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John Parkin
Location: Snohomish, WA
Gender: Male
Born: 11/23/1940
Interests: Entrepreneurial, Adventerous, bowling, golf, bike riding, marathons, Special Needs, Family and Grand Children
Member: Standard
Joined: July 2014
I am a successful business person and entrepreneur, traveled to all 50 states and most Canadian Provinces and lived in the Middle East forming companies. I have been interviewed on 60 Minutes for having the most innovative advertising company in the United States. I have been bankrupt, started over, had a religious transformation, and I now work with Special Needs people. I have a great family and grandchildren.

I am a type A personality and your typical over achiever. I have played sports all of my life and am still active and competitive in bowling, golf and bike riding. I am a calculated risk taker as my body will attest and I am not aging gracefully.

I found Fan Story and I am publishing two books this year and I have over 50 poems I will be sending through Fan Story and I also have 30 Children's stories I have written and will be looking for an illustrator.

The books are titled "Take it Too Reality" a 350 page text that details the processes necessary to evaluate your idea and take it through the steps of validation and into Reality. The second is titled "The emperors Prophecy" an is a somewhat science fiction but based on reality and details the revenge the Japanese Yakuza has on the west and belief that the emperor still reigns supreme and will someday conquer the world.

A third book in the works is a spy thriller about catching terrorists in the Middle East and uncovering the money laundering to fund terrorists.
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