God Whispers to Me a Life
What God whispers to me about a life. Pl read Author Notes
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Location: Montana
Gender: Male
Born: November 1971
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2015
I work nights, alone, in the middle of nowhere. During the day I take care of my youngest daughter.

I've found interesting experiences in emergency medicine, firefighting, and military endeavors, doing whatever necessary to support a small family.  Writing has been sadly sporadic, though I've managed to get around ten pieces published in mostly small venues.  

Since coming to Fanstory I've rediscovered that I enjoy reading developing stories even more so than fully published works.  It's the camaraderie and sense of potential I find mesmerizing.  In general, the community has been very open and welcoming, to which I am grateful.

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Phyllis Stewart
thunderrumble: I never intend offense when I review, ever.  While passionate feelings make for great writing, I find they tend to inhibit more than assist when said work is critiqued.  Nothing I put forward is meant to discourage or insult,  but simply thoughts on the work which you can take or leave at your discretion.  If you feel your work is sacrosanct and worthy only of 5 stars and boundless praise, please disregard my reviews.  I personally don't feel that even my published stuff is beyond 4 stars; more than that would hinder the possibility of improving the work based on someone's impartial observations.  That's not what I'm here for.   But again, to each their own.
January 24, 2015 at 7:03AM
    Michaelk: When I first joined this site, a year ago, I was hesitant to say anything that might be taken in the wrong way. The thing to remember is that each of us has their own strengths and weaknesses, reviewing is no different. I can find basic spag, but not much more, most of what I review on is emotion, how did this piece make me feel, did I think the story was coherent and flowed well.
    The other thing to note is the star rating. The way I view the stars is this 6 stars, magnificent, the story gripped me and took me on a journey that the author intended. Could still have a comma or two out of place here and there but nothing major.
    5 stars: Great story, might need a little work here and there for pov or clarification, but otherwise solid, could be made great with a little effort.
    4 stars: Needs work. A basic premise for a story or poem is there, but there are some fundamental flaws that need fixing before the work can really come together.
    3 stars: A basic framework for a story exists, if only barely. Major work needed.
    I have never given a 2 or a 1 star.
    The important thing to remember when reviewing is that all reviews are supposed to be helpful and fair. When I get a 4 star that shows me where the flaws in the story are, I'm grateful that the reviewer took the time to help me improve my story.
    When I get a 4 star where the reviewer tells me how great the work is and uses tons of superlatives but offers no suggestion for improvement, I consider that reviewer to be a newbie who hasn't picked up on the nuances of the site yet.
    I apologize for such a long rant, but I want to help new people acclimate to the site like I had someone do for me.
    If you want to discuss any further, please PM me.
    Welcome to Fanstory. :)
    January 24, 2015 at 8:56AM
    mrsmajor: To be honest, and quite frank, I do hope you do not review any of my work...that you feel your work is often not even worth more than a 4, I question your ability to review others...
    Thanks for your comments...
    January 24, 2015 at 10:10AM
    Julia.: Feel free to review my writing any time (although I'm not posting much at the moment). Most people understand that writing and reviewing are complementary but different skill sets and that one does not have to be an exceptional writer/poet to be an exceptional critter. Please ignore anyone who suggests otherwise...
    January 24, 2015 at 2:13PM
    rama devi: Warm Welcome to the site. You will find here on Fanstory a full spectrum of attitudes and preferences about reviewing. Over time, you'll discover which members value, appreciate and also deliver constructive critique. Very few people use the rating system, and of those who do, many sometimes meet with harsh reactions, as if the feedback was intended to hurt rather than help. You'll find, though, that, as Michaelk said, some will appreciate both the critique and the honest rating--and honest ratings are often easier for people to digest when you are willing to take the time and care to return and upgrade the rating (if the piece merits it, after revisions). It's not required, and there is no other benefit to you other than to know that you were helpful. I recommend using the 'Golden Rule of Reviewing' and review the way you wish to be reviewed. That way, you'll draw like minded people who value the same things as you do.
    January 24, 2015 at 2:17PM
    thunderrumble: Thanks everyone for the welcome and the advice. I understand what you mean about star ratings; It's the initial impression the writer gets of the reviewer and if it's more negative than they feel is justified, they'll likely disregard whatever suggestions you might proffer. I was basing that off of the guidelines in the FAQ but it's good to know the community has developed slightly different scale. Cheers.
    January 24, 2015 at 10:35PM
    kellyolsen: I, too, have been criticized by some for my reviews for being unfair and too harsh with the star ratings, and I've also been nominated by some who feel that I am very fair and take the time to offer practical help. None of us are PERFECT writers; we all have room to improve. To think otherwise is naive and arrogant. I very much appreciate your similar approach to reviewing as mine. I have nominated you as a reviewer. Keep doing what you're doing, understanding that not everyone is ready or willing to accept what is obvious. Cheers!
    January 31, 2015 at 1:01AM


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