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Location: Bolivar MO
Gender: Male
Born: November 14 1950
Member: Standard
Joined: January 2015
Richard A Jones, known among his brethren as the Elder Rick Jones ) an ordained Minister of the gospel & Missionary for 35 yrs. At age 63 he obtained a Bachelor in Biblical studies. He loves poetry and to write books related to the bible. He has written "I believe in Adam & Eve, Beware of Barjesus & Elymas of our generation (unapologetic on healing) The Pinkley Clan, A Lawful Call of God. He has been married to his adorable bride for 44 years. Has three children and 12 grandchildren.
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writeapoem: My experience of salvation without human inference to which the gift of everlasting life does not come without Holy Spirit reproof then first repentance than faith inseparable graces of God. It is not merit based wholly on grace and not pertaining to race or religious denomonation and is offered by our creator through His Son to all nations. Repentance and faith are offered to all who exercise humility and sincerity from the heart the center of all feeling or a divine revealing unto inward man, a new creature in Christ. True saving of the soul is a spiritual gift from God you can feel and know is real by the joy the creator instills according to his and not our own will. Unlike the lip profession of the mind the Old Jew in John the Baptist time he demanded a kind of fruits meet for repentance. An evidence of experiencing genuine godly sorrow that worketh repentance toward God, (not the priestly man,). that commutes the sentence of the living soul being cast into hell for eternity. Finally, steal away and pray to be saved today.
January 18, 2018 at 10:55AM

FanStory wrote to writeapoem: When Ricky Cried finished third in the contest "Behind The Door"
March 19, 2017 at 2:10AM

writeapoem: Richard A. Jones is Sixty Six years old creature of God, called to preach at sixteen. He is an ordained Minister, Missionary & Evangelist. He loves preaching in the Spirit & power of God, and seeing the sinner changed from within-out from nature to grace. He loves to hear & cheer the redeemed of the Lord say so, especially how they know God is real by the Spirit they can feel in their heart. He has been married 45 years. has three children and twelve grandchildren. He & his bride reside in Southwest Missouri. He spent 20 years a Missionary in Jamaica establishing a church & medic clinic. he has been a home Missionary, Mentor Teacher, Football (soccer) Chaplain, bible teacher & author. He loves poetry and fan-story, and gives God all the glory for his simple work without enticing words.
March 2, 2017 at 6:12PM

FanStory wrote to writeapoem: To Jesus all lives matter finished third in the contest "Political Rant"
August 18, 2016 at 12:13AM

writeapoem: I love to write and have stories and poems published in local newspapers. I have been a foreign missionary in the West Indies planted churches in Jamaica and a medical clinic there. I have done the work of an evangelist in the Grand Cayman and now in Nassau of the Bahamas. i love the Lord and enjoy preaching the word of God.
December 1, 2015 at 5:21PM
    mrsmajor: That's nice to know...there are many here, that enjoy writing the Spiritual works, I certainly do...interestingly I know Jamaica well, and Nassau has been a favorite place to visit for years.
    It was the place we planned on living, before my husband left this world...I will have to read some of your work...Spiritual poetry, and writings, are both a joy to read...
    December 2, 2015 at 6:23AM

writeapoem: I'm thankful for my second birth fifty years ago, when the Lord saved my lost soul, and destined in eternity where I would go. Heaven. I am equally glad, for for a know-so feeling of salvation with the Holy Spirit revealing Jesus, by instilling God's presence within in me.
September 16, 2015 at 9:40AM
    writeapoem: Wonderful
    December 4, 2015 at 4:52AM

writeapoem: Been a missionary in Jamaica 20 years have two churches and middle clinic opened twice a year. Associated as a ordained Minster 30 years will graduate at 64 with a bachelor of biblical studies in June 2015. I have been married 43 years have three children and 12 grandchildren. The greatest thing ever happened to me is that the Lord saved my soul and mine is a heart-felt know-so experience of love joy and peace for my once troubled soul.
February 4, 2015 at 12:36PM
    IndianaIrish: Welcome to FanStory, writeapoem!
    February 4, 2015 at 2:11PM
    Dean Kuch: Welcome. It's so nice to have you here!
    February 19, 2015 at 10:28PM
    patcelaw: Sir, I just now came across your profile and say, it is a pleasure to know you were a missionary. I have always had a heart for missions since I was a child. I love reading missionary biographies.
    There indeed is no better feeling than having a know-so-salvation. I was saved almost 57 years ago at the age of 21.
    November 30, 2015 at 8:43AM
    His Grayness: Welcome to Fanstory and so glad to have another grateful Soul to share the blessings of life and inspirations of God Almighty with us!
    January 7, 2016 at 8:02PM

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