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Location: Yamashita Shrine
Gender: Female
Born: December
Interests: Reading,listening to classical music,Praise songs, watching telenovela stories, reading poems in
Member: Standard
Joined: April 2014
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As we live in the generation of the end times, our writings ought to focus on disseminating the good news of salvation for God so love the Human Race that He sent Christ His son to redeem every man from eternal damnation.
Purity of thought, mind and soul is apriori to effective and efficient literary writing
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Maureen's Pen
Magic Wand
Dan Burke

Your frolicking sound like music
Gives soothing effect to the soul.

The longer I listen, the more
I feel the essence of your awe.

Your musical sound with rhythm
Gets measured in feet and meter.

I sit with closed eyes like a monk
To listen to your rhythmic sound.

In that state, I reached a level
Of perceiving your great beauty.

The splendor of your sound effect
Brought me some light of awareness.

With your endless flowing cycle
You symbolize the flow of life.

In human life the symmetry
Of life's cycle God has designed.

In perfect creation God made
Every person to his image.

In every design like a mold
Patterned after Christ radiates peace.

by: Beth P. Seligbon
May 14, 2014 at 6:16PM



Only my color, if you choose to see,
To value my honor, you'd be unable.
If you'd do only things you like,
What I and others need, you'd never know.

If you perform according to your wish,
To prevailing norms, you'd fail to conform.
If with norms you conform,
from the ax of the law you?re set free.

Beyond my color, if you could only see
the valor, the dignity, and integrity
by birthright others and I
inherently posses, these, you'd surely see.

Beyond my culture, if you could only see
The grandeur in God's creation,
The beauty in diversity, and greatness of His touch
you'd surely grasp and realize.

Beyond my height, if you could only see
The brilliant insights
That could transform you and me,
Then height wouldn't matter as walls.

Beyond my hairstyle, if you could only see
A sparkling soul with so much to share,
Inner voice' messages in melodious whispers
You need to reach Universe' higher realm.

Beyond my physique, if you could only see
The key it holds, you need to fathom
Not only me but the whole of humanity
In this turbulent and modern century.

Beyond my personhood, if you could only see
The image and likeness of the Divine
My and others' being are created,
Only then you'd learn to appreciate
The truth unspoken "Beyond Horizons."
May 14, 2014 at 6:14PM

bdumalili: Artists? Creation, the Language of Truth

Art, as the language of beauty
Conveys multifarious message
Of creation with elegance
From budding artists of today.

In the admin building ground floor
On an elevated portion
From east to west, from north to south
Colourful works of art displayed.

From budding artists? creation
Elegant workmanship evolved
Showcasing the brilliance of minds
This young breed of students posses.

From their mentor cascades lava
Of genuine creativity
Manifested in these products
Concerted efforts of them all.

From mentor to students did flow
The river of rich artistry
That created all these products
With artistic shades of beauty.

Beauty, the essence of being
To onlookers sparks sense of awe
Making them core, feel to their bones
For art and beauty speak of truth.

May 3, 2014 at 3:52AM

bdumalili: Cactus

Beth P. Seligbon

Looking pail like a fragile child
Standing in an unlighted room
Seems to yearn for warm human touch
But I can't for spikes surround leaf.

Standing in awe like a statue
Threads of thoughts cascade through my mind
While others form poetic lines
Through which I say, how nice it looks.

Life, like the cactus when deprived
Of energy from the Master
Certainly gets weak and weary
When void of Anointing Power.

Seeing through as an eagle's eye
The leaves, the spikes, and the dry soil
Cracks in the soil look evident
As the vast waterless farmland.

Growing Cactus like tall, green trees
To greater heights towards the sun
Bear flowers where perfumes are made
Help men on earth their living earn.

April 29, 2014 at 11:35AM

bdumalili: Looking On

Beth P. Seligbon

Across the firmament,
dark heavy clouds roll by
like a long rushing train
along its winding rail.

On the horizon spread
curly light fleecy clouds
like balls of cotton buds
icing the mountain top.

Below two kissing rocks,
flows an icy river
whose pebbles, stones and rocks
with dark green moss cover.

Beside the mountain stands
an edifice of fame,
statue of a leader
whose reign spawned revolt.

Beneath the trees abound
tall medicinal plants
whose decoction when drunk
kidney stone can eject.
April 27, 2014 at 8:53PM
    A Matter Of Words: Welcome to FanStory. I look forward to reading more of your work. This is a lovely introduction to your work.
    April 28, 2014 at 9:12AM
    bdumalili: Thank you A A Matter of Words for looking forward to read my poems.I also look forward to learning from your remarks because I am interested to grow in the art of writing literary pieces.I need your comments to grow in the process.Thank you.
    April 29, 2014 at 8:21AM


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