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Location: Northern suburbs, Adelaide , South Ausralia.
Gender: Male
Born: 1942
Interests: Song writing, poetry, family, my faith.
Member: Premier Author
Joined: December 2013
I have been writing for sometime, but until now I did a lot of it in seclusion. Glad for the information that led me here. I love this literary outlet to express the deep things of the heart....and the not so deep!
Now faith is the substance of things hoped for the evidence of things not seen. Heb. 11:1.
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FanStory wrote to royowen: Congratulations! The 2018 #2 Ranked Poet!
January 1 at 9:27PM
    michaelcahill: An amazing year, Roy. Congrats! :))
    January 1 at 11:03PM
    royowen: Thank you
    January 1 at 11:42PM
    lyenochka: Congratulations, Roy!!
    January 2 at 12:57AM
    royowen: Thanks Helen
    January 2 at 5:01AM
    DR DIP: good on ya Roy flying the Aussie flag!
    January 2 at 5:42AM
    Brett Matthew West: Well deserved, Roy! Looking forward to much more from you in 2019.
    January 2 at 5:49AM
    Mustang Patty: Congratulations, Roy. Each poem was special with a great meaning inside.
    January 2 at 2:05PM
    Chrissy710 : Comgratulations Roy well deserved You are a terrific poet always worth reading Well done Cheers Christine
    January 2 at 4:21PM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats, Roy.
    Here's to a blessed New Year!
     photo coollogo_com-65175908_zpsv6on5p5m.png
     photo water-animated-cross-blue1_zpsa4a6179b.gif
    January 2 at 4:45PM
    phill doran: well done Roy - great news.
    January 3 at 2:49AM
    Mrs. KT: Congratulations, Roy!
    January 3 at 10:02AM
    Mrs. KT: Congratulations, Roy!
    January 3 at 10:02AM
    royowen: Thanks guys
    January 5 at 2:17AM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: So well-earned, my friend! Congratulations!
    January 24 at 5:58PM
    royowen: thanks guys
    February 6 at 8:03PM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Congratulations on your honorable mention finish in the reviewing contest!
November 1 at 9:33AM
    rama devi: Congratulations!!!
    November 1 at 12:46PM
    Lady Jane: Congratulations, Roy. Always love your reviews ;-)
    November 1 at 4:44PM
    lyenochka: Congratulations, Roy!
    November 1 at 11:37PM
    royowen: Thanks guys
    November 7 at 4:59PM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Artists... finished third in the contest "Lune Poetry Contest"
July 12 at 12:13AM
    royowen: Thanks Dawn
    July 12 at 9:58AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Once I owned a gun... finished first in the contest "5-7-5 guns."
March 4 at 3:10PM
    judiverse: Congratulations on winning the "Guns" contest. Very worthy! judiverse
    March 4 at 5:59PM
    Octavia: Congratulations on a terrific write!
    March 4 at 9:20PM
    royowen: Thanks guys
    March 7 at 3:19PM

FanStory wrote to royowen: I dream... finished first in the contest "Statement-Question"
February 4 at 12:13AM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats, Roy.
    February 4 at 1:39AM
    royowen: Thanks Dean
    February 4 at 8:19AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Congratulations! Honorable mention finish in the reviewing contest!
October 1 at 10:20AM
    michaelcahill: Well earned, Roy. 'Bout time.
    October 1 at 10:53AM
    rama devi: Congratulations! Much deserved. :-)))
    October 1 at 12:09PM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!!
    October 1 at 1:54PM
    royowen: Thanks Guys, congrats to you too Dean, RD.A first for me. Roy
    October 1 at 11:01PM
    Mustang Patty: Congratulations, Roy - you always give awesome reviews!
    October 2 at 12:06AM
    krys123: Merry Christmas Roy
     photo 771669875_1649452_zpsxr26rcyi.gif

    December 20 at 2:01PM
    royowen: You too Alex
    December 22 at 8:19AM
    judiverse: Congratulations on your honorable mention win in the Faith poetry contest. Great work. judiverse
    January 25 at 8:48AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Complete isolation. finished third in the contest "Two Stanza Poem"
December 14 at 5:10AM
    judiverse: Congratulations on your showing as 4th ranked poet of the year. I hope you have great success in the new year. judi
    January 1 at 8:51AM
    I am Cat: Congratulations on your THIRD place ranking, Roy. Happy New Year
    January 2 at 7:38PM
    royowen: You're a gem Alicia, thank you dear friend, I can't do this sort of artwork love, Roy
    April 18 at 6:16PM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Vexation's sting... finished third in the contest "Silver Lining"
November 24 at 9:10PM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Where to now? finished second in the contest "3-line poem"
November 6 at 1:10AM
    Jannypan (Jan) : CONGRATULATIONS on a super poem & win. Jan
    November 6 at 1:52AM
    royowen: Thanks guys
    November 6 at 3:22AM
    mrsmajor: A Big Congratulations!
    November 6 at 8:28AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: How then can lies?... finished third in the contest "Tetractys Poetry"
October 10 at 5:10AM
    chiversmisha: Yea for you! Thank is so wonderful!
    October 13 at 4:19PM
    royowen: Thanks Misha, my dear granddaughter has a friend called Misha,
    October 20 at 7:51AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Congratulations the September 2016 Recognized Writer
September 11 at 10:33PM
    Lovinia: Just read the news. C*O*N*G*R*A*T*U*L*A*T*I*O*N*S!!!!!!!!

    Well done to a fine poet. About time you earned this award. I'm so thrilled for you Roy. I've enjoyed your poetry for such a long time ... your work 'makes a difference' in peoples lives, in mine anyway. Love and huge hugs - and of course chocolates - Lovi xoxoxox
    September 11 at 6:29PM
    IndianaIrish: Congratulations, Roy, on this outstanding recognition of your writing. A wonderful honor!
    September 11 at 7:09PM
    Jannypan (Jan) : Roy,
    September 11 at 7:16PM
    susanjohn: Congrats!!! :-)
    September 11 at 8:23PM
    royowen: Thanks so much guys you're all very kind, Love Roy
    September 11 at 9:17PM
    Unspoken94: Congratulations, Roy, for being given this well deserved award. -Bill Stephenson
    September 12 at 12:41AM
    kiwisteveh: Great choice!
    September 12 at 2:32AM
    humpwhistle: Congratulations, Roy. Supremely deserved.
    September 12 at 4:55AM
    royowen: Thanks guys, I'm overwhelmed
    September 12 at 7:51AM
    Cumbrianlass: Congratulations, Roy!
    September 12 at 8:53AM
    F. Wehr3: Congrats!
    September 12 at 10:03AM
    Linda Engel: Congratulations, Roy. Well deserved.
    September 12 at 11:59AM
    Gloria ....: Way to go Roy! Yay. :))
    September 12 at 8:46PM
    MissMerri: Wow! I turn away for a moment, and when I come back, look what you've done!! Congratulations!!! What a great honor and you are certainly a worthy recipient. You are perhaps one of the most prolific poets I've ever met, and I always enjoy your poetry. I'm so happy for you Roy. MM
    September 12 at 9:59PM
    michaelcahill: Congrats, Roy. So well-deserved and OVERDUE. :))
    September 12 at 11:01PM
    nancyjam: Congratulations, Roy!
    September 13 at 12:15AM
    Joy Graham: Congratulations!
    September 13 at 9:56AM
    Mystic Angel 7777: Congratulations!!!!! You, of all, deserved to be blessed with such an honor.
    September 13 at 5:37PM
    mfowler: One for the big guy, eh Roy. Congratulations, my friend. An obvious choice for this award and well overdue.
    September 13 at 10:18PM
    sandramitchell: How wonderful and so deserving, Roy!! Excellent new. Big congratulations!! :)
    September 15 at 3:34AM
    judiverse: Congratulations on being chosen Recognized Writer for September, 2016. You are indeed deserving of the honor. judi
    September 16 at 6:50PM
    Alchera: My congratulations royowen
    September 27 at 4:19PM
    Selina Stambi: Roy, how wonderful. Just saw this. Well deserved, well done!
    October 13 at 3:24PM
    chiversmisha: Wow! Another one, great! So happy for you!
    October 13 at 4:20PM
    chiversmisha: Just saw your accomplishment! Yea! Congrats!
    October 13 at 4:20PM
    rama devi: Congrats! just saw this! :-)) Thought I'd fanned you already, but will do so again now...
    October 16 at 11:25AM
    Bucketlist: Congratulations Roy, you have a huge number of writers following your work. I shall be happy to learn from you
    October 23 at 9:11PM
    royowen: Thanks so much all. Roy
    November 23 at 7:38AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: I hear the laughter. finished first in the contest "Senryu"
September 8 at 7:10PM
    judiverse: Congratulations on your contest win. You were truly inspired. judi
    September 8 at 7:14PM
    Irish Rain: Congratulations!! I thought this might be yours when I read it!!!
    September 8 at 8:24PM
    royowen: Thank you, dear friend
    September 8 at 9:04PM
    Dean Kuch: Congrats, Roy.
    Good thing you got rid of that picture, huh?
    Well done.~Dean
    September 9 at 12:32AM
    rama devi: Congrats, Roy! :)
    September 9 at 4:21AM
    Selina Stambi: Awesome, Roy. Congratulations!
    September 9 at 8:32PM
    royowen: Thanks so much guys, R.O,
    September 9 at 11:58PM
    BeasPeas: Congratulations, Roy, on winning the contest with this fine senryu. Marilyn
    September 10 at 10:58AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Once I walked... finished first in the contest "The Overcomer"
August 1 at 12:10AM
    Jannypan (Jan) : A great poem deserving this win. CONGRATULATIONS ! Jan
    August 1 at 6:07PM
    royowen: Thanks so much Jan
    August 1 at 8:18PM
    wheels3657: Congratulations! On your Red Ribbon.
    Keep 'em coming.
    August 19 at 8:35PM
    Ideasaregems-Dawn: Well deserved win, my friend. Thinking of you in Cambodia and hoping all is well.
     photo ad.gif
    August 26 at 4:43AM
    royowen: Thanks guys, my humble thanks and appreciation, blessings, Roy
    August 29 at 12:49AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Because... finished second in the contest "What is a Clay vessel"
July 13 at 12:13AM
    Selina Stambi: Congratulations, Roy. Awesome!
    July 19 at 8:43PM
    royowen: Thanks Sonali,
    July 24 at 8:41AM

FanStory wrote to royowen: Congratulations the 2015 Poet of the Year!
January 1 at 12:36AM
    Gloria ....: Great job, Roy! Happy New Year too.
    January 1 at 2:31AM
    Dean Kuch: Way to go, Roy!
    Happy 2016.~Dean
    January 1 at 6:28AM
    barkingdog: Congratulations, Roy. :) e
    January 1 at 6:53AM
    Writingfundimension: Congratulations, Roy. This honor is very well-deserved! Enjoy the trophy.

    :) Bev
    January 1 at 8:38AM
    PoemsOfDD: Roy, absolutely fantastic! A big congratulations to you. Such a memorable way to bring in the New Year. Well done ~ DD
    January 1 at 9:01AM
    royowen: Thanks fellers, your remarks mean much to me, without you, it isn't possible, thank so and blessings, Too all. Roy
    January 1 at 10:09AM
    judiverse: Many congratulations, Poet of the year! Continued success in 2016. judi
    January 1 at 10:10AM
    Margaret Snowdon: CONGRATULATIONS, my friend, on your achievements.
    January 1 at 12:07PM
    I am Cat: Well done Roy! I had to go searching for mine, they didn't want to hand it over (on my profile page) LOL ;)
    Happy New Year to you and Elaine and let the games begin! ;)
    January 1 at 9:48PM
    royowen: Thanks again fellers, my gratitude
    January 1 at 10:21PM
    Dean Kuch: Number ONE!...
    Congratulations, Roy...
     photo i_hemi_v8_power_for_gals_004_54f56deea55681.jpg_zpsvpld1yyw.gif

    ~Dean :)
    January 2 at 2:30AM
    Well Done!
    January 2 at 6:38AM
    Carolyn 'Deaton' Stephens: Congratulations dear friend, what a wonderful tribute to your talent and proficiency. Well deserved..
    January 3 at 1:06AM
    Lovinia: WOW! What an achievement dear friend. Well deserved success for such hard work and talented writing. Your work makes a difference, and that is important. I'm so thrilled for you! Hugs hugs - Lovi xoxo
    January 3 at 5:03AM
    royowen: Thanks so much guys, you're approval means much, bless you all, Roy
    January 3 at 5:44AM
    Jaxpoet: Great job on #1 all the best in 16
    January 3 at 11:57AM
    Realist101: CONGRATS Roy! Very well deserved win! :)
    January 5 at 10:12PM
    royowen: Thanks fellers, I'm in exalted company, your all my example, Roy
    January 6 at 8:54AM
    Selina Stambi: How wonderful Roy! Heartfelt congratulations.
    January 7 at 9:12PM
    lenjomc: lenjomc Wow! Way to go, Roy! But, somehow I'm not surprized!
    January 9 at 8:06PM
    AnnaLinda: Congratulations Roy and so well deserved!
    January 12 at 3:53PM
    royowen: Thank so my dear friends you all made it possible, my sincerest blessings for you and your families,
    January 13 at 7:39AM
    Selina Stambi: How fabulous, Roy. You've worked hard for this. Well deserved, friend. Heartiest congratulations!
    January 14 at 9:33PM
    Brewster: It is no wonder. Congrats!
    March 16 at 9:42PM
    sunnilicious: That's a wonderful honor. Congratulations!
    April 10 at 7:39PM
    A.A.A.EXHILARATING RIDE: Congratulations Roy! Well deserved, You are such a light on the way too!
    May 7 at 6:07AM
    royowen: Thanks dear friends, what would I do without you
    September 25 at 11:32AM

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What is man's measure? reached "All Time Best" status.
February 17 at 5:25AM
If i wrote a trillion words... reached "All Time Best" status.
February 17 at 5:25AM
We criticise... reached "Recognized" status.
February 17 at 2:08AM
What is man's measure? reached "Recognized" status.
February 16 at 10:08AM
If i wrote a trillion words... reached "Recognized" status.
February 15 at 2:08AM
New hope on Valentines Day reached "Recognized" status.
February 14 at 10:08AM
To ponder... reached "All Time Best" status.
February 14 at 5:25AM
Inwardly -- outwardly reached "All Time Best" status.
February 13 at 5:25AM

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