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Location: Eclectic, AL
Gender: Female
Born: Montgomery, AL
Interests: Writing, Fishing, Volunteering
Member: Premier Author
Joined: October 2004
Magpiemazy is known as Maggie to her friends and has been writing since she first learned to put pen to paper. Her first full-length, three-page story was hand-printed at the age of ten.

Having retired early, she planned to make up for lost time and devote most free time to her craft. Fortune didn't shine on that plan, so she grabs whatever moments are available and tries to make more of them.

Once wife of a delightful man and mother to two children plus several who've adopted her, she enjoyed life. Now as a widow of nine years, her family, especially her daughter and her pets, offer inspiration. Maggie's better half one encouraged her by listening to every, single story she wrote, offering his most valued opinion. Now, having returned to her childhood home, where she cared for her brother for five years until his death in 2019, her sister took up the mantle of co-writer and willing listener/opinion giver.

She has had one book and several magazine articles published. Winning a contest earned her a nice paycheck, plus a radio interview and a chapter in a well-known author's last collection of stories.

Her favorite writing genre can't be determined; she enjoys trying all of them.

And through her moves from Pennsylvania, to Florida to Alabama she gathered the friendship of Carol North and the co-authorship of a blog "Sexy Sassy Seniors" which tries to uproot the dull, boring, views of people moving into their senior years. We discuss everything from learning to date after death or divorce of a mate to making your finances last, especially through the rigors of scammers who want nothing more than to get their greedy fingers on senior monies.

She looks at life with eyes of reason, a soul of romance and a childish desire to live every moment to the max. The one thing she wants to share with those she meets is a welcoming smile.

Laughter keeps a body young,
helps make friends when it's
It makes one's heart beat with joy
in man, woman, girl or boy.
I've ne'er been able to get my
and my hope is that you never

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Magpiemazy.: Since last I wrote for FanStory, my life has changed dramatically. My husband died after suffering the after effects of a massive stroke for three years. We moved from Florida to Pennsylvania hoping to get additional medical help only to discover we would receive only six weeks assist. We spent all to get him here by medical transport and to rent a home, thus losing our beautiful place in Florida as well as our friends.

We discovered in the fields of Pennsylvania, there are people who are always by our side in time of need, but the transition sunk all of us into Depression. That could not be allowed to stand and, as always, writing became my fortress in times of trouble. From the ashes, a new personality was born.

There is a new cat in town - The Gentleman Tom Cat and he's writing a blog "The Gentleman Tom Cat Diary" giving a cat's view of his world and the humans with whom he lives. Sometimes he's quite serious and sometimes, without attempting to be, he makes the reader chuckle. Is he seeing the world though rose colored glasses or with a warped sense of humor? He survives dark times as well as good and nothing will stop him from surviving. I believe if he can, then his humans can do the same.

Check him out at

My daughter and I will be returning to our home in Florida to find a new house and new lives since Bru's passing. It won't be easy, but it will be another adventure for us.

It seems settling down in our beloved Florida was not to last. My brother became ill with kidney disease and had no one to help him out. We moved once more from the Sunshine State to Small Town, Alabama - a town I left over forty years ago and never thought would be my home again. Our move came barely two years after leaving Pennsylvania. Life here has an amazing amount of nothing to do, especially after living in Sarasota where there was a touch of everything to widen one's life.
August 10, 2010 at 1:02AM
    wordsfromsue: Hello! Dropping in for a coffee and chat. I want to look at your wonderful portfolio soon. Greetings from Ohio. :-)
    January 23, 2012 at 11:10PM
    Magpiemazy.: Always glad to have you over. Got the coffee hot and cinnamon buns to die for.
    January 26, 2012 at 12:52AM
    wordsfromsue: How are you doing sweetie? I've been thinking about you. Sending a hug and a warm fuzzy cyber blanket for you to huddle under and feel safe. Hot coffee anytime you're ready. And a listening ear. Blessings.
    February 8, 2012 at 11:11PM
    Janie King: Been thinking about you and praying for you..I'm here if you need me. God bless. Janie
    February 9, 2012 at 3:23PM

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