live to be
some ripe ol' age
if death will just stay out of my way
This world can take my
money and time
but it sure can't take my soul
and I'm goin' down
to the railroad tracks
and watch them lonesome boxcars roll

There's some big ol' Buicks
by the Baptist church
Caddilacs at the Church of Christ
I parked my camel
by an ol' haystack
I'll be looking for that needle all night
There ain't gonna be
no radial tires
turnin' down the streets of gold
I'm goin' down
to the railroad tracks
and watch them lonesome boxcars roll

Now if you ever heard the whistle
on a fast freight train
beatin' out a beautiful tune
If you ever seen the cold blue
railroad tracks
shinin' by the light of the moon
If you ever felt the locomotive
shake the ground
I know you don't have to be told
why I'm going down
to the railroad tracks
and watch them lonesome boxcars roll

lyrics by: Butch Hancock
performed by: Joe Ely

I've heard this style of writing referred to as "enjambment" - I just call it "good stuff"

June 6, 2014 at 4:38PM

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